Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swats in a dilemma

"Secrets are to be revealed, lies are to be told and promises are to be broken". This was the advice given by Jeevs to her classmate Swats. Swats' elderly friend Prads entered at the correct time and reprimanded her for such a irresponsible act. Jeevs who had the hots for Prads was more than happy to clear the area for Prads, "The arena is yours. I will take the back seat. Lets see how will you help her our..."

Prads began his sermon with some great lines, "Promises should be made from the heart.. And if it is done so, when it is broken, a heart would also break." Swats immediately retorted, "The whole trouble is caused by this silly heart. If the promise is not broken...then my heart would break... So I am in a emotional dilemma" and then she explained her position, "When leaving my hometown, Papa dearest took a promise from me that I wouldn't fall in love until my studies are completed. But... its natural na that what you try to avoid is the thing that ultimately happens to you..." That brought a smile on Prads face, "Congrats! And who is that Lucky Guy!" Swats got angry and shouted at him, "Prads! You are elder to me and you shouldn't be congratulating me. You should talk me out of this.."

Prads got into his role quickly, "Swats!... Its not the age to fall in love!" and pointing at Jeevs he added, "When you are seeing dreams about a guy, someone else would be studying and she would outperform you in academics... "
Jeevs gave a mischievous smile and consoled Swats, "Don't worry... I would be also dreaming... And take a wild guess as to whom would I be wandering with in my dream world"
Swats ignored her and argued, "Prads! I am twenty... If not now, then when should I be falling in love?"

Prads was much elder and knew how to put some sense into her brains , "See..It is not like the earlier days.... Then, If boys didn't study, they would be sent to garage.... if girls didn't study, they would be given in marriage... This is new generation... Love comes later, ambitions and dreams come first."
Jeevs wanted to interrupt him and she did it with full smiles, "If someone is willing, I am ready to enter into a marriage now...One can continue the studies later also. Instead of coming in that public transportation system, you get a guy who will drop you daily to college and also someone to do your records and take care of the laundry too. What do you say Swats?"
Swats still had a serious face, "Prads! It is not just the age to have ambitions and dreams. It is the age when we yearn to have someone close to our hearts who can know our wants even before we can say it.." and she got poetic and continued,"Its the age when we know what is like to be in a relationship. It's the age when we know when to let emotions loose and when to control. It's the age when we respect parents and love them but also tell them when they are wrong"

Prads immediately jumped into action,"You yourself have given the answer! If you have that confidence, then tell your father that you are not doing anything wrong.. Tell him with whom you have fallen in love with... May be he will approve... By the way what is the name of that boy?"
Swats, a bit shy-fully, "Sinchan... Before she cud complete, "Strange name... is he from the north east...?" Swats continues, "Sinchan... and Bob the builder"
Prads expressed with a shock, "What!Two guys?" Jeevs commented, "It is always advisable to have a Stepney na..."
Swats explains the reason, "I am not able to make up my mind..."

Prads thought this was stupid and casually asked, "What do they do? Where are these two guys from?..." Swats replied, "One is a good for nothing who always hits at girls and the other is a mason... " Prads didn't like the answers, "Really... Great choices..." And Jeevs added to Swats answers, "And they are from Toonpur"
Prads shrugged his shoulders with confusion, "Where on the earth is this place...? Let me use google earth on the laptop.." Jeevs answered, "To know that place, you need to have a DTH with Television Set..." Swats laughed, "Bechara! He never watches TV... They are cartoon characters... " and so saying the girls giggled and started running away.

Jeevs turned around and giving a cute smile, commented, "And you too make a nice cartoon character."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love Vs Friendship

Though Monsoon Season was over, the Rains had not stopped its display of show and force on the coastal city. Trapped in their hostel were the two girls, Jeevs and Swats. Swats wanted to meet her dear friend Pradhyumn cutely called Prads.

Jeevs who had the hots for Prads was able to read this and commented on the friendship which Swats also referred to as a platonic relationship, "You are missing Prads! So am I! So how does it make you different from me." Swats gave a cool retort, " Well! I am not so selfish like you cupid struck girl! You want no one else to miss him and you want him all for yourself..You want him to take you to a different world! Uff!" Jeevs agreed and started singing the romantic single from a Aamir Khan Movie,"O mere sapnon ke saudaagar,Mujhe aisi jagah le jaa, Main chaahti hoo, mere humsafar Mujhe pariyon ki duniyaan dikhaa, Pyaar hi pyaar ho jis jagah,Mujhe aisa jahaan dikhaa"

Jeevs was full of smiles as she continued her argument, "What is love without selfishness! But mine is just a one-sided love. So not worth talking about.I still have some questions to you. Prads is a 32 year old boy! What do you think is important for him in life now? A friendship to see that time is killed or is it some romance to heal a lonely heart."
Swats wanted to prove that love is worse than friendship and came up with a nice quote she read somewhere "I sometimes feel love and death are similar. One takes the heart away and another the beats..." and continued her sermon on friendship "When in love,you always fear of hurting the other and think twice. But in friendship, there is no restrictions on your emotions... Do what you feel you want to, think of the results later. When the mind is set so free, wouldn't the heart heal by itself"

Jeevs was fully prepared with her set of arguments as she continued, "How long do you think you can be her best friend? Once a girl enters his life as a wife, would you think she would allow you to continue as a best friend... Isn't a wife, a husband's best friend?"
Swats gave a angelic smile as she answered gracefully, "Marne ke darr se koi jeena toh nahi chodta na (For the fear of death, No one stops living their life... do they?) Just because of the fear that I might not be as important to him later as I am now, why should I stop being his friend?"

Even the Rain Gods seemed to pleased by her answer and it paused its show of force. Swats was immediately out of her room and on her honda pleasure vehicle. Before departing Swats spoke her heart out on her relationship with Prads, "I don't love him... I don't need him.... I don't want him... But I love the feel I have when I am with him..."

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Blame Game!

Prads was surprised to find commotion reigning at Swats classroom. The reason was their college project. Only two days were remaining, and there was still a lot of work to do and the team members were blaming each other. Prads did what elders usually enjoy to do at such a time,that is, giving advice, "Stop playing the blame game!. Just someone come forward and take the charge and lead others. Find a solution like Jambavanth the bear did. One of you should lead like Hanuman the monkey-god did. Don't keep on cursing like those silly apes did..." Jeevs, Swats classmate knew that Prads was in a story telling mood and asked everyone to take their seats.

Prads liked telling stories and he began thus, "In Ramayan, Sugreeva had given the difficult project of finding Sita Devi to his Vanar Sena. He also had given them deadline. One such expedition had reached the sea coast searching for Sita and were informed by a bird that Sita was in the Lanka Island. All the monkeys were now racking their brain as to how to cross the sea. When they saw that the task was next to impossible, they remembered their leader's warning of burning them alive if they came back with no results. So the frustrated apes started playing the blame game...."

Prads starting modulating his voice to suit the characters he was going to speak about, "A young monkey whose marriage was to happen in a day or two started crying, 'We are all gonna die... And our leader Sugriva is responsible for our fate... He got united with his wife and now he wants all the husbands in the world to be united with their wives. What about the to-be-husbands? Will he show mercy on me and spare me'" Jeevs who had the hots for Prads, giggled "Yups! I will convince him to spare my dear monkey"

Prads ignored her and continued, "Another young monkey had a different view, 'Its not Sugreeva. Its our dear friend Hanumantha. It was he who brought about the strategic alliance between Monkey-King Sugreeva and Lord Ram. Look where the alliance has landed us... Point of no return!' Another ape put its thinking cap and uttered like a wise old man, 'No re...It was the bird Jatayu. Instead of just dying after being attacked by Raayan, he held on to his breath and then waited for Lord Ram and after telling him how Devi Sita was forced to become the first Indian woman ever to fly overseas, he told Lord Ram in a musical fashion, 'Take my breath away...' Couldn't he just silently pass off... "'

No one was willing to interrupt the story teller. Prads continued, " A Male chauvinist pig... I mean...monkey spoke out, 'Its all because of that lady Kaikeya who used her beauty and took those two harsh boons from her husband Dasharath. MIND YOU! Root cause of all sorrow is WOMAN...' Suddenly a monkey who had a soft corner for ladies interrupted, "Na! Na! Its the old man Dasharath. Even in his old age, when he had four grown up married sons, he was passion filled and fell for the tricks of his wife. He could have simply said, 'Over my dead body!'"

Suddenly one of the listener spoke against the story, "Are you trying to please the girls here with your fun filled story or are you trying to prove something."

Prads smiled and came to the point, "A old bear in the team, Jambavanth instead of finding whom to blame focused on who or what could rescue them at this difficult time and found that only Hanuman had the ability. Only Hanuman could take such a leap and reach Lanka and return within the given time. So he used all his mind in convincing him to cross the sea and bring news of Sita. That's what I wanted to tell all of you. Instead of finding reasons as to who is responsible for the delay, why don't you focus on what needs to be done and how it should be done within the limited time. Find that someone in your team who can take the charge and help you out!"

All eyes in the classroom fell on Swats and Swats looked helplessly at Prads,"Yeh mujhe kaha pasadiya, Prads..." and she said her favorite dialogue, "with friends like you, do I need enemies".
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