Thursday, July 10, 2008

Envy is my Sin

This is a sad story of a boy who had lots of dreams when he came out of his high school. He wanted to join one of the big colleges of the town. But his grades didn't support that and he ended joining a college that seems to follow dictatorship rules in this era.

Life had taken a whole new course for this boy. He couldn't believe his eyes when he read the rules of the college.
1. No Mobiles allowed inside the College. If found Rs 1000 would be fined and the mobile would be seized. His excuse that he will not talk on the phone but would use it only for simpler things like messaging and playing games went to deaf ears.

2. No Moving outside the campus once you enter until the final bell. If found outside the campus, Rs 100 fine. Even if any teacher is absent, a substitute would be sent. Remembered this lines from Calvin
Friend: I heard that Miss wormwood isn't here today
Calvin: Really? can we go home?
Friend: Of course not,we have a substitute teacher
Calvin: Can i send a substitute student.

3. Uniforms. Boys would wear Cream shirts and Black Pants with black belt and small buckle. Girls would wear Churidars, Cream top and Black Pants with Black shawls.

Reading the final rule, the boy was completely disappointed. It was as his life had fallen apart. He was unhappy not for the reason of the uniform he had to wear, but of the uniform code set for the colorful creatures called girls. The boy's favorite hobby was bird watching (No! Not of the feathered variety). He had hopped to see many butterflies in appealing and becoming dresses. Now he has to pass two years (Gosh 730 days) seeing the girls in that same and boring churidars. Gosh ! It is like watching a black and white movie. Educational Institutions cant torture students in this fashion. What is the students organization doing?.

Now the kid has to listen to his friends from other colleges describing the girls of their colleges and take pleasure from that. He would definitely feel jealous of his friends.

I remember these golden lines from the cult classic Seven when the serial killer who punishes people for their sins utters " Envy is my Sin". I think that would be the line the boy students of this prestigious college would be saying.

Praying to God to save these poor souls from such a sin.

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