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The New Dawn Final: One Last Time

"This young actor is pleading with me to give him a chance to act in my next play. Could you please take his small screen test!" Reluctantly Simran agreed to this request of her editor who was also into writing and directing plays.

So there!... She was at that Restaurant sitting with the young actor Bala. Simran was not that keen on taking any screen test and was just happy to close the matter with few questions on his education and experience in theater. But Bala who was hardly eighteen was more than eager to display the immense talents he had picked up from his Master. Bala spoke of how he had mastered the Nava Rasas(the nine emotions) and wanted to give a presentation. Simran was more concerned of what was contained in the paper rather than what was bubbling inside the young man.
Suddenly she got a pat on her back... literally. Turning around she found Sharanya, Prem's colleague. After a quick Hi, Sharanya just pulled the chair and joined them.

She didn't take much time to break the news to Simran, "Your Prem may get engaged in few days!...." She expected a outburst of some kind of emotion from Simran. But Simran just had two lines to say, "That's Great!" and she said them with a nice smile on her face.
Sharanya was surprised at Simran's reponse to the news, "Aren't you angry on hearing the news!" The actor inside Bala got awakened when he heard the word Angry and he banged the table very furiously. His face started turning red and his body leaned forward with a clinched fist. Sharanya unaware of the screen test, tried to calm the young boy, "Oye! Angry young man! What's your problem?... Don't worry! The order will come! Have patience!"
Simran congratulated the young man, "Nice display of Raudra rasa (emotion of anger). Bala! That's Enough! People may think that you are possessed and have you thrown out!" Before Sharanya could make out what was going on, Simran started addressing her,"Why and What should I be angry at in the first place? I don't have any control over him. I know my preferences in life and have realized that Prem can only be a good friend in life. So what's there to be angry about?"

The order was served to their table. Sharanya was still interested in taking forward the conversation, "You're saying that this news doesn't make you sad at all...."
Bala caught the word sad and was quick to act. He made a gloomy face, his body dropped and he put both his hands over the cheeks. Sharanya was still clueless of the young man's behavioral changes, "Oye! What a transformation! From Angry young man to Dukhi Mann Mere*.... What's wrong? Aren't you happy with the dishes being served? You can order anything you like! I am the sponsor today..."
Simran again smiled at Bala, "Hmm.... shokha rasa... the emotion of sadness. It looks more like you are being subjected to a electric shock rather than any emotional shokh....Negative Marks!" Sharanya was now able to come to a conclusion about the young boy. But before she could say anything, Simran was removing her doubts, "And this emotion of sadness has definitely not taken over me. And what is there to grieve about, anyway. Yes! .... When I look back at the year of laughter and fun filled moments that I had with him, it will bring tears to my eyes... But it is not out of sadness...Why should I brood over the past?...."

For some time, Sharanya dropped the topic. But she was restless and needed to hear more from Simran. And so she burst out, "Don't tell me you're happy for him?..."
Bala immediately started displaying the emotion of happiness. This time Sharanya was not to be fooled and she didn't want any irritation, "If you are so happy, here! take this!" and handed over the bill, " can pay it!....". Bala became speechless and was devoid of any expression when he saw the bill amount. Sharanya teased the boy, "Now! What do they call this expression on your face? "
Simran saved the boy from the trouble and took the bill, "I would be more than happy to pay this bill. And I am equally happy on listening to the news that my Prem has got engaged... I am happy if he has found the one who will love him for the lifetime.I can only wish that good things happen to him." As she said those lines, tears trickled down her cheeks.

When the waiter returned with the change, Simran complimented Bala on his acting skills, "Full marks for your talent. I will recommend your name to my editor." The boy was more than happy and thanking Simran, departed from the scene. Simran turned to Sharanya, "See! Its so easy to be happy! Make others happy and you will also be happy! Convey my best wishes to Prem and the girl."

(PS *Dukhi Mann Mere (Sad is my mind) Song of Kishore Kumar associated with extreme sadness.
** Thanks to Ananditha and Priya for helping me with the Post)
This is the 100th post in the Prem-Simran stories and I am ending the love story of Prem and Simran here. It all started on July 25, 2008 (click here) when a boy proposed to a girl (At that time I didn't knew they were Prem and Simran :) )

I hope all of you have liked my Prem Simran stories. Do you feel I need to continue with the same series or try to write something different? Please do let me know your opinion.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The New Dawn 4: Krishna's First Love

Prem's mother forced him to accompany her to the Hari-Katha in the temple premises (Hari-katha is a type of art form where the artist narrates mythological stories in a high pitched tone inter spread with some devotional songs). Dhanya, Prem's young neighbour decided to accompany him so that he may not be bored to death. That day's Hari Katha was on Lord Krishna and Radha.

The narrator was a young girl of around eighteen years old. With her high pitched voice, she started the story and took the listeners present there to the banks of Yamuna river where Lord Krishna was playing some melodious tunes on his flute and Radha found her legs forcing her to run to her beloved Sri Krishna...
Dhanya had to interrupt with her comment, "And the present generation boys! They only know to play tunes on their cell phone! My Boyfriend Madan always irritates me with that romantic tune on the mobile Agar tum mil jao...Zamaana chod dhenge (If I get you in my life, I am ready to leave this entire society)"
Prem's mother never watches bollywood movies and was confused by the explanation, "Girl!... you have got it completely wrong.. Agar tum mil jao is a devotional song... it means, if my soul captures the essence of God, its the time to leave this material world..."
Prem and Dhanya were silenced by this new spiritual explanation to a song picturised on the serial kisser Emraan Hashmi and thought its better to listen to the artist on the dais.

The young girl on the dais with her mystical smile went on to explain the first fight between the eternal lovers, "Radha once doubted that though both loved each other there was a difference in their love. She loved too much and he that is Lord Krishna loved too many. Lord Krishna cleared her doubt, 'If Gopikas(the girls in the Brindavan) loved me, its not my fault. They feel they deserve it. I can't completely ignore them also... But I love you the most...You should know that!'"
Prem was more interested in knowing Dhanya's reaction rather than Radha's, "If you found your Madan with someone else, what would you do?"
Dhanya gave a angry look, "I did once catch him red handed... in the library... not with one but three cute figures... He gave a lame excuse of group study... Angrily I messaged all his and my friends, 'Koi Pathar se na maare mere Sanam ko...Koi Pathar se na maare mere Sanam ko... 21st century hain... bomb se hi uda diya jayan* (Don't pelt my beloved with stones... Please don't pelt him with stones. This is 21st century! Waste him away with a crude bomb....)"
Prem's mother scolded them, "Gosh! What language! How can you talk like that in the temple. You are polluting the temple environment!"

But the narrator's mind was not polluted... it was still focused on the story as she touched another important aspect, the test of love, "Once Nanda, Lord Krishna's foster father arranged to do tulabharam (Giving in charity wealth equal to the weight of Lord Krishna).
But no matter how much gold and jewelery Nandgopal added, the scale didn't budge. Seeing a worried look on his father's face, Lord Krishna hinted at Radha to hand over a bud from the jasmine flower that adorned her head to his friend. And as the friend slowly placed that bud on the scale... there was equilibrium... This showed how much Radha loved Lord Krishna...**"
Prem had to ask Dhanya this pivotal question, "How will you test Madan's love for you?"
Dhanya smiled and replied coolly, "Its easy to test a boy's love. Tell him, the dress he wears looks good on him and see how many times he wears it in a week!"
Prem's mother turned to her son, "Now I know why you wore that pink dress continuously for a week without getting it washed or ironed..."

As the three were enjoying themselves, The young story teller was nearing the end of the story, "As Lord Krishna prepared to leave Brindhavan to Mathura, Radha knew that her Krishna will never come back. So she took two promises from him, one that he should always remain in her heart and second, before Lord Krishna leaves the planet Earth he should give her one final darshan...and Lord Krishna in turn took one vow from her and that too a very difficult one..that Radha should never allow tears to flow from her eyes...They thus separated. But their love was endless and unconditional and yes... the promises were kept"
Then Prem somehow got the feeling that the narrator was suddenly focussing completely on him as she delivered the message of the story, "Lord Krishna took the human Avtaar (form) and experienced himself many things to teach humans various lessons on dharma, karma and other aspects... But he also had a lesson for all the young lovers of his time as well as for the lovers of this generation... an important one....Never forget your First Love... Sri Krishna ne Premi ka haath choda hoga... magar Prem ka nahi..."

(PS * The Hindi Sanam shayari was a forwarded mobile message
**The Tulabram story is attributed to Krishna Rukmini Satyabama episode. But it does appear in Krishna Radha episode too.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

The New Dawn 3: Tuesdays with Ashwith

Master Ashwith, Prem's young neighbor liked it that the girl Ujjaini had set her eyes on Prem. It means that he can avail the services of a doctor anytime and that too free of cost. So he was at her house on his first visit to his favorite doctor, Dr Ujjaini.

Ujjaini asked him to sit with her grandpa and enjoy the cricket on the Television while she gets the specs of the old man. The old man was not able to get a clear picture as to who was sitting next to him and not knowing that Ashwith was just a twelve year old kid, started the conversation." You seem to be her good friend from college, Young Man. Can you tell me! Of all the boys, why did she select that Prem? The one who has loved and lost. I thought she was a wise girl and applied her brain always. She proved me completely wrong"
Ashwith seemed to have more wisdom than a man who had completed his graduation as he corrected the old man, "I think brain never interferes in the matters of heart. And as they say, there is no difference between a wise men and fools when they fall in love...."

The old man loved the way Ashwith put it, "Hmm... But I tried to explain to her.... I told her of all the faults in that boy Prem, but...."
Ashwith knew of what his favorite doctor would have answered this old man, "That was a faux pas from you.... Do you think she would not be aware of them ... Anyway what was her answer?"
The old man shook his head, " She didn't answer me! She recited a poem by Sara Teasdale... ♥They came to tell your faults to me ♥They named them over one by one ♥I laughed aloud when they were done ♥I knew them all so well before ♥Oh They were blind, too blind to see ♥Your faults had made me love you more♥"

Ashwith was enjoying this little session with the old man, "Hmm... So you gave up trying to change her mind?"
The old man said, "No way!... I tried to make her understand that what she is feeling could be just a simple crush or infatuation and it cannot be the foundation for marriage.... "
Ashwith was curious to know how she refuted this claim of grandpa's. The old man reiterated the sentence his granddaughter had said, "she had replied me confidently 'No... this is not another simple crush or infatuation. This feeling is more powerful. It is as if some force beyond my control is guiding me to him who can make me happy beyond my wildest dreams'....**"
The old man continued, "I don't know how she took this decision. May be she is just guessing her life to be better with him and taking her chances...."

Ashwith shared some more wisdom with the old man, "And may be she is correct. As Rudyard Kipling puts it, A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty. "
The old man was not happy with the answer and spoke with a spark of anger, "All I know is that she has ignored all my advices. These youngsters aren't happy with nothing to ignore and that's what we elders are created for...**"
Ashwith decided to cool him off, "Grandpa!.... Put yourself in her heels and think.....Even if her best friends ask her why she loves him and why is he so great to him, she would ignore them. Because she may fear, if she tells them, they may also love him. Sure this thought is not coming from the brain. It is the voice of the heart. Brain and heart are the most contradictory elements. It seems she has determined to follow her heart's song. And there is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can hinder the firm resolve of a determined soul**. "
The old man agreed, "May be you are right! Today's younger generation is no worse than my own. We were just as ignorant, repulsive and rebellious as they are, but nobody listened to us**..."

At that time, Ujjaini sneaked from behind and closed his eyes. When she opened, the old man had his spectacles on. He looked around and asked Ashwith, "Child! Where is the young man who was debating with me....."
Ashwith had a mischievous smile on his face. Ujjaini looked at Ashwith and understood from the sparkle in his eyes, "Grandpa! Today's generation are very fast. It was none other than this small child who gave you that sermon!" She saw the disbelief in her grandpa's eyes, "Can't swallow it, rite! You have to believe me! Nowadays nine year olds are writing on dating secrets, Grandpa!"
Grandpa looked at Ashwith, who was hardly five feet and thought it over a minute and called the driver and instructed him, "There is a change in my weekly plans. Every Tuesday, we were going to that discourse on Gita rite! Cancel that one. From next tuesday we would be going to Ashwith's place to know more about the younger generation, specially these girls..."

PS: If you think a twelve year old can't have that much knowledge then click here
** Quotes in order of appearance - from Alex and Emma,Ogden Nash, Ella Wilcox, Al Capp

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The New Dawn - 2, The Crow's View

The old crow was sitting to itself on the high tension wire just outside Prem's house and watching Prem as he worked on his PC. Another young crow joined the older one and greeted it, "Sir! May I know what are you doing alone here?" The old crow pointing at Prem's direction, "I am studying him!" The young crow felt like laughing, "Well! Human Scientists are studying us and calling us intelligent birds. At least one among us is proving it right by studying them. That's great! And so what are your findings still now!"

The Old Crow reluctantly started talking, "He is just back after meeting with Ujjaini, the girl his mother has selected for him. The girl proposed to him with some catchy lines, 'I am Good. But not an angel. I do sin. But I am not the devil. I am pretty. But not beautiful. I have friends. But I am not the peacemaker. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love and I have found you**' And guess what this young man told her. Like the interviewer says to the job candidate, he returned her proposal with ' I will let you know in a day or two'."
The young crow was acting very smart which irritated the old crow, "Humans! So Silly! I know about these men and women. Women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid...**"
The young crow was disturbing the old crow's analysis

As the crows were studying the situation, Prem's mother darted into the room demanding an immediate answer to the girls proposal. Prem's mother tried everything under the sun to get a Yes from his son, "Son... It's time you got a hand to hold and a heart to understand**.... Don't cheat yourself out of love... Its is the most terrible deception**... Say YES...."
The young crow suddenly bursted out, "OMG! That lady is begging... no ...cawing for a YES. But why can't he just say YES!..."
The old wise crow knew very well what was going inside Prem's head, "Half of the troubles in this life can be traced to saying YES too quickly**...."

As Prem's mother went out of the room angrily, Prem just opened the orkut profile of his old sweetheart Simran. It felt to the Old Crow that Prem was going into a meditative mood. All of suddenly, the rough voice of Prem's father filled the atmosphere accusing Prem of irresponsibility and fear of commitment.
The young crow couldn't digest this fact, "Can't understand these Humans! When women hold off from marrying, they call it independence. When men hold off from marrying, they call it fear of commitment...**"
The old crow just dispensed some wisdom, "Its not like that, young fellow. This is how a family works. Each one performing their roles and responsibilities and complenting other members. Family is not something you put with on national holidays...."

Then something unexpected happened. Prem closed Simran's profile and opened Ujjaini's orkut profile. Prem became a bit restless not knowing what step to take. His room was a small one, but that didn't prevent him from walking up and down umpteen times before settling on the bed. Prem was seriously contemplating about something. He took a coin and tossed it. It landed heads and a smile landed on Prem's face. He sat again in front of the computer and then sent Ujjaini a friendship request, " You know each and everything about me and still want to be a friend. How can I refuse it? " The Old Crow flew towards the window to have a closer look at the picture of the new girl in Prem's life.

The young crow didn't budge from the spot and teased the old crow for being unnecessarily curious about the humans. Unknowingly the young crow's body touched another wire and suddenly a mild shock ran through its entire body. It cawed in a high pitch and the next moment it fell down to the ground with a thud. Luckily it was not electrocuted. Prem just looked out of the window and remarked which made the old crow bury its face in complete disgrace, "Thousands of crows die sitting on those high tension wires every year. Still these silly birds wants to perch themselves on those lines. What they do? Spy on humans? Whoever said, Crows are intelligent?"

(Quotes in the order of appearance
** Marilyn Monroe** George Carlin**Andy Rooney**Soren Kierkegaard**Josh Billings **Warren Farrell)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The New Dawn

Ujjaini was quite excited. Her mother had selected a boy for her. She was crazy about the idea of marriage and like the character in Jab We Meet, she liked to quote very often 'Mujhe Bachpan se hi Shaadi Karne ka bahut sauk hain' (hmm... translation takes the fun...) At the same time she was a bit practical and instead of waiting for the prospective bridegroom to take her interview, she was already on her way to his place to know more about him.
The prospective bridegroom here is Prem and to her disappointment, she found the door locked. What caught her attention was the young boy, who was sitting on the porch. The boy was Ashwith, Prem's young neighbor who had been waiting since last ten minutes. All he wanted was Prem's system so that he can play some computer games.

Ujjaini joins the kid in the wait for Prem. Ashwith was behaving very strangely as if a third person was there along with them. Suddenly he popped up a question that shook Ujjaini,"Milli here, wants to know if you are Simran, the girl that Dhanya Sis talks about?"
Ujjaini looked around and found no one other than themselves and asked in utter confusion, "Now where is Milli?.... And who is Simran? and who is Dhanya?...."
Ashwith asked the girl to just have a proper look at his right side. Ujjaini didn't find anyone, but she got the idea, 'This young boy is having an imaginary friend... and that too a girl'. So not wanting to hurt the child sentiments, she waved a Hi to the non-present Milli.
Ashwith continued pointing his finger in the air, "Milli here is my good friend. She is shy though to talk to anyone. And Simran is... I mean... Simran was Prem's girlfriend. And Dhanya... she for the most of the time is with her books. If she is not with books, she is with Prem Uncle..."
Ujjaini was getting a bit hold on the things, "So Milli is your girl friend, Simran was Prem's ex- girlfriend, and Dhanya is Prem's present girlfriend. Am I right?"

Suddenly Ashwith got excited and made all kinds of hand movements. Ujjaini understood that he was trying to comfort his imaginary friend. She gently asked, "Have I disturbed her?"
Ashwith replied angrily, "Lady!!!. You have upset my friend!!! First of all, she is only a good friend to me. And she doesn't like the use of the word EX to describe Simran's relationship to Prem. And regarding Dhanya's relationship with Prem, its only friendship and more of a brother-sister relationship...." He was interrupted by Milli once again. Ashwith smiled at Milli,"You are so curious.. " and turning to Ujjaini, "Milli wants to know what's your relationship with Prem?"
Ujjaini smiled, "No relationship as of now. In future, there may be. You know what elders say, 'The Best Bachelor must be rewarded and the reward is always a sweet girl'. By the way, I am Ujjaini, the sweet girl. Can you tell me something about your Prem Uncle..."
Ashwith didn't wait for Milli to answer the question, "Well he is a true gentleman filled with lots of gentleness. If he raises his voice, its only in praise. If he clenches his fist, its only in prayers. If he makes a demand, its only from his own self.**"
Ujjaini loved to hear those words. As she was enjoying these words, Ashwith slowly hissed into Milli's ears, "A man falls in love through his eyes and a woman through her ears.**"
When Ujjaini turned her attention, Aswith continued, "Milli has more to add. Good looks catch the eyes but good personality catches the heart and Our Prem Uncle is blessed with both...."

Ujjaini understood that the kid was trying to give his good uncle an elevation and changed the topic to the girl in Prem's life, Simran, "Is everything over between Prem and Simran? Or is it only a short breakup ?"
Was Ashwith taking his time to answer the question or was his imaginative friend helping him with the answer? Ujjaini didn't knew what was going inside that little head. Like a learned person, Ashwith gave a short glimpse into the past, "Hmm.... I can give you the facts. It was a mutual admiration that turned into love. Most of the time its only sweet words they exchanged over the phone rather than the stealthy glances. They never enjoyed a second show sitting in the last row. All they enjoyed was a evening cup of coffee. But then there was some trouble in the paradise. A small fight ensued and the couple broke up. But the love didn't convert to a complete hate relationship. Its just they never saw each other again. Sometimes some things are just not meant to be...."

Ujjaini had come with a clear mind, but was now a bit confused. She had done her homework on Prem's education, career and other things and he had a clear chit. She thought for a second and asked, "Well! Do you think Prem would feel comfortable entering into a new relationship.."
Ashwith replied with a smile, "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer**. Maybe Milli can help. You know she is two years older than me..."
Ujjaini smiled and thought that Sachin and Abhishek must be the role model for this young boy. Ashwith came back with Milli's answer, "Hmm.... Even though Prem wants to move forward in his life, he has his foot on the brakes. In order to be free, he must learn to let it go**. Waiting is panful. Forgetting is still more painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering and that's what Prem is going through**. Milli feels that Prem can forget about Simran only when he enters into a new relationship....."
That was enough for Ujjaini. Thanks to Ashwith and Milli, Ujjaini now knows much about Prem and so she started to depart. When Ashwith asked her to wait for Prem, she just kissed him on his chubby cheeks and putting on her sun glasses said in a filmy style, "I'LL BE BACK" and after starting her honda activa, she thanked Ashwith and his imaginary friend Milli, "It was very nice of you and your friend in providing me the required details."
Ashwith returned it with a smile, "Its Nice to be Nice to the Nice**"

Ashwith tried to infer from Ujjaini's demeanour as to what could be thig girl thinking and feeling, "Now what she has decided? Only God Knows! May be he also doesn't know.... Girls.... Can never understand them.... What do you say?...Milli!"

(Quotes in the order in which they appear
** Max Lucado** Woodrow Wyatt** Douglas Adam**Mary Manin Morrissey**Paul Coelho**From the TV Series M.A.S.H)
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