Monday, June 30, 2008

Cant Help It

Have u observed how some people just cant talk simply without some strange actions, behaviors or mannerisms. Like bitting their nails, playing with the pen or pencil in hand, setting their mustache etc etc etc.

The trouble is that they do it without thinking or realizing what they are doing. Unconsciously, these small actions find their way into all important conversations sometimes creating embarrassment. But they CANT HELP IT. Psychologists may say that it depicts the nature of the person. But I don't want to do such analysis of anyone over here.

I know a dentist who ends each and every sentence with OK. He would say "This would pain OK. But don't worry OK. It will be matter of time OK. Open your mouth OK". All I can say is "Ella OK. Istu OK Yaake" (Everything OK. But why so many OKs).

Then there is this senior who violently shakes his head whenever he has a conversation. I presume one day his head would fall off from his body.

Recently, I had to interview this businessman. But I couldn't concentrate as this businessman had the strange habit of constantly putting the mobile into his mouth and then pull out. One day, his mobile would be lost and he will know where to search it when he hears the ringing tone coming from his stomach.

The above ones may be humorous, annoying or irritating, but there are some which can be pleasing like my friend who uses a quizzing but musical 'Yaako' (Why at all) whenever there is a surprise element in the conversation.

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