Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Super Kid

It was nearly a month now that Simran had separated from her Prem. Has she come over it? It was impossible for the outside world to decipher as to whether the volcano was still active or whether her heart was calm like the deep blue sea. But her world was alive and kicking as she was planning for her best friend Kavya's Marriage on the coming tenth.

It was a chance to meet old friends specially the girl from the PR, Riya who was now a proud mother. When she gave her friend a ring to know her travel arrangements, her friend Riya answered in negative, "No! I have got plans for my son. I have to make him a Super Kid. There is this training program....."
Simran couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Well!. Super Kid! Is this Cartoon Network or Pogo's take on Indian Idol! And training.... Come on....Your kid is hardly Eight Months Old!!!"

Riya tried to explain the concept, "No.... The training is for me and not the kid.... This program teaches young mothers of how best to raise a kid and make him an all rounder at a very early age... They have got experts....."
Simran cut her short, "Wow! People are thinking new means of making money! And here, I am talking and writing about recession and job cuts!... But Riya.... You have got the services of two experts... Why do you want to pay for something you can get for free...."
Riya was not able to grasp, "I don't get you at all...."
Simran just tried to explain her stand, "I mean... your mother and mother in law. Your mother has given a software engineer and PR Manager to this country and your mother in law has given a doctor to this country.... and a loving husband to a silly girl...."

Riya smiled at the pun, "Well! Time has changed, Girl! My Husband when he was kid always found his father's stethscope... And I grew up listening to that old big radio piece. But my Kid would end up finding either the remote or mobile or ipod. I am staying at a place that is well 400 kilometers away from my parents or my in law's house.... Its not easy to raise a kid in this modern and technogically advanced world. My Kid may be named Samarth(Able), but to make him a Samarth in this Concrete Jungle, I need to do lot of hardwork...."

Simran was trying to put herself in Priya's shoes, "Yeah.... May be.... I can't say.....But do let me know how it turns out... It may serve as a training guide for girls like me in future"
(PS: There is actually such a training programme called Super Kid in Bangalore for young mothers)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making the choice

It was the last English class for Dhanya's batch. The students were much relieved. The English Professor who was in his mid fifties decided to give some good advice to his students though he was not sure as to how many really cared for his advice, "Your English Paper wouldn't be a tough one. You will have choices....",

He looked at the boys and then at the girls and then continued, "Similarly in life. You will have choices to make at every stage. I remember what Batman's butler had to tell his master in the movie Dark Knight. 'Make the choice that no one else can make... Make the right choice'. Like the Joker, Life devises ingenious situations that force us to choose between impossible ethical decisions and a decision that will put us in a comfort zone but which may bring our downfall. The choice is ours."

The Professor knew that it was not easy for the class to understand without a example. And he decided to take a leaf from the cricket pages, "Back in 1930s, To win the ashes series and to counter Bradman's extraordinary run scoring skills, the then English Captain Douglas Jardine made a wrong but a easy choice... Instead of being sportive, He choose to employ the so called bodyline tactics that caused severe injuries to some Australian batsmen....English won 4-1 and Bradman's average came down but at what cost?"
Students listened with much interest and a cricket fan had to add some of his own remarks, "And the Australian did something worse during 1980-81 series against New Zealand. New Zealand need six from the last ball to tie the match. Greg Chappell, the then captain told his bowler, who was his own brother, to deliver the ball along the know.... under arm. The whole Australian crowd booed its own team. And yes.... Australia did win that match."

Professor then decided to talk about Politics, "Indira Gandhi was a great and effective leader. She has made many hard choices but at the same time she has made many wrong choices. People cant forget the decisive victory against the Pakistan in 1971 but at the same time they will not forget the situation of emergency imposed on the country in 1975. It cost her to be in the opposition for quite some time."
The students were smart and had their own analysis. As a girl with a specs commented, "But the people who opposed the emergency had adapted her strategy decades later.... what do you say about Prevention Of Terrorism Act. And one of the person who fought against Indira Gandhi Government and served time in jail during emergency and wrote poems from the cell.... He didn't learn anything from it. Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee passed the POTA that give wide authority to crack down and hold anybody. A wrong choice"

The professor decides to conclude, "But many youngsters face a different dilemma. They fall in love and some souls would have to make a choice between the one to whom they have given their heart and soul and their family which has put the hopes and dreams in them."
Dhanya who was silent till now had something to say, "I hope no one finds himself/herself in such a situation. But if such a situation arises, select your parents. Its not easy to bury the memories of someone you love and live as if nothing happened. But remember your parents were there when you opened the eyes for the first time and they would love you to be there in front of their eyes whenever they wish to see you. Don't disappoint them. Don't force them to say something they don't like to say."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waiting for a miracle!

Everything was coming to an end. The battle of egos continued for some time. Prem and his girlfriend Simran maintained their status quo. So as a mutual understanding but without discussing with the other, each decided to write off the other from their lives. A one year long sweet relationship was being silently buried forever and with no intention of being opened again.

Dhanya saw the sorry state of Prem and tried to break the ice, "Prem.... Do you think Miracles do happen?"
Prem didn't even mind looking at her and replied immediately, "Yeah.... They do....", and then suddenly paused for a moment and then continued, "Only in bollywood movies and Ekta Kapoor serials."
Dhanya laughed and shared with Prem the cause for the laughter, "It reminds me of Rakhee's character in Karan Arjun..." and she imitated Rakhee's tone, "Mere Karan Arjun Aayenga.... zaroor Aayenga...."
Prem commented on the character, "Instead of waiting for all those eighteen years for her sons to take rebirth, she could have hired some contract killers.... Remember A Season in Hell by Jack Higgins where the protogonist hires this Irish Guy to find out her step son's killer. Now that's practical"

Prem tried to bury himself in some magazine. But Dhanya continued, "But I do believe.... miracles do happen.... Then how do you explain the child that was born to that couple that lives on the first street, after their ten years of marriage, when all doctors had lifted their hands in helplessness"
Prem turned to her, "Hmm.... That was hope.... hope for that beautiful day that was kept alive by the couple... . Like Shakespeare has said, 'The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope'. I don't term it a miracle."
Dhanya, "Yeah! Still better.... They could have adapted some child a very long time ago and given it a new life...instead of running from temple to temple and praying for a miracle."

Prem was about to walk away from there when Dhanya interrupted one last time, "But all expect miracles. The student who has not at all prepared for the exams expects a miracle of passing. When the Indian cricket team is faced with a no-win situation, the die-hard cricket fans expect a miracle and see their country victorious...."
But Prem wasn't listening, he was already on the move. That's when Dhanya announced with a loud and a clear voice, "Even a broken heart expects a miracle! It expects its love to return to it and waits for that miracle to happen..."
Prem turned and then bursted out at Dhanya, "Now thats the height of stupidity. Instead of waiting for something that's not gonna happen, its better to continue with the life. The greatest MIRACLE of all is this life. Love Life.... Live Life.... Its beautiful.."
Dhanya had now Prem's attention,"Oh Yeah!.... So truly said!", her tone was very sarcastic,"So Mr Preacher.... whom are you yelling at? Is it me who requires this advice ? ..... Its time you stopped brooding over old matters and started living your life... Welcome Back!"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is it easy for boys?

Dhanya was not able to make up as to what her neighbor Prem was upto. Was he trying to write off his girlfriend Simran's memories or is he just having those small ego clashes.

That evening both of them sat in the local kids park. Looking at the way the kids enjoyed, Prem told to Dhanya, "Best formula for happiness is Good Health and Bad Memory" Dhanya was not listening, 'Prem, I was thinking whether it was so easy for boys to forget the one they love....the one they have a relationship for the last one year" Prem looked at her, knowing that the last line was aimed at him

Dhanya, "No... No.... Its not about you... This thought came when I saw that tv news report about the famous sanyasi who had left his young pregnant wife and went to have a a successful ascetic career. You know what he told of leaving his beloved wife, 'In this world, only two kinds of love are real, rest of all are selfish ones. One the love of a dog for its master - it treats him like a god. Another , the love of a mother for her child - she treats the child as a part of her body. Well what do you think?"
Prem said, "He is not like that dog, nor even like a mother. He had left his pregnant wife, he is nothing but son of a bitch"

Dhanya didn't stop there, "Even after many years, some have the memories of their loved ones embedded deep inside in their heart. I asked a similar question to Uncle Ali and guess how he answered?"
Dhanya after a pause continued, "The tough guy Ali had answered in a truly romantic tone 'Every man wishes that when his kid asks him who his first love was, he doesn't have to pull out the old photo album, Rather be able to point across the room and say 'she sitting right over there' ..............But that happens only with lucky some.... and not eveyone.'"
Dhanya then questions Prem, "Do you know why he has named his daughter Tara?"
Prem took a guess, "Well! Was his first love's name?"

Dhanya just nodded and continued, "But its the young who find it difficult to deal with this forgetting part. There was this cousin of mine who dated a catholic girl for some three years and to save his father's honor forgot her and married a simple village girl. But in every action of his wife, he looks for traces of his girlfriend and doesn't find it and gets frustrated."
Prem "That's sad. He can't go back to his old girlfriend nor can he love his wife. He is stuck in between"

Prem stood up, "Now!!!. Stop analyzing the other sex and tell how would a girl who is in real love would do... Is it easy for her to forget?."
Dhanya told sternly and to his face, so as to give a message that she didn't like what Prem was doing with Simran , "She will never forget nor forgive. Love may be only a chapter in a guy's life but to a girl, it is the whole book."

(I have made liberal use of many quotes for this post. Don't remember the source)

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Small Fight

Prem's alma mater had this open air theatre where every second saturday, a movie was screened. On that occassion, they had selected Kushi. On hearing the movie name, he thought it was a childrens movie like Makdee etc. Prem decided to enjoy the movie with his good friend and neighbor Dhanya.
The movie was not a children's film but it was not interesting also. During the interval, The Boy and the girl had a big fight, just because the boy had caught a glimpse of the girl's navel area.

"Stupid!", said Prem, "The critic rightly said, 'Commuinicate, dont WAIST time'. I will tell you some real situation where couples fight. Picturise this college ground and Me sitting with Simran"
Now these kind of stories are what excites Dhanya more, "Yeah, Done it. Ready.... Lights.... Camera... Action" and the scene started playing in Dhanya's mind, as Prem started narrating.
Prem, a bit irritated at Simran, "Why didn't you inform me yesterday night that you were going to be late from that function. Atleast a message... I called you a dozen time."
Simran kept the book she was reading down and with a smile, "Prem, You are behaving like a typical Indian Husband. Put this in your mind. I am capable of taking care of myself."
Prem was a bit annoyed, "Its not about taking care of anyone. Rather, Its about not having anyone worried. I was worried da"

After sometime, Simran expressed this thought which was just meant to mock Prem, "Prem, Sometimes I feel Its better to be single rather than being committed...."
Prem just brushed it away. But Simran dragged it a little further, "What if this thought comes to me after I marry you."
Prem couldn't believe that Simran was allowing such a thought to occupy her mind, "Its like my worst nightmare coming alive and tormenting me. Simran! If you put that thought into action, then I would have no one to turn to, except death."

Her moods was definitely changing as she suddenly became serious, "OK. Jokes apart, When are you going to marry me? I can't wait any long...."
Now Prem decided to pull her legs, "You seem to have confusion of remaing single or being committed. Decide for yourself and then comeback to me. Take your own time."
Simran got very furious, "Take your own time? Well I have all the time in the world! But not for you anymore! So don't call me, don't message me, and yes above all DONT LOVE ME.

And thus Simran walked away, though Prem was ready to fall at her feet and ask for forgiveness.
When he finished the story, Prem found that no one was watching the movie. Everyone was listening to the story. They wanted to know the remaining part of the story. Prem told what he said to Simran when she came back to him with a Sorry after three days,
"I think we can't take this relationship any further. I was ready to leave everything including my parents and come to you. If you do something of this sort after marriage, then whom should I turn to. "
Simran said, "Do you believe that I will leave you? "
Prem didn't answer the question. He had made his decision, the decision of living the life without HIS Simran.
There was this guy with the guitar who commented, "It wouldn't be too long before You start singing this song of THE PLAYER", and he started playing his guitar and also crooning
"Baby come back, any kind of fool couled see.
There was something in everything about you.
Baby come back, you can blame it all on me.
I was wrong, and I just can't live without you"

But Prem knew that he would be firm in his decision and wouldn't sway an inch.
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