Sunday, July 27, 2008

The fortune teller and his ratios

After a beautiful day with his girl, the boy was returning home, when he decides to go for a palm-reading from a street-side fortune teller

The aged man who was in his seventies took the palm in his hand and began to read all the lines and mounts.
"Beta, You are madly in love" started the wise man.
The excitement in the boy was clear as he said "Please continue...., Guruji"

After some thoughtful analysis, the septuagenarian hummed slowly but clearly "70:30"
The boy was confused. He knew 80:20 Pareto Analysis from his economics class. But 70:30 ?
It was made clear like this " 70 percent , you are neck-deep in love and only 30 percent is left."
"What is that 30 percent, Guruji?"
"Only expression through words is left."

The boy was already impressed and said "More... Guruji... More"
The palm-reader again buried himself in the palm after taking one good look at his amorous face and again came with another ratio "90:10"
The boy eagerly waited for explanation for this 90-10 rule or theory.
"Beta, 90 percent of your time you think of her... But she, only a meager 10 percent of her time."

Boy was not deterred "Can You tell anything about the future. Success of my love, Guruji"
The fortune teller just smiled at the boy and holding the palm, patiently uttered "60 percent... no 70... wait 80... sorry 90......... 100. yes 100 percent"
"100 percent what guruji?" came the impatient question
"100 percent chance that you are gonna waste your life completely for this girl." came the straight forward answer.

The boy who was so lost in love liked the idea and thanking the guruji handed him a 100 rupees note and asked "All this are written on my hand.?"
The fortune teller decided to be very honest and with a disgusted look said
"No.... These are not written on your hand. These are written all over your face. And you don't need an astrologer to tell this." Handing back the money to the boy "If I take it, it would be a insult to my profession"

The boy didn't mind any of the wise man's words as he went away humming the tune from Yuva Movie " Hone Do Dil Ko Fana. Hone Do Dil Ko Tabah. Udne Do Har Ek Wo Tamanna"

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