Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Morning Raaga

The boy couldn't believe himself. He has woken up early, even before his parents. He was not able to get a wink of sleep. Not being to able to go back to sleep, he decides to go for a morning walk with the old neighbors. He never thought that sun also rises so early.

The old men had a lot to talk about. The eldest of the three started the talking "So. Hows Life, my friends."
One of the old men in disappointment " I am not allowed to eat sweets citing the reason of health problems. So Life is without any sweetness , these days. "
The second one had also his share of disappointment to tell " I am not allowed to read these days
citing eye sight problems. So Life is without any excitement not knowing current happenings."
The young fellow was not to be left behind " I am not allowed to sleep these days." All the eyes of old men fell upon this love-lorn boy and he didn't had to say another word. They knew from experience.

A little down the lane, the senior of the trio broached another issue "These attachments are what is keeping us on this world. "
One of the old men was quick to agree "Yeah rite. Family... specially our grandchildren.. Its so nice to be with them"
Second men had some different view "Fame... specially my business. Its always nice to be in total control"
They didn't want the young person to open his mouth. But he had already started. "Friends... specially Girl Friend. Its always nice to be with her. That too 24x7"

Nearing the end of the walk and reading about the destructions happening all around the world, the senior citizen commented " Which could be the most destructive weapon in the entire world".
The first old man gave his thoughts "Words. It can make a man or destroy a man to an unrepairable extent."
The second man talked about envy "Envy. It may not only destroy the person on whom it is targeted, but also the person who gives room for such a feeling."
The boy did want to share his expertise on this issue and though the old men were unwilling to listen to him, they had no escape and they heard his golden words. "A Girls Stealthy Glance. It comes from external and it can completely destroy the boy upon whom it is targeted. But the benefit is that the boy would find complete sweetness even in such destruction"

The old men looked at each other and turning to the young boy and to his disbelief, said in unison " We agree with you, completely on that matter"

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