Saturday, May 30, 2009

Relationship Counseling

Dhanya and Madan were at the Parent's Teachers Meeting. A Parents Teachers Meeting that has been called even before the college was reopened. Some representatives from the students section were also invited.
The lady principal spoke on the occasion, "When the students complete their graduation, they learn more than their curriculum. They learn about life, friendship and some selected few also about love..."
The word love caught the attention of all the attended and the lady continued, "So I propose Relationship counseling, a sort of marriage counseling. Don't misunderstand me, Parents. Cinemas sell dreams to these youngsters, The romantic tunes sent them to a trance, the happenings around them inspire them to take this dip at a very young age. Some succeed, Many fail... Many misunderstand some emotions as love and take wrong decisions. All we want to see that is the youth are put on the right track...."

This was bound to be met by opposition and it did. One of the parents started shouting, "Even for all the donations and tuition fees, you don't impart them a proper training on the subjects. We are forced to send them to private coaching classes. Now you are talking about relationship counseling!!!. Concentrate on doing what an educational institution should be doing!!!"
The lady principal had no answers for the same. She looked at her professors to save her and the English Professor decided to stand by her side, "This counseling would definitely help the students concentrate on their studies by making their distracted minds clear on things... It would have positive effects...."
The parent who spoke was Ravi's father. Ravi who had sun only in his name, but usually was caught taking naps in the classes. However he was now awake and sang a Shayari to entertain others, " Kehtey hai pyar main neen urh jatee hai.... sala hum se b koi pyar kare.... kambakth neend bahut aatee hai(They say that when in love, sleep vanishes... please someone love me.... I do sleep a lot)"

But another angry parent shouted, "What do you intend to do with my son when he completes his studies ? Award him a bachelor's degree or make him lose his bachelor's degree ?"
The lady principal tried to correct the parent, "We are not encouraging them to take the path towards the altar of marriage. Its not like we are preparing them for marriage or to fall in love. We will just try to explain them whether what they think as first love is in fact Love or is it just an infatuation...."
Suma who had just found her first love commented without a fear, "Even Albert Einstein had failed to explain first love. But our lecturers are superior than him. Mr Physics Teacher! Do you know what he said, 'How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?'"

A mother decided to speak, "The concern shown by the college is appreciable. But don't you think it would send wrong signals to the studious one. Its like telling them that 'having a relationship when you are studying is a normal thing'....."
The English Professor comforted her, "One who has his eyes set on his goals would not be diverted that's for sure. This is for those who have taken their eyes away from the aim. A real student is one who sacrifices all the pleasures to gain the real knowledge.."
Some student cried out, "Its Arjun's mother. Don't worry about your son, Madam. He is better than Einstein. Very few understood that great soul, but no one (especially girls) would dare to understand your son..."

The principal decided to go for the votes in favor of the relationship counseling. Those in support were asked to raise their right hands. No parent raised their hands. All students had raised their right hands. While Dhanya had raised the right hand, Madan had raised his left hand as Dhanya's left hand was held tight by Madan's right hand.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miracles Do Happen

Nature is the one place where miracles not only happen, but happen all the time.
--Thomas Wolfe

Miss Vaidehi , a lady in her early thirties lead a very lonely life. She had lost her parents a few years back. She had a successful career as a bank manager and moved from one city to another. The city she was now posted was the one where she and her brother were born. But her brother was given away for adoption at the very young age of three itself and she has not seen him after that. Somehow Viadehi wanted to search for her brother after a long hiatus of fifteen years. All that she had was the photo of her brother when he was three. The police and private eyes were not of much help to her.

When she had lost all hope, Dhanya asked the lady to give her a chance. Dhanya was confident that after watching re runs of Sherlock Holmes Series, she had picked up some detective traits. Her boyfriend Madan unwittingly became her Watson. He felt that it was nothing but waste of time and efforts "Like Calvin says, Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless...", Seeing a angry face of Dhanya, he quickly threw a question, "But how do you intend to find him with this only photo..."
Dhanya put herself in the great detective's shoes, "Think! What would Sherlock done had he been given this case ..."
Madan's mind never ran that fast... He only knew how to make his computer run fast...
So Dhanya answerd the question herself, "Jisska koi nahin uska INTERNET hota hain... There are some sketch artists available for some fees. They have the talent,You have the credit card. If we give them the childhood photo and also the age progression, they arrive at a comprehensive sketch of the person as he may look now..."
This was general knowledge to him. After a hour or so, the sketch was ready...

Madan was really excited, "So whats next?. Post this Picture on college walls and at market places or put it in the missing section of the newspapers?"
Dhanya felt awkward on hearing such a suggestion, "Issac Asimov must have met you when he said that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom" and went to explain her strategy, "I will download this image on to the cellphone and forward it to my ten best pals on the contact list and they in turn to their ten best pals and so on.... the chain continues...."
Madan felt the idea may not work, "But the chain may break somewhere...."
Dhanya comforted him, "Not.... if the message is strong..." and she dictated her message as she typed it, "This Trash is wanted for breaking the heart of my best friend. Any person who knows about his whereabouts, kindly call or message me at this number........."
After an hour, a message beeped, "You can find this waste body at the ARR College of Fine Arts... No further details available..."

Madan thought that it was the time to start the bike and go to that college. But Dhanya said "Is your brain in gear?. When we can do it from the comforts of home, why go such a long distance.. Gimme your orkut user id and password...."
Madan never said NO to his girlfriend. Moments later he found his girlfriend looking at the ARR College Orkut Community. The community had a nice description of the college, 'The lecturers don't teach.The students don't study. The only guy who benefits is the one who owns the
'dhaba' next to the college
**'. Further she looked for a friend of Madan in the community and luck favored her as she found such a friend.
Madan never knew he had a friend from such college! This time Madan was quick in understanding as to what he was required to do. He just ringed the number and got the home address and cell number of the boy.

When she heard the address, she cried out, "OMG! Jisse Dunda Gali Gali Who Ghar Ki Peeche Milli... This Boy lives across the street and very next to the that lady's house.... That boy, who most of the time practices with that electronic guitar and ruins the peace and serenity of the neighborhood...That's her brother.... I have rarely seen him out of his home....They have been living next door to each other for the last six months and never had a clue that they were brother and sister!"
The found was announced and the young man's foster parents confirmed the same.

Lady Vaidehi was a bit annoyed at God though delighted at the same time and with tears in her eyes, she hugged her brother for the first time after fifteen long years. Turning to Dhanya, she remarked, "The tendency of an event to occur varies inversely with one's preparation of it*. That boy was annoying me with his early morning and late night guitar practices and I was trying to find a way to escape from the nightmare. Now It seems I have no choice but to live with this masterpiece creation of my parents..... "
Dhanya remembered her, "Don't forget! You are his bigger sister. You can even break his guitar and save the entire neighborhood...."

(PS: If you think these kind of things happen only in bollywood movies and TV Serials, please do read this article at

*Quote of David Searles
**From Orkut

Friday, May 22, 2009

Can't go Back!

Sitting alone on the rocks with a gloomy face, Prem was looking at the Power Station and quoted as Dhanya approached him, "They say if you lie between two of the main wires, your body just evaporates... you become a gas. I wonder what that would feel like."*
Dhanya felt shocked on hearing such a sad statement from ever-enthusiastic Prem and wandered what could have happened to him during the last weekend when she was out of station.

Prem gave a recap of how his old sweetheart Simran with whome the relationship had broken, some three months back, spoke to him after a long hiatus. Prem was happy on hearing her ever-sweet voice and hoped that he could continue at least the friendship and be a good soulmate, if not a life partner to Simran. But Simran didn't like the idea of soulmate and she always remembered the good ole days and wanted to return to them. But Prem couldn not give her any commitment and his words definitely upset her more, "I may have stopped loving you, but I wont't stop loving the days that I loved you."**

Dhanya wanted to scold Prem, but she controlled herself from shouting, "Why did you both try to open a closed chapter? Why do you want to further deepen the wounds?"
Prem laughed at her, "A Closed chapter!!!!!? Once you loved someone, its not easy to forget her. Its not something like a fiction novel that you read and throw it. It haunts and would continue to haunt. All one has to do is try to live with it and move ahead in life.... "
Dhanya was not satisfied, "It happens, Prem. You are trying to justify your move and also to alleviate the pain. Unknowingly you are encouraging the pain to grow within you... Why are you doing like this?"

Dhanya sat there with Prem, "Far from the maddening crowd, this atmosphere is conducive to encourage positive thoughts. Not to dwell in the past and carry the baggage and make yourself heavy. You are polluting the environment along with that Thermal Plant..."
Prem looked around in silence, "At least, this place gives me some privacy. Here its only we.... me and her thoughts...."
Dhanya wanted to get Prem out of that mood, " Prem.... You need to be treated immediately... before this disease takes you over completely... And the best medicine for the same is friendship and that too with high dosage and I would definitely provide it..... But It would work only if you promise not to revisit this area - physical as well as mental..."

Prem thought Dhanya was right and that he needed to put a check upon himself, "Okay....Okay Girl!. I don't know how you make me agree with you, so quickly and easily. But I will obey you. You have put the NO TRESSPASSING sign and I will see that I don't cross into that zone again."
That brought a smile on Dhanya's face, "And if you are caught ever tresspassing, this sheriff will definitely give a lenghtier sermon next time and it would be the final time she talks to you."

Saying so, Dhanya got him to return with her to the base. On their way back, Dhanya emphasised the importance of friendship and how it scores over love, "You Know, Prem! One day, Love met Friendship and Love asked 'Why do you exist when I am here?' Friendship replied 'To put smiles on faces where you leave tears.' I will always be there for you, Prem...."***
Prem smiled at her and at her attempts to comfort him.

(* From the Movie Election
** From a Ruskin Bond story.
*** Anonymous)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Here they go.... Here they come....!

Prem looked at the photo of the cutie, handed over by Dhanya and Dhanya explained the girl, "She is five feet six, wheatish, very traditional and has just completed two years of her graduation.... Just the right girl for you.". Prem turned his eyes away from the photo for a moment, "What the hell do you mean?". Dhanya reasoned out, "I overheard your mother saying to your father of what kind of girl she wants for her only son." Prem loved his mother and avoided saying something against his mother, "But she is just a kid..... If I marry her, then the same fate that fell upon Adithya would fall upon me...." Dhanya was interested in knowing more about Adithya and the fate that fell upon him. Its story time!

Prem began the story, " It seems to have become a universally acknowledged truth that a man in possession of a good fortune, nowadays read as good job, must be in want of a wife*. Adithya was a software engineer and like most of them was working in that dreamed land across the seven seas. So obviously, parents decided it was right time for him to tie the three sacred knots. But his overseas employers gave him a meager two weeks leave. Was it the paucity of time or his instincts, I don't know, but he selected this young village girl who had just completed her second year of graduation. The girl's father was a priest at a temple and hardly knew as to what exactly did the software engineers do. So the engagement and marriage and the farewell happened in a quick succession and that too within 15 days..."
Dhanya always liked romantic stories, "Even the general elections took 30 days to complete.... Whatever it be, I hope the honeymoon was a lengthier one...."

Prem smiled, "G.B.Shaw truly said, 'when a man marries he gets a partner to solve the problems which would not have occurred had he not married'. For some days, the girl was very silent as she missed her dear home. Even at the parties, she found it difficult to mingle. But after some days it got worse as she started crying like a small baby. He tried all he could do to comfort her. But nothing worked. Even her own parents failed to change her mind. Adithya went out of the way to reduce her tears. He tried to bring the Indian atmosphere to that American Apartment. The shelves was filled with DVDs of old mythological serials. He spent hours in finding Kannada journals and magazines. Weekends was spent in the Indian Hotels and Temples. But all he got to hear was loud shrieks and curses from his wife. She found him guilty for ruining her happiness and taking away her youth. Adithya decided that he had to let her go and so got her a one-way ticket to India. But she lacked the courage to fly alone to India. So the responsible husband convinced his boss to grant him a week's leave and thus brought her back to India..."
Dhanya had to comment before Prem proceeded with the story, "That's a good pair. A soft guy with a soft girl. A tearjerker honeymoon...."

Prem continued the story, "As soon as she reached home, Smiles and laughs replaced all her tears and fears. He stayed there for some time seeing her mingle with the local people and talking her heart out and enjoyed every bit of it. But most of the time, Adithya found himself in front of his laptop and answering the mobile calls. Then the time came to depart for America. He couldn't delay any further as his American Boss was already shouting over the phone. He didn't want his boss to welcome him with a pink slip. But the Girl started the weeping drama once again as she was not ready to leave her husband. At the same time she was not ready to accompany him. It was a Catch-22 situation for Adithya. He had started liking this girl. At the same time the job meant a lot to him."
Dhanya was enjoying this romantic tale, "Don't tell me that it ends 'Happily ever after'. I believe he gave his ambitions the top priority and went to America, never to return to her...."
Prem corrected her, "Love is like a wet cement. And so Adithya was in that wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder to leave. And he had definitely stayed longer. So He left!.... He left his job!... He left his dreams of America!... He stayed back with this child-like girl in India. He had fallen for her simplicity and innocence..."

Dhanya started to depart, "Why don't you sell this story to Bollywood? Like dinosaurs, such boys have all together become extinct from the face of the earth.... And give that photo back...."

(* from Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Life Without You!

It was Shreya's marriage that day. Prem had decided not to attend the wedding, though she was a good friend. But rather decided to visit Mr Raj, the boy whom she had ditched for some good-looking, high profile guy. Prem thought that a long drive and a visit to some places would bring comfort to the dejected lover. All along the journey, Raj hardly spoke for a second.

They came to the outskirts of the city and to a place where they frequented as youngsters.It was a open field with a railway track running nearby. Prem tried to remember how they enjoyed those beautiful days, "How I just wished that like in the game of a musical chairs, the music would cease to play, while one remains glued to the chair of childhood."
But Raj was not listening. He was watching the railway tracks and suddenly told Prem, "I am feeling very sleepy. Leave me alone, Prem...."
But Prem was not ready to leave this guy all alone to himself, "But where will you sleep?"
When Raj pointed towards the railway track, a knife-like fear chilled Prem's spine, as he got aware that Raj was depressed and had developed a suicidal tendency.

He decided to take him away from the spot and towards their college, hoping that memoirs of college days would help this guy out. The college has grown more than Prem thought and it has now grown to five storied building. Prem remembered Aamir's dialogue, "College Gate ke andhar, hum LIFE ko nachathe hain and College Gate ke bahaar, LIFE humein nachathi hain".
But Raj was eagerly gazing at the top of the building and immediately desired to go to the roof top. Raj knew that a dive from the top to the concrete floor below would yield the desired results. Prem recognized the twinkle in his eyes and found a good excuse, "I think the lift is out of order and I lack strength to climb up the stairs...Lets go and get something for our stomach...."

Even at the restaurant, Raj showed his suicidal tendency. When the waiter came to take his order, Raj asked for a dose of rat poison. The manager saw that both of them were thrown out.

Prem had enough and he decided to take Raj to a psychiatrist. But Raj had already taken control of the wheels. Prem found it hard to shake this guy off. His heartbeats started pounding, as Raj broke all the speed barriers. Within minutes, they had entered the city. It seemed that Raj had forgotten that there was a thing called brake in the vehicle. He nearly sandwiched the car by taking it between two heavy vehicles. Road Humps and potholes were ignored altogether. Turns were taken without even giving the proper signals or blowing the horns. Prem was transpiring profusely and tried to explain, "Raj! Don't forget that there is another person in the vehicle who could be seriously hurt if you drive in this fashion. I am a person with lots of desires, ambitions. And definitely I don't want to die without marrying or having kids da. My parents are waiting for me at home.. So are Yours da.."

Suddenly Raj applied the brakes and with a sorrow face looked at Prem and saying a simple sorry, got down the car. But Prem followed him alone and tried to talk some sense into him, "Even this life is journey. Your parents are the fellow passengers. Dont smash their dreams into smithereens. Just because a girl has left you, can you simply abandon your parents? One should face all the worse things in life with fortitude. Alert the Thinking Man within you and put that Prince of Darkness to sleep..."
Raj looked at him, "I do understand.... I need to take control of myself.... And I had never had the courage to kill myself. Even If I want to, I can't."
Prem found it hard to believe. He looked around and found that the car was stopped outside a marriage hall. It was the place where Shreya was getting married. Prem didn't knew what was Raj up to and again fear gripped him. He ran inside and surprisingly found Raj wishing the bride and bridegroom with a smiling face.
When he came down the dais, Prem expressed his fear, "I thought you were going to kill her or say something stupid!"
Raj remarked coolly, "Some people are still alive because it is illegal to shoot them.. And its really easy to be a wise man. Think something stupid to say and then don't say it all**."
Prem found his friend to be a very strong person and gave him a big bear hug.

(Quote by Sam levinson)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Breaking the Penance

Dhanya was shouting at Madan, her boyfriend, "It has been weeks since you have contacted me.... what happened? What are you doing holed up in this room? I hope you have not taken some kind of Sanyas" Madan smiled gently at her, "I have not taken Sanyas da... But I am trying to give a Sanyas(an ascetic) a lot of problems with his Penance... That's why I am trying to build up my knowledge base. In the recent weeks, I have studied and updated myself with Java, Flash Player etc...." Dhanya was very confused, "Wait... Wait....Whose penance you want to break and why you need so much computer knowledge ?"

Thats when Madan double-clicked on a icon which was named Tapas and suddenly Dhanya saw a beautiful animated image of a ashram on the computer screen. The Ashram setting was very scenic. Dhanya saw how meticulously Madan had drawn the animated image of the Ashram getting that look of the erstwhile era . And under one Big Parijata Tree, sat a sage doing a deep penance . But there were other elements which seemed to be disturbing the sanctity of the ashram. In front of the sage was a Apsara (celestial nymph) dancing very gracefully and some distance away, Manmatha (or Cupid) was sitting in a tree house.
Madan explained as to what he was upto, "Well! I am trying to design a online computer game. A game for one player. In my game, The player would don the role of Manmatha, who would try to break the penance of the sage by aiming his Pushp-baan (flower-arrow) at the Center of the forehead close to the eyebrows. This would stir passion in the sage's heart and he would fall for the Apsara's charms. Thus his penance would be disturbed.Would you like to try? "

Being a studious girl, Dhanya hated video and computer games and felt that it had affected one of her relatives marks in the board exams. But she didn't show it on the face and allowed Madan to explain her the game and the rules and the keys to be used.
So Dhanya prepared for her first aim.Using the Control and the arrow keys, she moved the bow in downward direction and pulled the string backwards and making sure of her aim, released the arrow. Oops.... The aim missed a bit and hit on the forehead but nearer to the hair region.... And Suddenly, All the Sage's hairs fell down together as if it was a Wig....Apsara got frightened at the site of a bald sage and gave a high decibel level shriek.... And on hearing that sound, Manmatha fell from his tree house. The combination of the two sounds distracted the sage a bit and made him open his eyes... The rage filled eyes fell upon Manmatha and in a split second he got incinerated on the spot. The Sage continued with his penance. Then a message came on the screen, "Two more lives left.."
Madan was explaining his efforts, "It cost me a good fortune and lots of time to design this animated game." But Dhanya was not appreciative of his efforts, "You Know! Many online games like second life, EQ etc had COST many students their semesters. Many youngsters take a long breaks to play such games... long breaks from their studies."

Though knowing the ill-effects of addiction, Dhanya wanted to give another try and aim at the proper spot. This time she didn't want to fail at any cost. Thus she pulled the bow string. But the arrow didn't exactly land where it was meant. It landed a bit low somewhere between the nose and the mustache and this irritated the nostrils of the sage a bit too much. Guess what happens when a person who has not moved for ages suddenly sneezes. It was worse than a hurricane and its force sent Manmatha hurling into the fire pyre set for the Yajna nearby. Again Manmatha got incinerated. The Sage continued with his penance. And then the warning came "One more life left" Dhanya looked at the missed call she failed to pick as she was busy playing and commented to Madan, "They say Computer and Video Games slowly brings social life down the hill. Well! I think I have taken my first step towards the same." Madan gave a gentle smile. But in his mind, he was happy that he had a successful product and that was being indirectly acknowledged by Dhanya.

Dhanya was all ready to make a third strike against the meditating sage. And this time with full concentration and reminding herself of great marksmen like Arjun and Ekalavya, pulled the bow string. Her concentration did pay off. The arrow didn't miss the mark. The Sage opened his eyes slowly and gently and his eyes fell on the dancing nymph. The nymph was still dancing as the Sage made his move towards her. He suddenly took her in his arms and as Dhanya's eyes was fixed on the computer screen, she saw the rough sage smooching the young nymph for a long ONE MINUTE. Manmatha, the Lord of Passion started dancing ecstatically in his tree house and suddenly the branch broke and he fell down. The disturbed sage looked at him again with rage and he was... well... again incinerated.And The Sage continued with his meditation... oops...not meditation. And the final message on the screen, 'Game Over - Move to Next Level'

Now Dhanya was more angered than the animated sage and wanted to incinerate Madan, "There are two things that would happen if you release this Game into the market. First, our relationship would end. Second, I would go to Pramod Muthalik...."
Madan was quite shocked, "You are making a mountain out of a molehill! My game is for fun only da. I Know your concerns. Computer Games are addictive, I agree and should be moderately used for entertainment like morning coffee. Like the sage who spent his quality time meditating, If a student spents his quality time before this game..... How can I be held responsible? And coming to Pramod Muthalik, I presume you didn't want the smooching part at the end.... Lets change it... I will borrow something from the seventies bollywood era. As soon as the sage prepares to kiss, flowers start showering from heavens above and well.... its left to the imagination of the player as to what happens next."
Dhanya was not impressed. Koi Dhanya Ko Samjha Aaye (Someone change her mind, please!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lets Dream A Bit

"So Hows the romance going between you two?", inquired Simran to her close friend Deepa who was about to married in a day or two. Deepa looked dull, "What Should I Say? He is a intelligent person and a nice gentleman, but not that romantic. " Simran was sad that her friend was missing that romantic spark in her life, "Well... Never give up... Just cook something... Call him and tell him about your dreams..."

Deepa decided to give it a try. So she took her cellphone and dialed her would-be Mr Raman. She put the device on the speaker mode. The conversation started normally with the regular questions, ''how r u?' 'had ur breakfast?' and so on and so on. Simran was getting bored and was about to go to sleep. So Deepa suddenly shifted the tone of the conversation, "These days.... I am not able to get good sleep... I am getting too much dreams...."
There was some excitement at the other end, "That's great! You Know.... Dreams may paralyze your body, but they will highly activate your brain... Dreams are important for the psychological well being...."

Simran gave a 'what-the-hell-is-this' look and hissed slowly at Deepa, "Am I at some seminar or what?"
Deepa was a little gentle and didn't push her would be to divert the subject, "But I am getting nightmares.....frightening nightmares..."
This gave an opportunity to the intellectual on the other end to share some more information "That's superb. There is no need to worry. You know the inventor of the sewing machine, Elias Howe was not able to work out how to make the sewing machine hold a needle. One night he dream t of being attacked by savages with spears. And as he woke up in terror, the last thing he saw that all of their spears had holes at the pointed tip of the spear and he realized that is where you put the hole in the sewing machine. Nightmare presents us solutions to problems that we can't crack with normal mind"

Simran blurted out at a very low decibel level, "Well! The Problem is you, Mr Ph.D!"
Deepa didn't want to show her irritations and continued, "Well... In my nightmares.... I see beasts and monsters..."
Raman was not at all trying to give comfort to his girl, "You know some of the great literary works owe a lot of gratitude to the dreamy world. Had Mary Shelly not seen that monster Frankestein in her dreams, we would not have been able to read that great novel..."

Simran just shook her head and advised her friend Deepa to change the topic, 'This guy reminds me of my economics lecturer. He made us realize of how long a hour actually is. Now comes your fiancee..."
Deepa still maintained her cool but somehow still remained in the topic, "Well... My dreams are nightmares with mosters in it and symbols that I am not able to make any sense of it..."
Raman touched upon this issue with even more elegance, "No!... All dreams have some meaning.... The classic symbol of science, the periodical table of elements is said to have come to the Russian Chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in his dreams... Had he ignored those strange symbols as meaningless, The science would have lost a great deal..."

Simran prepared to leave the scene and wished all the best for her friend.
Deepa wanted to put the phone down, but had a last question to her fiance, "Don't you dream ?"
The guy replied confidently, "No.... I don't dream.."
Deepa's question flowed immediately, "And why not?"
The unromantic fellow answered in a calm manner, "Because.... I find it hard to asleep..."
Deepa found herself questioning the answer once more, "And why is it?"
The answer from the unromantic guy left both of the girls speechless, " Because with You coming into my life... Reality is finally better than the dreams..."

(Inspired from the documentary 'why do we dream' presented in the Horizon Series aired on BBC.(all the examples are taken from the same)
The last quote is by Dr Seuss.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Smack The Kids !

Prem was giving car driving lessons to his best and only student Dhanya. Many times he felt the need to use a cane, but avoided. That day the student had passengers to drop. Ashwith, their young twelve year old neighbor and his motley gang wanted a drop to the old post office.

When Prem inquired of the reason, Ashwith showed Prem a photo, it was a class group photo with around 25 young kids and a cutie of a 25 years old in between, "She looks like Sita in the Brindhavana with the Vanara Sena!". Dhanya laughed at his half baked knowledge, "Brindhavana! It should be Ashokavana. And from where did the entire vanara sena came to the Ashokavana? It was only one Hanuman da.."
Ashwith corrected both of them, "She is not Sita! She is our class teacher and She is worse then shurpanakha, that demoness."

Prem was aghast at the language used by the young boy, "What happened Boy! And where are you going with this snapshot?"
The boy explained the purpose of their travel, "We are gonna file a case against her. We have built a report on her and her atrocities at the school..."
Prem found it hard to believe, "Hmm... So you are going to the police station.....?"
The boy answered cooly, "No way! No Police or courts of law. They would make us wait till we have our own kids. We are going to someone special, a person who stands for our causes."

Prem got the clue of how serious the kids were and he started reading the report and after some time, "OMG! She has literary screwed all of you! Corporal punishment of children!" Looking at the young girl, Amogha, who was barely eight years old, "She made you stand under the scorching sun for an hour. I would have swooned... How did you manage?" The young girl with some pride, "Yeah! Somehow I managed...." Ashwith teased her, "Chalo! At least one girl would know, what it means making the boys to wait in the scorching sun for hours."
Looking at the fat boy Wilfred, Prem continued, "She strikes you on that upper thighs with the garden cane on a daily basis!" Wilfred looked sad, "My tales of woes are worse than those of the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay"
The report also had something on Ashwith, "She whacks on your knuckle with her ruler in every class and you have lost count?"
Ashwith answered a bit worried, "And I have decided to awake and take action before my knuckles get disfigured... I said to myself 'Enough is Enough'!"

Prem looked at the kids with a sorry look, "Didn't you tell your parents? They would have taken this issue at the parents-teachers meeting"
Ashwith decided to answer on others behalf, "Have you ever seen a father believing his kid's story. Even if we show the signature marks left by that b**** on our soft bodies, they would say that, 'you deserve it' "
Prem still had one final doubt, "But how can Mrs Yashodha, this old lady whom you are visiting, help you out?"
Ashwith told him, "She is one of the founders of the school before it was taken over by the trust. She believed that children can be made to understand with words and not with canes or rulers. We are sure that she will take some action on it...."

When the stop arrived, the kids jumped out of the car and ran into the house to meet Mrs Yashodha. But they returned soon with a disappointed face and told in a sad tone to Prem, "It has been five years, since she passed away..... We have lost our only hope."
Dhanya felt sorry for the kids, "Don't worry. I think your Uncle Prem can help. He will raise the issue with the school management tomorrow.... Won't you, Prem?"
Prem returned it with a question, "I would.... Only If you can convince me that these children can be made to understand with words and not with canes or rulers..... Can you?"

(Inspired from a business line article)
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