Monday, June 30, 2008

Cant Help It

Have u observed how some people just cant talk simply without some strange actions, behaviors or mannerisms. Like bitting their nails, playing with the pen or pencil in hand, setting their mustache etc etc etc.

The trouble is that they do it without thinking or realizing what they are doing. Unconsciously, these small actions find their way into all important conversations sometimes creating embarrassment. But they CANT HELP IT. Psychologists may say that it depicts the nature of the person. But I don't want to do such analysis of anyone over here.

I know a dentist who ends each and every sentence with OK. He would say "This would pain OK. But don't worry OK. It will be matter of time OK. Open your mouth OK". All I can say is "Ella OK. Istu OK Yaake" (Everything OK. But why so many OKs).

Then there is this senior who violently shakes his head whenever he has a conversation. I presume one day his head would fall off from his body.

Recently, I had to interview this businessman. But I couldn't concentrate as this businessman had the strange habit of constantly putting the mobile into his mouth and then pull out. One day, his mobile would be lost and he will know where to search it when he hears the ringing tone coming from his stomach.

The above ones may be humorous, annoying or irritating, but there are some which can be pleasing like my friend who uses a quizzing but musical 'Yaako' (Why at all) whenever there is a surprise element in the conversation.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The first words.

All the words you have said and will say out of your life which was the first word or words you said. Do you know or remember ?

Probably the answer is NO. But ask your mother. She will remember it. Because for the mothers, this is an intense moment, seeing their kids first word, seeing their kids utter something sensible just like that.. out of the blue.

The most common first word spoken is Mother. I was not an exception. After two and half years of silence since my birth, I gave comfort to my very much worried mother by saying Amma.

But there are kids, who seems to speak utter nonsense words for the first time. But mothers wont dismiss it as nonsense. I know this case where the kid uttered 'lu lu'. But the kids mother had a explanation... "The kid loved playing with a twig (Kollu in Kannada) and was excited whenever it found one to play with. The kid was unable to pick up the entire word and uttered only lu lu."

Then there is this story of a great sage whose first words, and that too immediately after birth, was 'OM'. How very believable !

Sometimes when I listen to people who talk non stop, I just think what could their first words be. Then on second thoughts, I believe they might have spoken a complete sentence rather than a single word. Rite.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ain't No Sunshine

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
It's not warm when she's away.
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
and she's always gone too long anytime she goes away. --- Bill Withers.

Bill Withers said he wrote it to show that there was a down side to relationships that men often couldn't confess, but deep down, they knew it was true.

Emptiness in life when your dear ones is not near you -- thats what the song brings out. The emptiness may be a temporary or a permanent one. Irrespective of that, its hard to bear. I am not speaking out of experience here. Just from observation.

Once, in my Google chat room, I found my senior, a young married man, that too late in the night on a not so busy office day. My curiosity got the answer when he told me that his wife is in US for some training and he is waiting for her to come online. The day would have been an empty one for him without a word with his dear wife.

If this is his state, think of the husband who has sent his dotting, adoring and pregnant wife to her mothers place for some months. Reminds me of K S Narasimhaswamys song "Rayaru Bandaru Maavana Manege". The whole song teases the husband who has come to his father in law's house to see his wife but he is unable to see her until the ending lines.

Elder People are not far away. Their feeling of emptiness was well presented in the movie Baghban when Amitabh and Hema Malini (married for 40 years in the movie) get parted when their kids decide to 'share' their parents. Great chemistry between the couple.

And many workaholics would have kept the weekends for meeting their girl friends and fiancees and if their plans gets thrashed for some reason or other..... What they are to do.... They have to sing the above lines.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Running out of......

Sometimes, when you are in some crucial moments , you will find that you have run out of that particular element which is required to propel you forward.

You are on a long journey in your car and half way down, you find that you ran out of diesel. Horrifying experience specially when stranded in a deserted location.

You are writing that crucial exams and there is five minutes left for the finishing bell and there is one question left for which you know the answers and suddenly your pen seems to have run out of ink. Gosh, this could be the most horrible of all.

You are talking with your friend over the phone. After sometime, you find that you have run out of topics to discuss and your conversation would be filled with "Then", "Tell me", "Anything special " and all other silly things. This is a little bit irritating.

In the first two cases of long journey and exams , the outcome depends on how others help you out.

But never ever let the time run out. Always make a profit out of the same as Gurukanth Desai (from movie Guru) says when he completes the speech in 4:30 minutes n says "Ab bhi apko thees second munafa mila"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mixing pleasure with business.

Someone once told me that Business is a systematic way of cheating people. I will not say that I don't agree with the statement. Irrespective of whether a business is ethical or unethical, to be a successful businessmen , you need a lot of passion.

Last few months, I had a chance to meet lots of people from the business field, young and old, adventurous and conservative. But one thing common among them is that they enjoyed what they were doing.

One such entrepreneur told me that he had two sons (he was referring to his two businesses) which requires constant attention and now he wants his two natural off springs to look after these two sons. They love their businesses more than they do their sons. For some, it may look like they are after fame and money. But its not that way always. They want to make a mark or retain the reputation they have created.

There is a sad story of another entrepreneur who had a successful business career, but had a double defeat in his life when his business failed miserably and his daughter was stuck with terminal illness. But he has made a comeback. And today he is coming into the mainstream slowly. But his daughter's position is not that much improved.

You can beat your opponents and you can prove your critics wrong and you can even surpass your own expectations. But you have to bow before the mother nature. But still don't let that passion inside you 'to do something big or great' just die like that. Ignite that fire.....

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Happy Days

Remembering my badminton days.

During my PUC Days, we had some bank managers in our block who used to play badminton daily morning on a vacant site. Whenever they felt short of a player (and they usually do on a daily basis) they commanded me (and not requested) to come and join them. I never said NO to them.

Though not a sports freak, I always enjoyed the game thoroughly. Some of the players were very good and I learnt a lot about the game. In between, they had their opinions thrown about younger generation, politics etc etc.

The intersting thing is that If I played with these managers in the morning, in the evening, it was with their siblings... 2 young girls stepping into their teens. I loved it when they called me DONALD DUCK. The game was not a easy one as it was one big Hulk vs two naughty girls who giggled and chattered a lot as they played the game. And if I lost, the whole colony would come to know it.

Today there is a house on that vacant site and some of the bank managers have become senior citizens and the girls have become full fledged doctors and I am entering into my thirties (Oh God! No, No....)

want to sing this song from a old movie "Koi Laut de mere beete huan din"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not the One, But Number 31

"Shes not the one, but number thirty one " says Ritesh Deshmukh when Aftab starts dating Neha Dupia who sees dead people (Movie: De Taali).

The movie was good and I thought they could have shown Aftab's other ex-girlfriends during the end titles instead of that silly song. Anyway my mind went on thinking of how his ex-girlfriends could be and why did they split with him and these were the results.

> A suicide bomber who told one day "there is a surprise tomorrow" and true to the word, there was a big surprise that was highlighted in the headlines of all leading newspapers and she was the breaking news on All News Channels.

> A lover of Ekta Kapoors Serials who would always begin her talk "tujhe bath hain kal kya hoon. kal ajay ne sonia ko talaq diya aur deepa ke saath shaadi karliya". One day one of her favourite seriala abruptly ended. The girl couldnt control it and she abruptly ended her life.

> A girl who is possessed by spirit, whom Aftab felt looked beautiful whenever she is possessed by the spirit. A exorcist frees the girl from the spirit and from that day Aftab has been looking for that exorcist.

> A bad mouthed fisher woman. Whenever she opens the mouth, most of the eardrums close automatically except for Aftab for whom, those words appear very very sweet. He gets the reality check when he introduces her to his father.

> Narayan Karthikeyan and Aryton Sena's fan who loves fast cars. Every alternative day, Aftab goes to the hospital to meet her and their relationship goes to that extent that he finds himself in the ICU one day.

What do u people think. Would he have only silly girlfriends or some good one also. My mind feels Paapa for him. So lets assume he may have some good girlfriend in between who is very talkative but understanding, lots of attitude but confident, Parties late and returns home not before midnight but still is courageous.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Waiting Game

Inteha Hogavi Intezaar Ki - Sharabhi.

All play the waiting game. And the winner is always the mind which plays all kinds of tricks with the person at the receiving end.

Sometimes the whole nation is waiting either for election results or for a big movie to be released or for a cricket match. And the atmosphere is that of a mass hysteria and I hate that atmosphere.

But the wait I enjoyed most watching is that of a married lady who waits for her husband to return from her work. And if the lady is a traditional one, she would be in the pooja room if her husband is even half an hour late. Add to this, if there is a small kid, he will make his mother all more nervous by asking at regular intervals about the whereabouts of his father. Wow. What a wait it is for that mother.

Then comes the wait of a boy for his girl. I dont think boys keep the girls waiting. Its always the other way round. During this time, all kinds of planning and sweet words would be kept ready for the girl. Castles would be built in the air, future actions would be chalked out. Ultimately and definitely the girl would have other plans. This wait is nothing but killing ones time and draining ones mental energy because the smart girls would already have decided the course of action. Thats what my colleague has to say.

Another wait is the wait for the students for the exam to begin. The scene i always like is the one outside the exam hall and that too just 30 minutes before the exam. The place would be buzzing with energy and the students try to revise as much as possible during this time. When they sit in the exam halls, It is delight to watch their faces as they wait for the question papers to come to their hand. Once the exam is over, then it is the wait for the results. Result day, all , even the most studious one would have butterflies in stomach.

There are long waits like shabhari waiting for Rama to come and there are short waits like the download to be complete etc.

I can go on to write a essay on this one, but the point I was trying to analyze that every human being succumbs to this waiting game though knowing that whatever be the outcome, he would not be able to change it. Still everyone succumbs to this anxiety and suspense during the waiting game.

So tell me what did u enjoy most waiting for?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


The corporate culture with more focus on performance and targets seems to loose importance on the individuality of the employee and his thinking.

I know a hell lot of persons who seems to bored about the job and when the evening comes, they are a bit relieved. For many, these evening comes bit late in the night that is around 9.30 PM.

Even for many a creative jobs where the world thinks that the person is expressing his opinion or thoughts is actually a prisoner to the whims and fancies of many others.

Just talk with them and you will know their frustrations. One of my friends, a software engineer says that his desire to make some money and come down and settle down in his home town once this overseas project is over. Will he do it once the project is over. No. He will not do it nor would he be allowed to do it. These corporates know how to sell dreams and show the moon.

Another of my friend is tired of the daily bickering and quarrellings and non performance from his juniors. But his senior is not ready to listen to his daily battering and knows that this is a temporary and next day is a whole new day.

One more is there who is so frustrated that she wants to run away as far as possible.

Remembers me of the movie Galipatta where Ganesh says after they have decided escape from their city lives and go to a far off village
"Anthu Inthu mooru janna huduguru madhyarathriyalli ooru biduva leveliga ekkut hodevu antha ayithu. Nadiyirappa, Ooralladru Jeevana trackige baratha antha noduna".
Translation is not possible

What is happening ? God will never answer me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Situation, Beautiful Location.

These lines were used in a movie depicting beautiful scenery from a country which was subject to mass ethnic cleansing.

I thought what apt lines for the present situation in Udupi. Though there is no such heinous crime done here, but the air in Udupi (The temple town as it is called) is filled with rumors and conspiracy theories of how a politician's wife ended her dear life. Its really a bad thing that has happened.

But the Title Lines hold good everywhere. Like Bad Situation, Beautiful Settings. When everything seems to go right, something terrible would happen and put the entire settings in chaos. This is true not only in books and movies but also in life. Then how could you explain Kalpana chawla's death as she and her team were reentering the earth after the Space Shuttle Columbia's successful mission.

How about Bad Situation, Beautiful Relationship. In any relationship which is going on smooth and steady, one of the partners is bound to make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly (most of the time unknowingly) which would be irreversible and for which they would be repenting for whole of the life.

Oh God ! Why does these kind of things happen. Cant the beautiful things be eternal.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Ordinary Day

There are great many good days in my life. But this is not one of them. It is no where near to the ordinary also. But should we be ungrateful to the same. No. Its only because of these so called less than ordinary days that we realize the real beauty and joy of any great day.

>>I woke up with a pain in the head and when I stepped out of the comforts of the home, I had to bear with a guy who was a pain in the neck.

>>My friend's mood doesn't seem to be improving these days.

>>When I was thinking of how much time is required for the back log in my work to be completed, my juniors and colleagues were talking about how much more time would be required for the suspense behind the latest controversial death in the city to be revealed.

>>Rains today poured more heavily, only when I ventured out of my office.

Well the day was not all that bad. After a long hiatus of 2 to 3 years, I got to hear my good old friend's voice.

Thank You Very much God for this less than ordinary day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eee Monday Yaakagida

How do you feel like coming to office on a Monday morning after enjoying a good weekend. A hangover feeling rite.

My good friend was requesting to get herself kidnapped so that she can avoid work pressure for some more days.

Is there any better way to come over the hangover ?
***What about bringing your alter ego to life and asking him to go to work while you stay at home. Na Na, he may spoil your image.
***What about asking the God to freeze the Sunday and not allow the Monday to come. He will not agree. He enjoys when he sees us in the rat race.
***What about calling the office and telling that there is a bomb planted. Na Na, they will trace anyway and put you either under surveillance or send you to the psychiatrist.
*** Be in Honolulu and tell your boss that its still Sunday when he calls u on Monday morning from India (It is at least 16 hours difference).
*** Someone convince Vindhya Mountain once again to block the path of Sun so that he can come up late like he did before being fooled by Sage Agasthya.

Anybody out there, give me some good idea to come out of the hangover na.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yava janmada maitri

Yava janmada maitri Ee janmadali bandu
nammibbaranu matte bandhisihudo kane. - KUVEMPU

The translation is difficult for me but the poet was expressing of how attached a relationship could be. Have you experienced this kind of relationship where you felt that you knew the person since ages. Many would tell this is the feelings only shown in movies and books. But some questions arise in my ever confused mind though i think this feeling of eternal relationship is very sweet.

Should we become prisoners for such relationship and experience eternal bliss OR
Should we become free of all attachments and enjoy the internal bliss.

Isnt that kind of relationship based on expectations which would lead to disappointments OR
Is it the kind of relationship which enables us to find peace and order in this disorderly world.

Are we trying to adjust ourself so that we can be in harmony with that special person OR
Is the nature making us act like that so that we can be with that person who is meant for us.

Last but not least
Am I Confusing you OR Am I really confused.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain doesnt stop at Bus Stop

Kehte Hain Naa... Jo Hota Hain Achae Ke Liye Hota Hain....Ghalat Kehta Hain : - EK CHALLIS KA LAST LOCAL.

After a good days work, me and my colleague went to my favourite restaurant to discuss about life, work and so many things. The waiter took a good time to reach the table with our ordered dishes. When he did came, he told my friend that his order couldn't be served. My friend though disappointed ordered something else and put the blame on me saying "Its because you don't give him any tips, he has done this". I just said "Jo Hota Hain Achae Ke Liya Hota Hain" and thats where i did the wrong.

We began our journey home and on way Rain God decided to play and he was accompanied by Wind God. Lord of Thunder and Lightning were not late in joining them. We didnt had any option but to take refuge in a bus stop. Had the waiter not delayed, my friend would have been in his home instead of getting drenched in the rain.Thats when my friend sarcastically remarked "Jo Hotha Hain Acha Ke Liye Hota Hain".

But thats when I got a chance to see so many things happening at the bus stop. As the rain got heavy, we found that the bus stop didn't protect too much of us from the rain onslaught. Again my friend repeated my dialogue. Me and my golden words.

We spent around thirty minutes at the bus stop and saw the anxiety of the various people who stood at the bus stand for the rains to slow down so they can reach their homes early and safely. Some were cursing the heavy rains and some were praying for the rains to stop. But will the rains listen to any of them.

I want to be like that rain, pouring down my emotions, thoughts and feeling without any fear as and when i like and not heeding to any criticisms or praises.

Kehte Hain Naa... Jo Hota Hain Achae Ke Liye Hota Hain....Sach Kehta Hain

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain - SILSILA

I love this tanhaii. And where better to love it then in your own room.

My room -- where my imaginations grow wild and come to life and dance with me. But my room has to
hear so much from my family members. Bechara....

My brother who believes in the quote "Godliness is next only to cleaniness" equals my room to a
My mother who always sees me sitting in front of the system with music at a very good decibel
believes that my room is no better than a cyber cafe.
My father rarely and occasionally enters the room. I think he is convinced that Nagaveli or
chandramukhi is in my room and is waiting for the next Shivarathri.

I believe that each and every individual should live in two real worlds. One real world where he
interacts with the rest of the world and another real world where he interacts with his own emotions
and feelings and gets to know himself better.

And my real world is in my room

Monday, June 9, 2008


We always keep purchases for the last minute. Similarly I had kept my purchase of raincoat for the last minute.

Luckily I asked my good friend to accompany me for the purchase. Till date, I thought it was only girls who took much time for the selection. Today my assumption was proved wrong.

I had left the selection for my friend. He gave me an advice "Not to purchase until you are fully satisfied". And i ended up purchasing everything except the raincoat. Two and half hours of roaming from one store to another but no selection was made. In one store, I made a selection which i thought was very beautiful. Unfortunately, the sales lady told me that its a ladies raincoat to my embarrassment.

My friend had not given up even though it was lunch time. But I had enough and even after two days, I am without a raincoat.

I was back from shopping with a pair of good sandals and a heavy meal, thats it......

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Spent the whole day to myself. No office work or office thoughts.

No movies or Television (Oh, I never watch TV at all). For some time Radio was my companion.

My good friend was asking how one welcomes Monsoon Rain. Rain implies change and change is not always easy to welcome. But Rain is an exception. Problems associated with it are many, but people still enjoy the rains.

Dancing in rain or harping about rain is not what i do. But either there should be rain or no rain. Sometimes the weather would be dull for hours, there would be no rain or no sunlight. I feel even heavens are confused as to whether to rain or not. They r acting like the third umpire who before pushing the button looks at the replay from all angles. But till that time, we get dull by the weather. This feature of human shows how is tied up with universe, and elders call it as " Brahmanda Pindanda".

Friday, June 6, 2008

Rains are here

Welcome to the rains. Someone has truly said "You should not only get wet in the rain, you should feel the rain".

Sitting on the backseat of a two wheeler, I just lifted my face up so that the heavens could just kiss my face like the small baby kisses her mother.

Sometimes the immediate time after the rain is enjoyable as people come out in huge numbers to the road. And how beautiful it would be if the time is dusk and there are no vehicles plying on the road and the road is new and shining. This was what enjoyed today evening in the surathkal road.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tak Tak Tak

I would love to enjoy a conversation and sometimes i feel i have very little of it. I would like to have more of it. Sometimes, even after a conversation is ended, I would continue the conversation in my own world. There are certain persons with whom i enjoy such conversations.

In a conversation with someone u like, it mainly passes through three phases. In the first phase, u get to know the other person. In the second phase, u get to understand the other person. In the third phase, u get to feel the other person.

In any conversation, have u come to that third phase. ???
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