Monday, May 4, 2009

Smack The Kids !

Prem was giving car driving lessons to his best and only student Dhanya. Many times he felt the need to use a cane, but avoided. That day the student had passengers to drop. Ashwith, their young twelve year old neighbor and his motley gang wanted a drop to the old post office.

When Prem inquired of the reason, Ashwith showed Prem a photo, it was a class group photo with around 25 young kids and a cutie of a 25 years old in between, "She looks like Sita in the Brindhavana with the Vanara Sena!". Dhanya laughed at his half baked knowledge, "Brindhavana! It should be Ashokavana. And from where did the entire vanara sena came to the Ashokavana? It was only one Hanuman da.."
Ashwith corrected both of them, "She is not Sita! She is our class teacher and She is worse then shurpanakha, that demoness."

Prem was aghast at the language used by the young boy, "What happened Boy! And where are you going with this snapshot?"
The boy explained the purpose of their travel, "We are gonna file a case against her. We have built a report on her and her atrocities at the school..."
Prem found it hard to believe, "Hmm... So you are going to the police station.....?"
The boy answered cooly, "No way! No Police or courts of law. They would make us wait till we have our own kids. We are going to someone special, a person who stands for our causes."

Prem got the clue of how serious the kids were and he started reading the report and after some time, "OMG! She has literary screwed all of you! Corporal punishment of children!" Looking at the young girl, Amogha, who was barely eight years old, "She made you stand under the scorching sun for an hour. I would have swooned... How did you manage?" The young girl with some pride, "Yeah! Somehow I managed...." Ashwith teased her, "Chalo! At least one girl would know, what it means making the boys to wait in the scorching sun for hours."
Looking at the fat boy Wilfred, Prem continued, "She strikes you on that upper thighs with the garden cane on a daily basis!" Wilfred looked sad, "My tales of woes are worse than those of the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay"
The report also had something on Ashwith, "She whacks on your knuckle with her ruler in every class and you have lost count?"
Ashwith answered a bit worried, "And I have decided to awake and take action before my knuckles get disfigured... I said to myself 'Enough is Enough'!"

Prem looked at the kids with a sorry look, "Didn't you tell your parents? They would have taken this issue at the parents-teachers meeting"
Ashwith decided to answer on others behalf, "Have you ever seen a father believing his kid's story. Even if we show the signature marks left by that b**** on our soft bodies, they would say that, 'you deserve it' "
Prem still had one final doubt, "But how can Mrs Yashodha, this old lady whom you are visiting, help you out?"
Ashwith told him, "She is one of the founders of the school before it was taken over by the trust. She believed that children can be made to understand with words and not with canes or rulers. We are sure that she will take some action on it...."

When the stop arrived, the kids jumped out of the car and ran into the house to meet Mrs Yashodha. But they returned soon with a disappointed face and told in a sad tone to Prem, "It has been five years, since she passed away..... We have lost our only hope."
Dhanya felt sorry for the kids, "Don't worry. I think your Uncle Prem can help. He will raise the issue with the school management tomorrow.... Won't you, Prem?"
Prem returned it with a question, "I would.... Only If you can convince me that these children can be made to understand with words and not with canes or rulers..... Can you?"

(Inspired from a business line article)


Priya Joyce said...

well this is putting the burden on poor prem...what has just a small Driving class turned out to be :P


I'd say..its better that prem shuts those kids up :P

Keshi said...

yep, tell kids (or adults) something in an EFFECTIVE manner.

**Only If you can convince me that these children can be made to understand with words and not with canes or rulers

I like the way u put it.


V. Archana said...

hmm... they could have also tried to bring it to notice to the education minister about it.
but ya,atleast one elderly person should be there to support these poor li'l kids for justice

Smi said...

wow wow wow....DD is onto some comedy ending with some moral policy....
and Brindavana...ha ha ..the first is so adorable :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya Joyce
but Prem loves kids.. He will fight for their cause...

@ Keshi
Don't you think that kids understand words better than canes and rulers?

@ V Archana
Well... they don't have to go so far...

@ Smi
Seriously there are cases where kids have gone to coma after being given strict punishments like standing out in the sun....

Keshi said...

I agree. But somehow if Im ever a parent, I wudnt mind smacking them here n's effective too. Sometimes WORDS r just not enough.

I got spanked all my worth when I was a kid :)


Indian John Doe said...

Shouldn't it be Ashok Vatika...right?

Kid talking about Guantanamo...too much :))

I have often looked back and wondered how when I was a kid we allowed our teachers to spank us...we never tried to put an end to the practise...however i also wonder if kids are not spanked will they understand...will they stop their mischiefs...

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