Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Feeling Lucky

Last few days, I have not been able to keep my mind on my mind. Is my language rite. What I want to say is that I was not able to concentrate.

So I decided to find out and fix the bug. The solution was meditation.

I sat for the meditation in a silent place and thats when this inner voice started asking crazy questions.

"Who Am I ? "
I answered "Thats a Jackie Chan movie". But the inner voice found it a PJ and So I said something beautiful about me in a poetic style.

"Where Am I ? "
Residential address was given.
"I am not asking about your physical presence" came the answer.
I was a bit confused and then said "If you are talking about my online presence, this is my email address." My Inner Voice was now pissed off.

"Why Am I here?"
I remembered a calvin's line and said much to the annoyance of the inner voice "Its because of a biochemical reaction for ensuring that the genes are passed, that I am here."
My Inner Voice was now just controlling himself and advised me "You need to have a spiritual experience"

I was excited "How can I get it? Show me the way"
The answer from the Inner Voice was unexpected "Have a good girlfriend"
I was really confused "How can a girlfriend help one to be spiritual"
"When you have a good girlfriend besides you, you don't want anything else in life and you will not crave for anything else. When that good girlfriend is gone, you don't need anything else in life other than her. Having a good girlfriend is next only to nirvana."
This is blasphemous, I thought. But still out of curiosity "And how to find out that girlfriend"

The inner ego showed me a search engine like google in my inner mind and entered the keywords girlfriend and instead of clicking the search button, he clicked on "I'm feeling lucky" and guess the result.....

1 comment:

Cinderella said...

wow...such a wonderful way of adoring your relationship... i liked it :)

seems... i'll have to make some people read your blog ;)

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