Friday, July 11, 2008

Hopelessly Romantic

They interview all kinds of celebrities from Television, Movies, Politics, etc. I decided to get an interview with a very special kind of person.

There is a very good term in English called Hopelessly Romantic. Hopelessly romantics are idealists, the sentimental dreamers, the imaginative who believes in fairy tales and love. One such hopelessly romantic found his way into my studio.

And the recording started. First question put forward to him was " When did he first fall in love ?". The guy corrected me, "I did not first fell in love. I first fell into the manhole." I was totally confused until he cleared my doubts "I saw this pretty face and was pulled towards her and failed to notice this manhole. Luckily I was rescued by the pretty girl and thats how we fell in you. Its then when I realized .....". He took some breath and i thought he was going to make a profound statement. All he had to say was " Its then when I realized the Love is much deeper than the man hole. "

Next question " Can you describe your love". Again his facial expression changed and he said " Aha. How can i forget that face." And very romantically lifted his right hand and moved it towards his heart " I have captured and stored her..." I interrupted "How romantic. That first sight and you have her face carved out in your heart". The guy corrected me the second time " You have got me wrong" and he took the mobile out of his shirt pocket "I have captured and stored her image in my mobile." I took one look and gave it back to her. Please don't ask me why.

After recovering from the shock of seeing the face, my third question was " Have u given any gift to her?". For this question, he was all praise for his girl " She never asked for any gift till date. All she took from me was a small 50 pages book." This was really interesting and my guess was that the book could have been his poem book. I was corrected again "No. It was my cheque book of 50 leaves. And she took my autograph on all the leaves."

This was not hopelessly romantic, this was hopelessly pathetic.

Then my mother entered the studio and asked me "Who are you talking to ? ". I looked at her with disbelief and then at the hopelessly romantic. He was not there. And like the young kid from the movie SIXTH SENSE, I told my mother "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE"
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