Thursday, March 24, 2011

I want to live....

Prads was traveling along with Swats to the place of Karthika, the new girl in his life. The public transport vehicle they were traveling in was much like a ghost vehicle with the driver at the wheels and the conductor at the other end and there were hardly ten passengers including Prads and Swats.
There was no music playing inside the vehicle.Yet Prads was lost in his own world. From the small coastal town, he went to the big bad city to the girl who had said goodbye to him. Swats realized this from his sober face and immediately got up and instructed the conductor to bring the vehicle to stop.

As Swats got down and the bus prepared to move,a speeding lorry came from the corner and just smashed the bus from the behind...reducing it to smithereens. Swats was left speechless by the site of the destruction. She just prayed that nothing would have happened to her good friend Prads.

But at the moment of collision, All thoughts came running to his mind. His life got replayed in front of him... specially the moments with the girl from the big bad city... the meeting, the exhange, the breakup and etc and etc and he yelled out "Gowthami...."
From heavens above and on the newly constructed four lane to the earth was coming, a white sedan with Yamadhoothas(Agents of death). They were driving smoothly and they were not aware of the vishnu doothas(guardian angels) who were just behind them in the bLUE maruthi omni. Yamadhootas didn't seem to take the warning, "objects appearing in the mirror may be closer than they appear" very seriously. But after some time, they realized that vishnudoothas were gaining speed. Yama dhootha's didn't want to lose a prey this time around and stepped on the gas and the chase ensued. Though they didn't had a advanced vehicle, the vishnu doothas had their lords name in their favor. One "jai shri raam" and their maruthi moved like a lighting and they touched the base. Before the yamadhoothas could even lay their fingers on Prads, vishnudoothas had formed a vyuha around the young man with their semi automatic weapons pointed at the yamadhootas

One of the yamadhootas spoke out, "Comon!!! Why this time around?.This guy is a not a ardent devotee of the almighty. He is just a wastrel.He wastes his time thinking of a girl who doesn't even care for his existence..."
Vishnudoothas spoked out, "That is selflessness,a good quality... loving someone without expecting to be loved back. And our lord is present in all good qualities" Swats who was nearby swung into action and shouted out, "That's not selflessness.. that's stupidity... yearning for something that cannot be achieved"
Yamadhootas loved it and asked her, "You should have been with us when we went to pick the souls of Savithri's husband, markendeya and ajamila.Gosh... its time Yama, recruited such bright youngsters.. directly from the campus"

Yamadhootas said very bluntly to the vishnudoothas, "Whatever it is... We were just instructed not to touch a guy who remembers god during his final breaths... here he has not done that na... so how come you are obstructing our job?"
Vishnudoothas smiled and said, "Naa... you have wrongly misinterpreted our lord's words.Our lord hari is everywhere.. and when a human acknowledges it, it is like remembering God... This guy Prads saw God in his girl Gowthami...and that way he has remembered our lord"
Swats could not control herself laughing out aloud at this statement and pointing finger at the vishnudootha who made that statement she commented, "And this guy must have seen Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi last night and must have fallen in love with the song... tujh mein rab diktha hain... yaara mein kya karoon..."

Yamadhoothas loved it and looked at their new 'recruit' for more guidance and to help them out.Swats gave her opinion in favour of the yamadhoothas, "If that is the case, no one in the world can be taken... Everyone is living for someone. A mother sees God in her new born baby. For a loving husband, his wife is the goddess, A devoted son would serve his parents and treat them at par with Gods. And I am one who believes in Acharya devobava... If what you say of seeing god in someone as the criteria for not touching a soul, then Japan should have been left untouched..." and then Swats thought practically and continued, "If you really stick to that dogma, What would happen to the world? It would become frozen with no deaths hardly happening..." Vishnudoothas were speechless and looked at each others faces.
Suddenly Prads rose up from his slumber and shouted at Swats,"Are you hell bent on seeing me dead... TEEK HAIN... MERI MAA... I will do as you say."
Everybody in the bus turned to Prads who suddenly had brought the bus to a halt...
Swats was embarrassed as everyone in the bus was looking at them, "Were you seeing a bad dream?"
Prads looked at her and replied, "No! Was just realizing that there's no escaping from a good friend like you..."
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