Monday, July 21, 2008

Babysitting Myself.

This was straight from a science fiction movie. I was transported back to the year 1990 placed in my own house and asked to babysit young Suresh Kumar (thats me when i was 12 years old). The 30 year old man from the future was meeting the 12 year kid of the past and they were able to communicate physically.

My younger version toyed with the idea of becoming a pilot. I decided to tell him the harsh truth of his future "No Son, All you are going to be is a Chartered Accountant." He had never heard this term and looked at me with disbelief. I continued "He is the person who continuously looks at figures (No, not the beautiful figures, but the figures from financial and bank statements) and audits them ...........". He was not further interested. I think he had heard the statement " More boring than speaking to an accountant is listening to him speak"

I asked the younger version how many friends he has. The kid started uttering the names of his friends. I was hearing many girls names. I was about to ask him why didn't he maintain the tempo when he grew up. Anyway he continued "When I grow up, I want to have more friends and spend good time with them." I told him "Yeah, You will have lots of friends. Scraps and Chats is what you are gonna have when u grow up." It was 1990, and these terms had their simpler meaning of Raddi (Scrap) and eatables that you got at the street side stall (chats) and this made the kid more angry. I don't know what he thought but he blurted out "I don't want to be in slum when I grew up."

Next question from my past was a shocker "Will I fall in love ? " I said "Definitely!
You will fall in love with this special person with whom you will spend most of your time. And the name of this special person is Computer." Now my young past was full angry with me as he has misunderstood the term Computer and started crying loudly "I don't want to fall in love with a foreign girl named Com Peter or Sue Peter. No! No! No!"

My God! I was unable to control this kid!. I wanted to disappear from that place. I did disappear from the place, I presume; as the very next moment I found myself next to my mom who was consoling me "Don't worry beta, I will get you a good Indian Girl"


Thirumalesh said...

I think its your inner self is deliberating the kind of momentum you were supposed to maintain throughout. This portrays the kind of intellect who has creative way to confess the current state.

Abdur Rahman Musba said...

A nice one!!!!

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