Monday, July 28, 2008

Those two hours

(This blog is inspired by my friends experience which he shared with me over a telephonic conversation)

July 25, 2008. Bangalore, Silicon City, was hit by a number of crude bombs. Much damage was not done but the city was in lots of confusion and all the citizens of bangalore were filled with tension. One such person was this software engineer from ITPL. This boy had recently married and his wife was a simple village girl who was new to the Bangalore city.

When he first heard of the blasts, the boy was very anxious and immediately called home. To add to his discomfort, one of the bomb had exploded only half a kilometer from his home. He decides that he has to be with his wife and prepares to move towards his home. But his home is a good twenty kilometers away. For initial some moments, he was able to call his wife. Then the networks got jammed. And traffic was moving at a snail's place. He wished he had the bat car or the bat bike so that he could reach his home in no time. All kinds of thoughts started filling his mind. Even the good songs coming from the FM Stations was not able to soothe him out. Though he didn't want to, his mind brought images of devastations and destructions. It took more than two hours to reach home and it was like he had been through hell.

And what about the girl. She was very very uncomfortable. In an unknown city, with unseen neighbors, she sat in front of the television and with the mobile set in hand, called all the dear ones. She tried her husbands number every two minutes. Whenever she heard the roaring sound of a passing bike, she went to the front door expecting her husband. She looked at her mobile set intensely expecting it to ring and bring some news about whereabouts of her husband. She prayed to God relentlessly for the traffic to ease and no more bombs to explode.

And finally after two hours, she opened the front door and there he was. All the anxiety ended and the lovers were united. Rest of the evening was spent with a little comfort from the news that there was not much devastation caused by these bombing. The girl was so relieved that she had a special dinner ready for her dear husband.

I hope the love in all such young hearts would be able to convince God to preserve peace on this lovely planet.

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