Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The New Dawn

Ujjaini was quite excited. Her mother had selected a boy for her. She was crazy about the idea of marriage and like the character in Jab We Meet, she liked to quote very often 'Mujhe Bachpan se hi Shaadi Karne ka bahut sauk hain' (hmm... translation takes the fun...) At the same time she was a bit practical and instead of waiting for the prospective bridegroom to take her interview, she was already on her way to his place to know more about him.
The prospective bridegroom here is Prem and to her disappointment, she found the door locked. What caught her attention was the young boy, who was sitting on the porch. The boy was Ashwith, Prem's young neighbor who had been waiting since last ten minutes. All he wanted was Prem's system so that he can play some computer games.

Ujjaini joins the kid in the wait for Prem. Ashwith was behaving very strangely as if a third person was there along with them. Suddenly he popped up a question that shook Ujjaini,"Milli here, wants to know if you are Simran, the girl that Dhanya Sis talks about?"
Ujjaini looked around and found no one other than themselves and asked in utter confusion, "Now where is Milli?.... And who is Simran? and who is Dhanya?...."
Ashwith asked the girl to just have a proper look at his right side. Ujjaini didn't find anyone, but she got the idea, 'This young boy is having an imaginary friend... and that too a girl'. So not wanting to hurt the child sentiments, she waved a Hi to the non-present Milli.
Ashwith continued pointing his finger in the air, "Milli here is my good friend. She is shy though to talk to anyone. And Simran is... I mean... Simran was Prem's girlfriend. And Dhanya... she for the most of the time is with her books. If she is not with books, she is with Prem Uncle..."
Ujjaini was getting a bit hold on the things, "So Milli is your girl friend, Simran was Prem's ex- girlfriend, and Dhanya is Prem's present girlfriend. Am I right?"

Suddenly Ashwith got excited and made all kinds of hand movements. Ujjaini understood that he was trying to comfort his imaginary friend. She gently asked, "Have I disturbed her?"
Ashwith replied angrily, "Lady!!!. You have upset my friend!!! First of all, she is only a good friend to me. And she doesn't like the use of the word EX to describe Simran's relationship to Prem. And regarding Dhanya's relationship with Prem, its only friendship and more of a brother-sister relationship...." He was interrupted by Milli once again. Ashwith smiled at Milli,"You are so curious.. " and turning to Ujjaini, "Milli wants to know what's your relationship with Prem?"
Ujjaini smiled, "No relationship as of now. In future, there may be. You know what elders say, 'The Best Bachelor must be rewarded and the reward is always a sweet girl'. By the way, I am Ujjaini, the sweet girl. Can you tell me something about your Prem Uncle..."
Ashwith didn't wait for Milli to answer the question, "Well he is a true gentleman filled with lots of gentleness. If he raises his voice, its only in praise. If he clenches his fist, its only in prayers. If he makes a demand, its only from his own self.**"
Ujjaini loved to hear those words. As she was enjoying these words, Ashwith slowly hissed into Milli's ears, "A man falls in love through his eyes and a woman through her ears.**"
When Ujjaini turned her attention, Aswith continued, "Milli has more to add. Good looks catch the eyes but good personality catches the heart and Our Prem Uncle is blessed with both...."

Ujjaini understood that the kid was trying to give his good uncle an elevation and changed the topic to the girl in Prem's life, Simran, "Is everything over between Prem and Simran? Or is it only a short breakup ?"
Was Ashwith taking his time to answer the question or was his imaginative friend helping him with the answer? Ujjaini didn't knew what was going inside that little head. Like a learned person, Ashwith gave a short glimpse into the past, "Hmm.... I can give you the facts. It was a mutual admiration that turned into love. Most of the time its only sweet words they exchanged over the phone rather than the stealthy glances. They never enjoyed a second show sitting in the last row. All they enjoyed was a evening cup of coffee. But then there was some trouble in the paradise. A small fight ensued and the couple broke up. But the love didn't convert to a complete hate relationship. Its just they never saw each other again. Sometimes some things are just not meant to be...."

Ujjaini had come with a clear mind, but was now a bit confused. She had done her homework on Prem's education, career and other things and he had a clear chit. She thought for a second and asked, "Well! Do you think Prem would feel comfortable entering into a new relationship.."
Ashwith replied with a smile, "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer**. Maybe Milli can help. You know she is two years older than me..."
Ujjaini smiled and thought that Sachin and Abhishek must be the role model for this young boy. Ashwith came back with Milli's answer, "Hmm.... Even though Prem wants to move forward in his life, he has his foot on the brakes. In order to be free, he must learn to let it go**. Waiting is panful. Forgetting is still more painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering and that's what Prem is going through**. Milli feels that Prem can forget about Simran only when he enters into a new relationship....."
That was enough for Ujjaini. Thanks to Ashwith and Milli, Ujjaini now knows much about Prem and so she started to depart. When Ashwith asked her to wait for Prem, she just kissed him on his chubby cheeks and putting on her sun glasses said in a filmy style, "I'LL BE BACK" and after starting her honda activa, she thanked Ashwith and his imaginary friend Milli, "It was very nice of you and your friend in providing me the required details."
Ashwith returned it with a smile, "Its Nice to be Nice to the Nice**"

Ashwith tried to infer from Ujjaini's demeanour as to what could be thig girl thinking and feeling, "Now what she has decided? Only God Knows! May be he also doesn't know.... Girls.... Can never understand them.... What do you say?...Milli!"

(Quotes in the order in which they appear
** Max Lucado** Woodrow Wyatt** Douglas Adam**Mary Manin Morrissey**Paul Coelho**From the TV Series M.A.S.H)


Dhandal said...

Aah...so there is a new character in here...nice...i love the way u have quoted all those lines...specially they coming out of a young mind...btw is there any other way to reach you other than just commenting...ur email id...

Smi said...

hmmm ..this story is double imagination for me...lot of good brain work for me...:)

Keshi said...

Liked it. Ur breaking all barriers, crossing all boundaries and taking the story to newer heights. Totally awesome!

**A man falls in love through his eyes and a woman through her ears

hmm kinda true :)


Priya Joyce said...

welll ii guess u r rite..girls themselves fail to understand them sometimes..

well In Ujjaini's case i'd say she mite go for it..

Loved the idea of..prem's absence..and also mili and Ashwith's detailed summary :P of prem :):)

Arjun said...

What is this girl up to Suresh? A third party, who seems to be here to spoil the picture?

Meira said...

Interesting. the story gets better n better.
(Pst pst...do you want soft copies of tintin and asterix? I could mail you?)

ItAteMyBrain said...

good creativity pal, nicely written

Cinderella said...

hmm... seems Prem is soon going to get someone, who will understand and will of some real help too .. nice twist... :)

ApocalypsE said...

so many quotes best was yours...

Only God Knows! May be he also doesn't know.... Girls.... Can never understand them... LOL

Tara said...

Going well! New characters? Nice. :) And nicely interspersed with quotes too! :) First copy of your book for me please. :)

velusamy said...

"The New Dawn" appropriate title. the imaginary friend and the quotes where too good..

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Dhandal...
Yeah.... a new dawn with a new character...

@ Smi
Ty.... so what is the result of this brain work ?

@ Keshi
Thx a lot.... Its bcoz girls fall in luv through ears, that boys says so many sweet lies na?

@ Priya
Ujjaini might go for it! hmm... she might... but wud prem accept it?

@ Arjun
She is not there to spoil the picture... I think u hav not got that point....I don't feel that reunion of Prem and Simran is anymore possible...

@ IT Ronin
Thx for visiting the blog

@ Meira
Thank you... and thanks for the soft copies of Tintin

@ Namratha
I hope he gets someone and at the earliest... otherwise he may get stuck

@ Nirmal
Thanks a lot...

@ Tara
Ty.... If I ever release, I will sent u a signed first copy to you :)

@ Veluswamy

Keshi said...

I so agree. Boys r serious liars lol!


Shanu said...

Where do u get all the awesome quotes from?? Lovely post!!

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