Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Age Factor

There is a new type of fear creeping on me. I am nearing thirty. Then I console myself by saying 'A man is old as he thinks."

I have a junior who is 26 years old. I spent the maximum amount of time with him whenever I am in office. And it seems whenever I observe as an outsider, that a spirit of a 18 year old teenager has entered his manager and a spirit of a 60 year old elderly citizen has entered this junior. The teenager speaks about movies, chicks, fun etc. The elderly citizen speaks about very serious subjects like parenting, responsibility etc etc.

Advantage for the teenager he has the elderly citizen to guide him. Disadvantage for the elderly citizen is that he has to bear the torture of the teenager's ramblings.

Some advices are really worth listening to like "If you want to know the real beauty of the girl, see her early in the morning before she washes her face"

What makes them talk or think like that irrespective of their ages. Its the Life. Life plays with some people in such a fashion that they mature very early.

Then there are certain girls irrespective of their age, they always claim that they are Sweet Sixteen.

Everyone becomes a Mr from a Master. Girls always Miss something until they become Mrs.

But there is the one who remains constant irrespective of the changes in the seasons and that is the Supreme Master ........................... Master God.

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