Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Morning Raaga

The boy couldn't believe himself. He has woken up early, even before his parents. He was not able to get a wink of sleep. Not being to able to go back to sleep, he decides to go for a morning walk with the old neighbors. He never thought that sun also rises so early.

The old men had a lot to talk about. The eldest of the three started the talking "So. Hows Life, my friends."
One of the old men in disappointment " I am not allowed to eat sweets citing the reason of health problems. So Life is without any sweetness , these days. "
The second one had also his share of disappointment to tell " I am not allowed to read these days
citing eye sight problems. So Life is without any excitement not knowing current happenings."
The young fellow was not to be left behind " I am not allowed to sleep these days." All the eyes of old men fell upon this love-lorn boy and he didn't had to say another word. They knew from experience.

A little down the lane, the senior of the trio broached another issue "These attachments are what is keeping us on this world. "
One of the old men was quick to agree "Yeah rite. Family... specially our grandchildren.. Its so nice to be with them"
Second men had some different view "Fame... specially my business. Its always nice to be in total control"
They didn't want the young person to open his mouth. But he had already started. "Friends... specially Girl Friend. Its always nice to be with her. That too 24x7"

Nearing the end of the walk and reading about the destructions happening all around the world, the senior citizen commented " Which could be the most destructive weapon in the entire world".
The first old man gave his thoughts "Words. It can make a man or destroy a man to an unrepairable extent."
The second man talked about envy "Envy. It may not only destroy the person on whom it is targeted, but also the person who gives room for such a feeling."
The boy did want to share his expertise on this issue and though the old men were unwilling to listen to him, they had no escape and they heard his golden words. "A Girls Stealthy Glance. It comes from external and it can completely destroy the boy upon whom it is targeted. But the benefit is that the boy would find complete sweetness even in such destruction"

The old men looked at each other and turning to the young boy and to his disbelief, said in unison " We agree with you, completely on that matter"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Those two hours

(This blog is inspired by my friends experience which he shared with me over a telephonic conversation)

July 25, 2008. Bangalore, Silicon City, was hit by a number of crude bombs. Much damage was not done but the city was in lots of confusion and all the citizens of bangalore were filled with tension. One such person was this software engineer from ITPL. This boy had recently married and his wife was a simple village girl who was new to the Bangalore city.

When he first heard of the blasts, the boy was very anxious and immediately called home. To add to his discomfort, one of the bomb had exploded only half a kilometer from his home. He decides that he has to be with his wife and prepares to move towards his home. But his home is a good twenty kilometers away. For initial some moments, he was able to call his wife. Then the networks got jammed. And traffic was moving at a snail's place. He wished he had the bat car or the bat bike so that he could reach his home in no time. All kinds of thoughts started filling his mind. Even the good songs coming from the FM Stations was not able to soothe him out. Though he didn't want to, his mind brought images of devastations and destructions. It took more than two hours to reach home and it was like he had been through hell.

And what about the girl. She was very very uncomfortable. In an unknown city, with unseen neighbors, she sat in front of the television and with the mobile set in hand, called all the dear ones. She tried her husbands number every two minutes. Whenever she heard the roaring sound of a passing bike, she went to the front door expecting her husband. She looked at her mobile set intensely expecting it to ring and bring some news about whereabouts of her husband. She prayed to God relentlessly for the traffic to ease and no more bombs to explode.

And finally after two hours, she opened the front door and there he was. All the anxiety ended and the lovers were united. Rest of the evening was spent with a little comfort from the news that there was not much devastation caused by these bombing. The girl was so relieved that she had a special dinner ready for her dear husband.

I hope the love in all such young hearts would be able to convince God to preserve peace on this lovely planet.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The fortune teller and his ratios

After a beautiful day with his girl, the boy was returning home, when he decides to go for a palm-reading from a street-side fortune teller

The aged man who was in his seventies took the palm in his hand and began to read all the lines and mounts.
"Beta, You are madly in love" started the wise man.
The excitement in the boy was clear as he said "Please continue...., Guruji"

After some thoughtful analysis, the septuagenarian hummed slowly but clearly "70:30"
The boy was confused. He knew 80:20 Pareto Analysis from his economics class. But 70:30 ?
It was made clear like this " 70 percent , you are neck-deep in love and only 30 percent is left."
"What is that 30 percent, Guruji?"
"Only expression through words is left."

The boy was already impressed and said "More... Guruji... More"
The palm-reader again buried himself in the palm after taking one good look at his amorous face and again came with another ratio "90:10"
The boy eagerly waited for explanation for this 90-10 rule or theory.
"Beta, 90 percent of your time you think of her... But she, only a meager 10 percent of her time."

Boy was not deterred "Can You tell anything about the future. Success of my love, Guruji"
The fortune teller just smiled at the boy and holding the palm, patiently uttered "60 percent... no 70... wait 80... sorry 90......... 100. yes 100 percent"
"100 percent what guruji?" came the impatient question
"100 percent chance that you are gonna waste your life completely for this girl." came the straight forward answer.

The boy who was so lost in love liked the idea and thanking the guruji handed him a 100 rupees note and asked "All this are written on my hand.?"
The fortune teller decided to be very honest and with a disgusted look said
"No.... These are not written on your hand. These are written all over your face. And you don't need an astrologer to tell this." Handing back the money to the boy "If I take it, it would be a insult to my profession"

The boy didn't mind any of the wise man's words as he went away humming the tune from Yuva Movie " Hone Do Dil Ko Fana. Hone Do Dil Ko Tabah. Udne Do Har Ek Wo Tamanna"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Please dont go

This boy was deeply hurt. His girl had said NO for a rendezvous on the weekend. He wanted to meet his girlfriend at any cost. Love ke liya saala kuch bhi karega.

So he gave a call to his girl and disguising his voice announced "Congratulations! You have won yourself a dinner at the Taj Hotel this evening. A cab would be sent to pick you up at 8.00 PM." But this trick was caught. Don't worry ! Girl was not that wise, but the boy was very stupid to give his own vehicle details when the girl asked for the cab details.

The girl was the one who was interested in women empowerment issues. So the boy sent her a dummy invitation of a speech by a literary figure on women and politics copying exactly verbatim from a last year's invitation he found in his sister's room, not realizing that the speaker has become one with the God. Girl knew this and avoided the speech of a departed soul.

The boy was really frustrated and as a final resort got the girls best friend to trick her to come for a movie. The girl knew that her friend wouldn't come for a movie because she had exams the next day.

But the girl was there at the movies and commented "Your stupid antics has brought me here. why do you do such stupid things ?"
Boy: "The minute you walk out, my brain also takes a long walk. I am not sure whether I want my brain back, but I do want you back."

The girl was full of tears and the boy took her hand. The girl asked him to take her to a lonelier place like a park or a temple rather than this bollywood movie. She believed that they had more fireworks between them rather than the movie which had fire only in its name.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Babysitting Myself.

This was straight from a science fiction movie. I was transported back to the year 1990 placed in my own house and asked to babysit young Suresh Kumar (thats me when i was 12 years old). The 30 year old man from the future was meeting the 12 year kid of the past and they were able to communicate physically.

My younger version toyed with the idea of becoming a pilot. I decided to tell him the harsh truth of his future "No Son, All you are going to be is a Chartered Accountant." He had never heard this term and looked at me with disbelief. I continued "He is the person who continuously looks at figures (No, not the beautiful figures, but the figures from financial and bank statements) and audits them ...........". He was not further interested. I think he had heard the statement " More boring than speaking to an accountant is listening to him speak"

I asked the younger version how many friends he has. The kid started uttering the names of his friends. I was hearing many girls names. I was about to ask him why didn't he maintain the tempo when he grew up. Anyway he continued "When I grow up, I want to have more friends and spend good time with them." I told him "Yeah, You will have lots of friends. Scraps and Chats is what you are gonna have when u grow up." It was 1990, and these terms had their simpler meaning of Raddi (Scrap) and eatables that you got at the street side stall (chats) and this made the kid more angry. I don't know what he thought but he blurted out "I don't want to be in slum when I grew up."

Next question from my past was a shocker "Will I fall in love ? " I said "Definitely!
You will fall in love with this special person with whom you will spend most of your time. And the name of this special person is Computer." Now my young past was full angry with me as he has misunderstood the term Computer and started crying loudly "I don't want to fall in love with a foreign girl named Com Peter or Sue Peter. No! No! No!"

My God! I was unable to control this kid!. I wanted to disappear from that place. I did disappear from the place, I presume; as the very next moment I found myself next to my mom who was consoling me "Don't worry beta, I will get you a good Indian Girl"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Feeling Lucky

Last few days, I have not been able to keep my mind on my mind. Is my language rite. What I want to say is that I was not able to concentrate.

So I decided to find out and fix the bug. The solution was meditation.

I sat for the meditation in a silent place and thats when this inner voice started asking crazy questions.

"Who Am I ? "
I answered "Thats a Jackie Chan movie". But the inner voice found it a PJ and So I said something beautiful about me in a poetic style.

"Where Am I ? "
Residential address was given.
"I am not asking about your physical presence" came the answer.
I was a bit confused and then said "If you are talking about my online presence, this is my email address." My Inner Voice was now pissed off.

"Why Am I here?"
I remembered a calvin's line and said much to the annoyance of the inner voice "Its because of a biochemical reaction for ensuring that the genes are passed, that I am here."
My Inner Voice was now just controlling himself and advised me "You need to have a spiritual experience"

I was excited "How can I get it? Show me the way"
The answer from the Inner Voice was unexpected "Have a good girlfriend"
I was really confused "How can a girlfriend help one to be spiritual"
"When you have a good girlfriend besides you, you don't want anything else in life and you will not crave for anything else. When that good girlfriend is gone, you don't need anything else in life other than her. Having a good girlfriend is next only to nirvana."
This is blasphemous, I thought. But still out of curiosity "And how to find out that girlfriend"

The inner ego showed me a search engine like google in my inner mind and entered the keywords girlfriend and instead of clicking the search button, he clicked on "I'm feeling lucky" and guess the result.....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Be careful of your wish.

Do you believe, that when we pray to God, he grants us our wishes or he grants us opportunities to see that our wishes and desires come true.

God is not someone to whom you give your shopping list and ask him to make a home delivery. If you do so, he will only give the shopping cart and say 'No Home delivery. Only Self Service'.

He is like the Global Positioning System (GPS- the system that is used in the cars) that enable GPS receivers to determine their location, speed, direction, and time.

I believe that God grants your silly wishes very quick enough and your complex wishes some years later when you have really forgotten about it and life has taken a different course. Don't ask me why is the delay. Probably to assess of how strong is your desire. God is a tough task master.

I know this person who wished to meet this girl whom he knew only by voice and he got his wish only after 3 years one fine day. By this time, both of the persons have changed a lot. The girl is no more a little girl. But still he is thankful to God.

Like in Hindi Movies, they say "Bhagwan ke ghar mein der hain, andher nahin".
There is another saying in English "Be careful of what you wish for, You may get it."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hopelessly Romantic

They interview all kinds of celebrities from Television, Movies, Politics, etc. I decided to get an interview with a very special kind of person.

There is a very good term in English called Hopelessly Romantic. Hopelessly romantics are idealists, the sentimental dreamers, the imaginative who believes in fairy tales and love. One such hopelessly romantic found his way into my studio.

And the recording started. First question put forward to him was " When did he first fall in love ?". The guy corrected me, "I did not first fell in love. I first fell into the manhole." I was totally confused until he cleared my doubts "I saw this pretty face and was pulled towards her and failed to notice this manhole. Luckily I was rescued by the pretty girl and thats how we fell in you. Its then when I realized .....". He took some breath and i thought he was going to make a profound statement. All he had to say was " Its then when I realized the Love is much deeper than the man hole. "

Next question " Can you describe your love". Again his facial expression changed and he said " Aha. How can i forget that face." And very romantically lifted his right hand and moved it towards his heart " I have captured and stored her..." I interrupted "How romantic. That first sight and you have her face carved out in your heart". The guy corrected me the second time " You have got me wrong" and he took the mobile out of his shirt pocket "I have captured and stored her image in my mobile." I took one look and gave it back to her. Please don't ask me why.

After recovering from the shock of seeing the face, my third question was " Have u given any gift to her?". For this question, he was all praise for his girl " She never asked for any gift till date. All she took from me was a small 50 pages book." This was really interesting and my guess was that the book could have been his poem book. I was corrected again "No. It was my cheque book of 50 leaves. And she took my autograph on all the leaves."

This was not hopelessly romantic, this was hopelessly pathetic.

Then my mother entered the studio and asked me "Who are you talking to ? ". I looked at her with disbelief and then at the hopelessly romantic. He was not there. And like the young kid from the movie SIXTH SENSE, I told my mother "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Envy is my Sin

This is a sad story of a boy who had lots of dreams when he came out of his high school. He wanted to join one of the big colleges of the town. But his grades didn't support that and he ended joining a college that seems to follow dictatorship rules in this era.

Life had taken a whole new course for this boy. He couldn't believe his eyes when he read the rules of the college.
1. No Mobiles allowed inside the College. If found Rs 1000 would be fined and the mobile would be seized. His excuse that he will not talk on the phone but would use it only for simpler things like messaging and playing games went to deaf ears.

2. No Moving outside the campus once you enter until the final bell. If found outside the campus, Rs 100 fine. Even if any teacher is absent, a substitute would be sent. Remembered this lines from Calvin
Friend: I heard that Miss wormwood isn't here today
Calvin: Really? can we go home?
Friend: Of course not,we have a substitute teacher
Calvin: Can i send a substitute student.

3. Uniforms. Boys would wear Cream shirts and Black Pants with black belt and small buckle. Girls would wear Churidars, Cream top and Black Pants with Black shawls.

Reading the final rule, the boy was completely disappointed. It was as his life had fallen apart. He was unhappy not for the reason of the uniform he had to wear, but of the uniform code set for the colorful creatures called girls. The boy's favorite hobby was bird watching (No! Not of the feathered variety). He had hopped to see many butterflies in appealing and becoming dresses. Now he has to pass two years (Gosh 730 days) seeing the girls in that same and boring churidars. Gosh ! It is like watching a black and white movie. Educational Institutions cant torture students in this fashion. What is the students organization doing?.

Now the kid has to listen to his friends from other colleges describing the girls of their colleges and take pleasure from that. He would definitely feel jealous of his friends.

I remember these golden lines from the cult classic Seven when the serial killer who punishes people for their sins utters " Envy is my Sin". I think that would be the line the boy students of this prestigious college would be saying.

Praying to God to save these poor souls from such a sin.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Morning Snapshots

The best way to start a day is to get up early morning along with the Big Brother Mr Sun.

The Mornings are always pleasant. A walk or a jog will open you to the real beauty of the nature.

There are beautiful images of mornings that have been stored in my memory's album. Trying to recall such mornings over here.

Fascinating thing about Mysore is the very spacious roads with huge trees on both the sides. These trees would be standing equidistant from each other that it reminds me of the military discipline. These big and fat trees on both the sides of the road would have their huge trunks and branches leaning towards the center of the road (The suns rays are split when they pass through the leaves). Once, early morning, while returning from a night audit on such a road, I saw these four cute school girls with their standard yet colorful chudidhar uniform and double braided hair with lots of jasmine, on their cycles and occupying the whole road as if they were princesses of mysore and moving with perfect synchronization like the birds in the sky do. And as they crossed a small temple, they gave their salutations to the God in their own special manner. First the heads sway to the left,then right hand moves towards the heart, eyes would be closed, then the hand will move towards the lips. All this in tandem. This would make for a perfect snapshot( Scattered Sunlight,spreading tree Trunks, Empty Road and on that road these four beautiful creatures of God with perfect devotion exhibited).

Second one I remember is this snapshot from a temple visit. During my college days, I used to frequent a temple early morning. There was this young visitor, a small girl of around 10 who came to the temple with her mischievous young brother who was around 6. The girl would hold the boy in one hand while making the rounds. The girl seemed to be concentrating on God and the boy was concentrating on everything else other than the God. When it came to taking the prasadam, the girl would take the kumkum and then apply the same on the boys forehead. That scene, when that young girl applies the kumkum carefully on her younger brothers forehead (the boys eyes would move upwards trying to see if the kumkum has landed on the proper spot or not) has been clicked and stored in my memory.

Now I understand why they say 'Sometimes, the time stands still'. Its nothing but God capturing the beauty of the moment.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A romantic touch

Some romantic movies send you to a trance. The aftermath of one such movie brought the script writer within me to life and before I knew what was happening, I was writing this romantic scene.

Hero was preparing for the D-Day when he would propose to the love of his life. He had the words ready " Sometimes, I feel I am falling in love with you".
Then he thought he would be lying, if he said sometimes. This feelings is there all the time. So he changed the lines to "I feel that I am falling in love with you."
Again he was not satisfied, he felt the word 'feel' was redundant as now, love was no more a feeling, but it has become the most important thing for him. So the revised and shorter version came up like this "I am falling in love with you"
His thoughts started running again and he felt that he had already fallen in love and now he was neck deep in it. Finally he found solace in the three simple words "I Love You"

Next day, the girl was waiting for him eagerly. The boy tells him "Today, I have a lots to say to you".
The girl was dying of anticipation "And what that could be about? "
The boy taking full courage "I Love You"
The girl waited for some time and said "Thats it. I thought you told me, you had lots to say."
The boy smilingly and with full conviction " Doesn't that three words mean a lot to you".

Wow. I heard a lots of applause and some familiar voice saying "Lunch is ready"

That was my mother calling me for lunch.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Face Value

Like in the financial markets, where for a security, face value is usually a very small amount that bears no relationship to its market price, so in this real world, where Face of the person has got nothing to do with his personality or character.

I know this very cute girl who is short and looks like she has just been out of the high school. Wait until you hear her speak over the phone on her job. She can use the choicest expletives and bad words in the world that can make any bollywood ruffian look like a comedy character in front of her. Her Job calls for that and she can't help it.

Then there is this story told by my pal of a bride seeing ceremony. A young, tall and handsome businessman went to see a prospective bride. The girl thought about him as a chocolate hero coming straight out of a romantic movie. Everything was fine, until his mobile rang. The call had upset our hero and the conversation turned very bad and should have been a censored one. The girl looked with disbelief as the hero continued to talk in that fashion irrespective of the girl's presence. In the end, the girl rejected the hero and when asked for the reason, all she said was "I would like to go for a soft copy, if available "

Even in marriages, you hear very vague comments about the couple getting married and all these comments based on their appearances. When I took my dad to my friends marriage, he told me that girl was lucky to have my good looking friend as a husband. I knew both the girl and boy for quite sometimes and I believe strongly that my friend is lucky to have such a strong-willed girl as his wife.

Face can be really a deception. We should be able to look beyond the face. Is it possible! Reminds me of these lines from kannada movie MATA 'Mukka Manisana Kannadi Alla.... Atleast Notice Board Aagirdbardhe'. (Face is not a mirror of the mind.... at least shouldn't it be a notice board)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Yesterday I found myself giving advice to a friend regarding his love life. How can one give advice to others on matters one never really has experience. Mouth and hands are always to be kept busy and maybe so I found myself advising my friend. Come On, there are so many people giving such nonsense advices over radio and television, what's wrong with me giving one to a close pal.

Then Suddenly I found myself wearing a white robe with too many necklaces and bracelets , like Shri Shri (I don't know how many shris are there) Ravi Shankar, addressing a gathering of thousands. I saw the board and it read 'THE ART OF LOVING'.

And then this less than normal person came to me for advice, addressing me as Guruji, of how to express his love. And then the session started.

Me: Sit down in a lonely place and write a beautiful poem on her.
He: Whenever I sit down to read or write, those letters start to dance.
(My first case and a grown up dyslexic. He seems to come straight out of Taare Zaamen Par.)

Me: Then try to put down your feelings in a picture. A picture speaks more than 1000 words.
He: Whenever I hold the paintbrush in my hands, my hands start to tremble.
(I was about to ask him whether he had murdered any human being or animal, but controlled myself)

Me: Then give her a rose or a bouquet. That would let her know your feelings for her.
He: But I am allergic to the smell of flowers or roses. It causes me to sneeze violently.
(What if she wore a string of jasmine buds in her hair when you go to meet her ? )

This doesn't seem to have a solution, but I heard myself say "Go and look into her eyes and say nothing, nothing at all. If she understands your silence, she is yours....". Before I could complete, he had already vanished. At least you read the complete sentence " If she doesn't understand, don't stay there. If you do, you will get a slap on your face."

"Who is Next?"

Saturday, July 5, 2008

This Part of Life

While watching the weekend movie on Sony Television at my friends house, I was irritated by the regular breaks announcing "This part of the movie is brought to you by". Then a thought came to my mind - 'If Life is a movie, who would be its sponsors'

From the time we are born till we complete our graduations, its the parents who look after us. I remember Calvin's prayer here "God bless Mom and Dad. Grant them the power to anticipate my every need and the means to fulfill them".
This Part of the Life is brought to you by your PARENTS. Caption:- Just Do It. (Don't ask why?)

Then after graduation comes the employment sector. A ferocious creature called BOSS enters your life and takes complete charge. Deadlines, Targets and Appraisals is what he knows.
This Part of the Life is brought to you by your BOSS. Caption:- Believe in the best. (If you are not the best, then you would be facing the firing squad)

After putting a vigorous 10 hours a day work consistently, you become a boss and start to work 16 hours a day. This is the time you have complete charge over yourself. This is short lived and as you find out soon that you are about to share this life with a WIFE.
This part of the life is brought to you by WIFE. Caption:- Neighbor's envy, owner's pride. (Oh really !)

When you get the feelings that two was just enough, you find that it has become four. Now you have become head of the family. It is not longer when the kids take over and make your head sway for everything they ask. You are like the Reserve Bank who gets the currencies printed and they are the ruling government where it is always fiscal deficit.
This part of the life is brought to you by CHILDREN. Caption:- Generation Next. (Meaning you are out.)

Then like that old Rajkumar song "Aadisidatha besara gondu aata nilisidha" (The playwright got bored and stopped the play), your life will come to end on this planet. And then you hear the voice

This Life was brought to you by ALMIGHTY. Caption: Bond with the Best.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Strengthen the Friendship

Ek chai vapaas. Ek chai vapaas. Do dost ek pyale main chai piyenge. Isse dosti badhti hai.
- Amar to waiter, Andaz Apna Apna

One way to strengthen a friendship is Sharing. It could be anything, from sharing your lunch box or room to your thoughts or emotions. When you share something, you allow the other person to get more closer to you.

Another way to strengthen the bond of friendship is Sacrificing. Sacrificing ones joys for the sake of others. I know these two friends who studied together since LKG. But fortunately or unfortunately, one of them completed his Chartered Accountancy earlier and got a lucrative offer from one of the big corporates. But instead of taking that offer, he continued with the old job with his best friend at the same old salary for another six to eight months until his friend passed the Chartered Accountancy exams with flying colors. His decision may look crazy, but I am talking here about friendship.

But never ever go to test a friendship to strengthen a friendship. It could be a irreversible mistake.

So, having a good time on the weekends enjoying a movie or shopping is not a necessity for a friendship. Even a small conversation of half an hour over a cup of coffee in a small street side tea stall is sufficient to enjoy the magic of friendship.

Remember reading this somewhere. 'The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and wing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.' Ever enjoyed that feeling?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seize the day

Seize the day is a term that refers to 'Enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future'.

Today there was an opportunity for such a day as the Rain had stopped briefly and there was sunshine till evening in Mangalore. But we allowed Devil to seize the day. It was Bandh and with no Buses plying and shops closed, it was akin to a Ghost Town.

People in the corporate sectors would have worked from their Laptops or home systems with their phone buzzing off at regular intervals.
Businessmen would have transferred funds through RTGS, ECS etc or placed orders via electronic mode. Meetings would take place through the mode of video conferencing.
School Kids would be happy with a day off and would have played the entire day as if their wish had been fulfilled.

But what about the common man who works from nine to five and earns just enough to pay off his monthly bills; and the daily wage earners who looks for that 100 rupees note at the end of the day; and what about that old lady who comes from a distant place to sell the vegetables sitting in that market corner; and what about the shop on the pavement who stands all day irrespective of the weather to make that small amount of profit; These people are the real losers.

Is there a better way to protest ? Is there a better way to stand up and make people observe ? Yes, but unfortunately we don't have good leaders to guide. Read somewhere these golden lines "whats sad in a way is that the people that are the most giving, hardworking, and capable of making this world better, usually don't have the ego and ambition to be a leader."

Thats why all the chaos in the world and even Mother nature was mocking at us.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Correction is a share market terminology referring to a drop in stock market price, generally viewed as bringing overpriced stocks back to a level closer to companies' actual values.

Like they apply principles of other fields to share market, we can apply this principle of share market to other fields.

Whenever one joins a new job, he decides to give his entire to the job. But after sometime CORRECTION takes place and he starts to work only so much that he doesn't get fired and company also pays him only so much that he doesn't quit.
Any rule or theory has exceptions. Try to be that exception here.

Even, in marriage, initially the couple behave in a fashion as if one cannot live without the other. Then CORRECTION takes place and the couple realize that Life is to be lived with the help of the spouse and not only with the spouse.
Don't try to be an exception over here. If u do, you will steer off the main course of Life.

Human tendency is always to get over excited whenever he is a new position or found something new or is in a new relationship, not knowing that he will be pulled down to the original level if he is not meant to be there. Correction is always required to find one's real position.

Oh God! Give me the serenity and courage so that I can accept whatever CORRECTION sets in.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Age Factor

There is a new type of fear creeping on me. I am nearing thirty. Then I console myself by saying 'A man is old as he thinks."

I have a junior who is 26 years old. I spent the maximum amount of time with him whenever I am in office. And it seems whenever I observe as an outsider, that a spirit of a 18 year old teenager has entered his manager and a spirit of a 60 year old elderly citizen has entered this junior. The teenager speaks about movies, chicks, fun etc. The elderly citizen speaks about very serious subjects like parenting, responsibility etc etc.

Advantage for the teenager he has the elderly citizen to guide him. Disadvantage for the elderly citizen is that he has to bear the torture of the teenager's ramblings.

Some advices are really worth listening to like "If you want to know the real beauty of the girl, see her early in the morning before she washes her face"

What makes them talk or think like that irrespective of their ages. Its the Life. Life plays with some people in such a fashion that they mature very early.

Then there are certain girls irrespective of their age, they always claim that they are Sweet Sixteen.

Everyone becomes a Mr from a Master. Girls always Miss something until they become Mrs.

But there is the one who remains constant irrespective of the changes in the seasons and that is the Supreme Master ........................... Master God.
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