Monday, July 7, 2008

Face Value

Like in the financial markets, where for a security, face value is usually a very small amount that bears no relationship to its market price, so in this real world, where Face of the person has got nothing to do with his personality or character.

I know this very cute girl who is short and looks like she has just been out of the high school. Wait until you hear her speak over the phone on her job. She can use the choicest expletives and bad words in the world that can make any bollywood ruffian look like a comedy character in front of her. Her Job calls for that and she can't help it.

Then there is this story told by my pal of a bride seeing ceremony. A young, tall and handsome businessman went to see a prospective bride. The girl thought about him as a chocolate hero coming straight out of a romantic movie. Everything was fine, until his mobile rang. The call had upset our hero and the conversation turned very bad and should have been a censored one. The girl looked with disbelief as the hero continued to talk in that fashion irrespective of the girl's presence. In the end, the girl rejected the hero and when asked for the reason, all she said was "I would like to go for a soft copy, if available "

Even in marriages, you hear very vague comments about the couple getting married and all these comments based on their appearances. When I took my dad to my friends marriage, he told me that girl was lucky to have my good looking friend as a husband. I knew both the girl and boy for quite sometimes and I believe strongly that my friend is lucky to have such a strong-willed girl as his wife.

Face can be really a deception. We should be able to look beyond the face. Is it possible! Reminds me of these lines from kannada movie MATA 'Mukka Manisana Kannadi Alla.... Atleast Notice Board Aagirdbardhe'. (Face is not a mirror of the mind.... at least shouldn't it be a notice board)

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