Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Eveteasers

Every gully is bound to have to some hooligans who are always tempted to pass some vulgar comments on girls and ladies frequenting the gully.

One such gully was a shortcut road which Simran has to take to reach her home. She has been avoiding the road for a long time because of these young hooligans. After some three months, she was fully prepared to take on them. No she didn't master Karate, that would help if there was only one. No she didn't need any more boyfriend to act as her bodyguard. No she didn't carry arms or sharp instruments. All she had done was some R and D work.

The three hooligans who were barely eighteen seemed to be waiting for any chick to show up. And there was Simran. She was dressed in a blue jean and a low top and had a simple vanity bag over her shoulders.
One of them started imitating Dharmendra " Tumhari Naam Kya Hain, Basanthi."
Second said crooning "Zara Zara Touch Me, Touch Me, Touch Me."
Third was not to be left behind. He didn't say anything. But he did antics with his bike. Simran thought that the circus has come to the town.

She went to straight towards them and looking at the one who called her Basanthi. "I am not Basanthi and U are not Veeru. I know that you are Harish, younger brother of Rashmi, who thinks you are sweet, adorable and innocent. I will let her know how innocent and sweet you are." Harish started addressing Simran as 'akka' and prostrated before her.

Now it was the next indian idol's turn. "Zara Zara touch me ! I know how painful it would be when your mother's wooden ruler rubs the palms of the students who don't complete their homework. Don't you want to enjoy that touch also." The boy suddenly behaved politely "That song was not meant for you. It was being played in the FM and I was just crooning along".

Now turning at the bike figure "And You!. Leader of this group......" Before she could complete, the Leader in a very dignified manner answered "Okay. We got the point. You have got references and recommendations. So tomorrow onwards, you can roam free. We say Okay to the deviation." Actually, Simran didn't had any thing on him. But her confidence gesture shook him.

Simran wanted the boys to be clear of the point as to who was calling the shots "That's not enough. All the three of you should salute me when I pass the route and address me as Miss Simran".

Saying thus, she crossed the street majestically.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What went wrong ?

DISCLAIMER : The following is a matter of pure fiction and if it bears resemblance to any real incidents, then it is highly coincidence.

Prem doesn't have an insightful knowledge of the married man's world. But he knew from the expressions of the newly wed Adarsh, that this guy was yet to enjoy the bliss of the married life.

Curiosity pushed Prem to question Adarsh and put forth his doubts. "What went wrong. Doesn't the frequencies match?" Adarsh replied in negative "No. We are of the same wavelengths. There is strong reception of signals on both sides."
He was acting like a counselor "Then is there any Tu Tu Mein Mein between your mother and her." Adarsh was quick to reply "As of present, both of them are the best of friends. The Tu Tu Mein Mein will feature when both party has collected all the required details of the other party. There is still time left for the same. Data Mining is on at present."
Adarsh seems to know the nitty-gritty s of married life. Then what could have possibly gone wrong. Prem got very bold and in a very low voice questioned Adarsh "Is there something wrong with yourself?" Adarsh decided to put a full stop "No more assumptions boy. I am a perfectly fit and there is no drawbacks in this creation of God"

Adarsh decides to explain the problem himself "She is behaving very crazily these days. She is afraid of the stuffed toys lying in the showcase, mannequins in the malls, Small statues in my offices. Whenever she sees a crow, she feels as if the crow is staring at her, but the truth is it is her who is staring at the crow and making the crow nervous. Lemons are strictly prohibited and no Lemonade juice at our home. Every night the dog barks and she just sits straight and starts praying to Lord Hanuman the entire night taking away all the fun. I don't know whats Lord Hanuman's photo doing in our bedroom "

Prem, unconvincingly and in a very funny tone "It seems someone has done a black magic on her. When did these things start to happen"
Adarsh in a very depressed tone "Everything was perfectly alright. Then someone told me that there is a new horror movie by a well known director. My friend challenged me to see the movie alone. I was a bit afraid and so took my wife along. The movie had no effects on me, but my wife is showing the side effects and it is having a profound impact on my life. Tell me what should I do to bring her out of this spell"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finding Excuses.

It was 9.30 PM. Sudarshan was still sitting in the bus stand pondering of how to face his mother. Prem knew this college student and was seeing a love story between Sudharshan and his girl friend Shwetha developing in front of his eyes. Prem needed to reach home early and so resisted asking the question of what was troubling Sudarshan.
But Sudarshan was the first to react "Prem Bhai. You need to help me ?" Prem had enough of his own problems. He didn't want to encourage someone else to take a deep plunge into this ocean from where there is no return. But he obliged to hear Sudarshan.

"My mother saw me and Swetha together today ? What should I say if she pops up the question of what I was doing ?"
Prem didn't want to get serious in this respect "Tell her that you were working on a semester project and she was your partner." Prem laughed inside for thinking that the project was a product development and the product would be out sometime soon.

Sudarshan "Project work, my hell!. I was in the Park with my arms over her shoulder!" As Prem had thought, Mother had caught the son in the act.

But Prem still had a beautiful answer "Tell mother that you had twisted your arm and was resting it on her shoulder. Doctor had advised for the same. And it was on doctor's advise to have some fresh air, that you had come to the park." Prem thought to himself as to how creative he was.

But Sudarshan had more "But Mother overheard me proposing to her. She was there on the D-Day"
Prem prayed that this kind of situation should not even come to his worst enemy "Tell your mother that there is some audition the next day or some play to be enacted and you were rehearsing for the same. You were Romeo and she was Juliet."

Nothing seemed to cool Sudarshan and he requested, rather pleaded Prem to accompany him "Will you join me and vouch for me in front of my mother ?"

Prem had enough of this nonsense "No way. I cant support someone trying to fool his mother. If you do that, you are not a good son. Even if you do so, she will not believe you and she will be very deeply hurt. The best thing to do would be to let her know the complete truth and leave it to her of how she takes it. But don't ever try to fool your mother. You will never succeed"

Saying thus, Prem climbed the last bus and escaped from the scene.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Surprise Element

When anyone graduates from the college, irrespective of the curriculum, one definitely majors in the subject called the opposite sex. But Sridhar was an exception. Now after three years, he seems to have sat for the supplementary and now waiting for the results.
He had asked Prem to accompany him as he had butterflies in his stomach. Sridhar was on his way to meet his online friend Shravya whom he had never ever seen before. He had befriended some three months ago on the google chat room and they chatted on a regular basis and now she wanted to meet him.

Prem definitely didn't make Sridhar comfortable. He gave all the weird pictures of how the girl could be " She could be a married woman, who wants to come out of the clutches of her abusive and suspicious husband. When you meet her, her husband would be behind some tree waiting to shoot you down the minute you get down the car." Sridhar brushed it away saying "If that is true, and since you are accompanying me, I pray to God, that let him mistake you for me."
Prem gave another possibility "What it turns she turns out to be some nymphomaniac or charmer. Remember what happened to Saif Ali Khan in the Dil Chahtha Hain Goa episode." Sridhar again replied maintaining his cool "Do you feel, I would prey to such tricks. Its only a cup of coffee." Prem just let out a grin "Anything can happen over a cup of coffee"
Prem thought of a new angle "What if he turns out like one of us ?". Sridhar didn't get the point at all. Prem elaborated "What if he is boy and you know......". He didn't want to further explain. Sridhar just couldn't stand it "Goddamit. Why can't u think positively. If it turns out like you said, you can have her or him or whatever it is. Well, I am not that type."

At last they were at the coffee shop. Boys looked out to see any beautiful girl anticipating someone. They asked the lady over the counter as to whether any Shravya had booked a table. The lady pointed at the table on the left most corner.

What they saw was a school girl who was probably sixteen years old. Sridhar didn't knew how to handle this. He was completely disappointed and also was feeling very awkward. They sat down and that's when Prem decided to speak to the girl "It's not proper for you to meet a stranger like this. Luckily you have run into Sridhar, who is a good gentleman", looks at Sridhar to confirm what he has told and continues "There are wolves and foxes out there waiting to pounce upon unsuspecting and innocent deers that want to roam freely in the wild. The beauty and fragrance is bound to attract all kinds of wrong people when you come out of the comforts of your home. Think about it. Enjoy the life but don't overdo it. Your parents respect and honor is in your hands."
They left her at the school doorsteps and waved her goodbye.
Prem later consoled Sridhar "Don't worry. There is always next time. Prepare for the next supplementary."

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anarkali is back

It was Prem's dad's favorite movie. Mughal-E-Azaam. And when they aired it on prime time, Prem and his mother had no choice but to view the same. And that was what they were doing on that fateful saturday evening. This was some 25th time that they were watching the movie.

Over the dinner, Prem began to croon "Pyar Kiya tho Darna Kya...." repeatedly as if he was trying to impress upon the fact.

Prem's father got irritated and blasted out "Only by singing and expressing through beautiful lines, Love is not proved. Its not a matter of two hearts. Its a matter of two families and their standing in the society. Akbar was right in his decision"

Prem was infuriated that his father had raised objection to the beautiful song. When he looked at his father, his eyes gave him an illusionary picture of his father in Akbar's custome and flourishng his sword. Something of the sort that happened to Vidya Bhalan in Bhool Bhoolaiya was happening to Prem. He was being 'possessed' by Anarkali "Only dignity and reputation is not important. In these matters, expression of self, whether right or wrong, is important. Hats off, Anarkali." And he patted himself

The senior was not allowing his son to be victorious "It was not that Akbar was against love. He was doing his duty and duty made him punish Anarkali. Hum apne bete ke dhadakte huey dil ke liye, hindustan ki taqdeer nahin badal sakte. Principles are more important than love which only blinds you. Akbar was truly great"

Prem now became more vigorous as he saw only Emperor Akbar speaking to him and not his father. Luckily Anarkali's character was poetic and peace loving compared to the dancer's violent character that had taken over Vidya Balan "Duty and your principles made him punish his Son and Anarkali. But love makes men forgive even the guilty. Shehenshah ke in behisaab bakhshison ke badale mein Yeh Kaneez Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Ko Apana Khoon Maaf Karati Hain. Now that's what I call character"

Now Prem's father was very infurious and smelled a rebellion from his son and a support from his son for love. Before the lid could blow off, the lady of the house interrupted with another of the movie's golden lines "Salim anarkali ko marne nahi dega aur Akbar use jeene nahi dega. And you two are not allowing me to have my food."

The keyword food drove away 'Anarkali' from Prem's body instantly. No Priests were required. No Psychiatrists were required. Only aroma of the delicious dishes made by mother was sufficient.

Prem couldn't hold back the spirit of Anarkali for a further time. If he had done, he would have been able to take on his father successfully.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What are the boys upto ?

The prime time news had a special feature on how youth were turning to crime to vent their frustrations and disappointments. A disturbed Prem decides to go for a small walk after watching this news piece.
On the way, he sees a group of teenagers gathered near the Old Bus Stand. Prem suspected that they are up to some foul play. So he decided to snoop on them.

Prem hid himself behind one of the trees and tried to eavesdrop on their conversation. Though not clearly, he was still able to pick up bits of the conversation.

He heard the big fat teen whose mustache was still in its infant stage say "The security changes at around 9 PM. It would be the right point to strike." Prem got butterflies in his stomach and feared whether the boys were planning a armed bank robbery.
At this juncture, the young handsome teen whose looks said that he may become a doctor and serve the society. But his words gave an impression of him becoming a smooth criminal and robbing the society. "Yeah. It is after this time, that no further visitors would be allowed. We should make our move when the clock strikes nine." Prem was trying to decipher the operation from their conversation and now came to the conlusion that they were planning to rob a museum.
Then the plan in its diagrammatic version was spread out. It seemed a three storied building and each member was assigned his task. The leader of this motley group spoke with some verve "We will go, We will see and We will conquer. This is our motto". At this moment, Prem feared the most and was remembered of the climax of Rang De Basanthi.

The idea of the bloodshed and rebellion made him come out of his hiding place and deal with the teens face to face. He gave them an exhilarating speech "This is not the way you teens should behave. The society need your services. Be a doctor, engineer or an accountant. But don't become an anti-social element. If you need more money, do some part time work. If you are unhappy with the social conditions, write about it or join some groups. If still some frustration is left, speak out openly with some seniors. You can speak to me. Stop planning some robberies or rebellion. "

A diplomatic teen came forward and said "Sir, You have got us completely wrong. We are not upto any such heinous crime...." But he didn't answer what they were upto. Rather with great reluctance, they handed over the plan of the building to Prem.

When Prem saw the plan, he got the real meaning behind the motto of the gang "We go, we see and we conquer". The boys were trying to get an entry into this very special place called girls hostel. The youngest of them described the Girls Hostel as 'Heaven on Earth', though he has neither seen Heaven nor has he seen a Girls Hostel before. Prem looked at each of them and what did he find?. Determination in their faces to succeed in the mission with a fool-proof plan. Prem just smiled at them as all of them requested him to keep the matter confidential. "Don't worry It would be more confidential than The X Files" came his assurance.

Prem thought as he made his way back home "What's in a Girls Hostel that pulls the boys towards it?" The answer is so obvious.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thinking About You

Simran was requested by a close relative to babysit her boy until she returns from a late night function. Though not experienced in this arena, Simran agreed in the hope that this knowledge would definitely come handy at some stage of her life.

The face of the boy was filled with innocence and so was his thoughts and questions. It took some time for Simran to get this young shy boy Mithun out of his shell and make him talk. Once he started, she didn't wanted anyone to intervene. If anyone gave a ring, she cut the call short by saying she was having a dinner with her boyfriend.

But something in the young boy triggered old emotions and she was remembered of Prem. She tried to block the thoughts of Prem. Unfortunately she was not that successful.

Mithun told Simran of how he was bullied by this big hulk at his school. Simran tried to fill the young boy with confidence "If you remain silent, the bullying would become more and more. When everyone grows up, you would be still be a young boy of eight. Be a man, Mithun". But at this moment, Prem came running back to her mind and she thought of how her Prem was afraid of the society bullying them if they ever did elope. Has she done anything to boost his confidence including showing faith or supporting him.

Mithun said his best friend in the school was Prajna. But he was confused as to why Prajna always liked to play with dolls and stuffed animals rather than cars and bikes and toy guns. Simran tried to explain the nature of girls to this small child "By birth, Girls tend to be more loving, caring and affectionate. " She thought how true it was. Did she really care about Prem when she had asked him to forget about her. Was she being affectionate.

Finally she managed to put the young boy to sleep and handed him over to his mother when she returned from the late night function. The next day would be a whole new day for the boy when he sees his mother next to him.

But can Simran put permanent sleep to the thoughts of her in Prem's mind.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Little do we know

Little do we know of the surprises a day has in store for us. It could be one of the fateful days when we really achieve something worthwhile or it could be the day which could make us smile a lot. It could be one of those days which you wished you never had encountered.

Little did Abhinay Bindra knew on that fateful day - that he would win a gold medal and his life would change forever.

Little did this gentleman scientist from America knew on that unfortunate day - that his dearest wife whom he had married against the objections of many would go into a coma and will never wake up.

Little did this fresh movie makers team from Karnataka knew when the movie was released - that their small venture titled Mungaru Male would go on to become the highest grosser in the history of kannada cinema

Little did this God fearing businessman from my hometown knew on that holy day when he had gone to Tirupathi to ask for God's blessings - that he would lose his only son to a fatal accident.

Though we know very little, we act and behave as if we have mastered the universe and are able to predict its next move with all probabilities of success. Unfortunately the masters of the universe have a different plan game. Little do we know about that.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Just Miss

There are situations in every day life where we just miss something. Sometimes we are unlucky when we just miss the only bus to the office. Sometimes we are very fortunate when we just miss something undesirable like an accident etc.

Some days back, when I was returning along with my colleague on our regular route, we were witness to this incident which made us go 'Oops... Just Miss". The route we frequented had big bungalows on both sides with huge coconut tress. The coconuts seemed to be saying to the regular users of this lane "Be careful, I may gonna practice Sky diving any time." And they did so on that particular day. A Maruthi Alto with a young lady in the drivers seat was passing through that route and we looked at the the car with intent. No we were not bothered about the car model or its color etc. Our focus was fixed on the driver when thud came the sound. Like a missile from the enemy base missing the tanker, the coconut came down with full force and missed the Alto by a margin and landed straight in front. The lady applied the brakes frantically and the frightened look on the face was worth of a snap. And all I said was "Oops... Just Miss".

If that was the miss where we can thank our stars, there are other 'just miss' situations where we curse our stars or if by chance we are married, the stars of our spouses. This couple wanted to reach the venue of marriage on time not to miss the knot-tying ritual. But in spite of all their efforts, they reached the venue a bit late to see that they had just missed the ritual (Really.. Getting ready for a special occasion is a tougher ritual). The husband was waiting for a chance to have a blast at his wife and here he had one and started cursing his wife for being late.

When we just miss something or don't, does the entire course of our life change?. The answer was affirmative in the movie Sliding Doors, where the protagonist of the movie after having a very bad day, misses her regular train back home. The whole movies shows two different viewpoints, thereafter.
Had she taken the train, how her life would have changed.
Had she missed the train, what she would have missed in her life.

Do we miss something in our life, when we encounter such a just miss situation. Hope, I knew the answer.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Opposites Attract

Prem wanted to shout like they do in the movies "Why Me ?" He had been the chosen to accompany Miss Shalini for some training in Bangalore. Don't get him wrong. It's not that Prem hates girls or is afraid of girls. It's just that he cant play the role of a guide for a girl.

They got the best seat in the volvo bus and that too together. After waving all the goodbyes, Prem tried to strike a conversation with her. Prem knew her since his college years. During her college life, Shalini was married to her studies. So Prem didn't knew where actually to start.
Still he tried "We should have taken the option of traveling by train. What do you say ? " Her answer didn't allow him to further explore that subject "When we are traveling at night, bus or train would hardly make any difference."
He was not to be dissuaded and tried to broach another subject "Don't you feel that these training etc are a wasteful exercise. Whatever we need to learn would be learned only when working on a real job." Blunt came the girl's reply, looking outside the window "I am not paid for thinking about those things."
He had enough for the day and decided to not to utter another word and not even look at her side. She took a book and gave him a wicked smile before getting deep into the books.

After sometime, Prem heard the girl's voice " I need to say something to you. Something very special." Prem hated the word special and especially when it is used by girls. He didn't turn around to see her face.
But the girl continued in a very soft voice that made Prem more nervous " I always liked you and your mannerisms in the college days." What mannerisms was she talking about. He didn't do anything like Rajnikanth or Salman Khan.
Then there was the icing on the cake. The girl just said it. "I Love You....". Sweat started dropping from Prem's face. Bus was already on its way to Bangalore. He cant return to his home. He was stuck with this girl for another three days. All dreadful thoughts of what could happen came to Prem's mind. The girl continued to repeat the golden words as if she wanted the entire bus to hear her "I Love You... I Love You... Vinay". Prem got alerted as his name was not Vinay.

He just turned around to see the girl talking in her sleep. But then he laughed a lot. Not because she was talking in the sleep. But because she had selected Mr Vinay. It was a real eye-opener to Prem that Love was totally blind. The thought that someone like Mr Vinay with his spectacles, and oil applied hair, and a skeleton apparition, can sweep a girl like Shalini ,who was truly beautiful ,off her feet made him laugh. He remembered the words from the cartoon strip Peanuts "Opposites attract. She was everything and he was nothing."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Night's Sleep

The atmosphere in the home was not as usual. Prem could feel it. It was definitely very silent. The pin drop silence that a school teacher would enjoy. But not Prem. His Mom and Dad were sitting together on the sofa hardly doing anything and each looking the other way.
What was the cause for this dead silence. The inquisitive mind of Prem had to find an answer.

Was Mother disallowed to see her favorite serial as his father had to get the regular olympics update?. Couldn't be, he thought. Dad wouldn't come between Mom and her remote. His dad knew the repercussions would be much serious than that which would happen if a favorite toy was snatched from a young child.

Was Father not served his regular tea when he returned from office. Couldn't be, he thought. If tea was not served, by this time, his father would have been shouting from the top of his lung. And mother would rather prefer to hear the neighbor's dog bark than her husband yell at super decibel level.

Then Prem saw the bone of contention lying on the table. It was the photo of this young beautiful girl nicely wrapped up in a designer saree and smiling as if saying Prem that is was her who made his parents quarrel. Prem looked at his mother disbelievingly as if he was asking 'Is that true'. His mother jumped on the occasion "Isn't she beautiful ?" as if expecting Prem to say yes to the proposal immediately.

Prem's father said "Say No to this proposal, boy. She is only graduated and she is not up to your mark." Then his parents started involving in oneupmanship, ignoring his presence.

Prem just let out a loud NO to capture his parents attention. Once their attention was captured, he continued "Both of you are absolutely right. She is truly really beautiful and so I say No to the proposal." His parents were now really confused and was waiting for an explanation.

Like it's done in the old serials, Prem announced "To know why Prem said like that, wait until dinner is over." So the dinner was hurriedly served and there was still silence over the dining table but, this time with lots of anxiety in his parent's minds.
After having his dinner, Prem went ahead and prepared his bed and was about to switch off the light, when his parents demanded an answer.

Tat came the witty reply "I want to sleep normally without disturbing thoughts.... today, tomorrow and every night of my life. If I marry such a beautiful girl, I will never be able to get a good night's sleep. "

His parents were left speechless. So Prem just went to sleep, saying "Have a good night's sleep".

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Lady and the Grey Cells

After a long hiatus, Prem got a chance to drive his father's convertible thanks to his cousin Akshatha. His cousin Akshatha ( sweetly called as aks by Prem) had come from a distance place to his hometown to write this competitive exam and Prem's task was to accompany her. Aks's marriage has been fixed with a software engineer from a nearby town in a few days time.

Prem always thought of this girl in high esteem. Both of them did their schooling together. Aks stood first in the roll call as well as in the studies. Prem also equalled his roll call with his rank in the studies.
Exam hall was nearly another five kilometers drive and there doesn't seem to be sign of tension on the girls face. Prem believed that Aks must have the answers in all the corners of her mind and will come out of the exam with flying colors. Although usually Prem had the answers to any exams in all the pockets of his pants, he came out of the exam only with disappointments. He usually had the answers to the questions which never surfaced on the exam day.

As they were approaching the destination, Aks requested Prem to halt the car at a nearby junction. Prem was surprised, but thought that they she may had plans to see Lord Vinayaka who lived nearby and take his blessings. As they got down, Prem saw a handsome Guy in his late twenties (that was not Lord Vinayaka definitely), approaching them and to his surprise, just hugged his cousin Aks in his full presence. Aks introduced the Adonis as her would-be Srini-vaasan. Aks made Prem knew the real purpose of her visit "It is because of Sri, I had chosen this place as my exam center. It was closer to his place. We wanted to spend a day together and understand each other better before our marriage."

Prem couldn't believe his ears. She was not writing the exams!. She had not studied for the exams! She wanted to study her would-be! He thought for a second "Is this the same girl who cried for coming second in the elocution when she was in her primary school. Is this the same girl who burned candles on both ends to come as a topper in the university exams."
Past is History. He decides to leave the love birds alone "O K. Enjoy the day and give a ring when you want me to pick you." But Aks stopped him, " Prem Anna...." The sweetness in the voice alerted Prem some unusual request was on its way. Aks continued "As we are both new to this place, we would like someone to show us the city."

Prem thought that there could be nothing worse than being an chauffeur for a love couple and guide them through the city, the entire day. But he heard himself say "With Pleasure."
As he put on the chauffeur's caps, Prem wished that his Chemistry Teacher should have been there at that moment. He had an important question to ask him "What is the chemical reaction caused by Love, that kills the Grey Cells slowly but surely?"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Benchers

Prem had volunteered to teach in this NGO run school. On the first day, the Head Master of the school, had asked him to sit along with the students and learn the way others teachers take their lessons.

The class was Xth and Prem took the last bench. From Morning to evening, he actively listened to the classes and made his notes. Sitting in the last bench, he learn t more from the student's angle rather the teacher's angle. His mind loved to be with these boys who were in their threshold of the youth.

At the end of the day, as he prepared to leave, he was summoned to the Headmaster's room and was asked to give a report on the lessons he learnt for the day.

"Well. Chemistry Lecturer really striked the chemistry in the kids, even if the subject was boring." How did the Headmaster understood doesn't matter. But Prem was thinking of the chemistry brought out between the last bencher Rahul and the girl in the fifth row because of the boring lecture. Exchange of glances and smiles was going out throughout the class.

"History Class taught me that the stories and facts of the past can also be wonderfully presented." What all he really remembered from that class was the the story of Rich Girl Pooja eloping with the local newspaper boy Francis, presented beautifully by the not-so-studious Mithun. This history of 3 years love required the entire class of 45 minutes, but Mithun was able to hold the interest of his fellow classmates. At the same time, boys made the teacher feel happy by having their eyes only focussed on the board .

"Algebra class was like a suspense movie with kids trying to find out the unknowns." While front benchers were really busy with finding out the value of X and Y, last benchers along with Prem were busy trying to analyse about the unknowns like who could be Tina's boyfriend, what did Shyam say to Uma for her to blush like that.

The Head Master liked Prem for his said comments and asked "You have good analytical capabilities and you will pick up the tricks of the profession very quickly. But why did you go and sit in the last bench?"

Prem's reply was very simple "Life cannot be known and enjoyed by sitting in the first bench."

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forget Me..... Forget Me Not

Prem didn't knew what made Simran say like that. He still remembered the words. "This emotion you call love is stupidity. Forget Me and stop thinking about me and start a new life".

Prem didn't knew what made her say like that and what made her call their love 'a stupid emotion'. Is it a stupid emotion?.

He was sitting alone in the temple grounds thinking about this and saw a crowd gathered down below near the temple hall. A man showing off his bare chests and with a big sword in his hand, was behaving rather crazily, with his eyes seeming to pop out of his head and his big mouth making all kinds of strange sounds. When he went near, he realized what was going on. It was a friday evening and on this evening, people would put forth their questions to this strange man who acts as a go-between the devotees and Durga Maa (Prem thought he looked more like one of the characters from X-MEN). The go-between had answers for all their questions.

If someone's kid had a high fever, they were told to offer their kid's hairs to the God. (Prem thought why at all God wanted this girl child's beautiful hairs)
If someone's marriage didn't work, they were told to go to Tirupathi (Prem thought Ooty would have been better. Weather does play tricks on people.)
If someone had a business problem, he was told to offer free lunches to brahmins (Prem thought hiring a consultant would have been better, even if there is no results, you can still claim it as a business expense)

Prem also had a question to ask " What should I do to get my love back in my life ? ". The go-between was not without a answer. He told prem to recite some stotras of Krishna on a daily basis and then offer some swamavayar pooja after the completion of 48 days. The pandit who was assisting the go-between told that the book was available at the counter and it costs only Rs 50. Did Prem buy that one. Yes! This stupid emotion within him called 'Love' convinced his silly brain to try this solution.

When he came to the counter which was near the entrance, did he realize that all the solutions given by the go-between was offered by the temple itself.

He realized then that, in this modern world, God cannot help him to come out of this. If anyone can help him, its only him.. or else it should be Simran. Where should be look for the solution?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Prem Leela

Prem was forced to accompany his mother to Krishna Temple. His mother would not listen to any reasons.

The queue to see Lord Krishna was much longer than the queue to see the latest Hindi Blockbuster. After waiting for thirty minutes, they were inside the temple.

Once inside, the roaming eyes of Prem fell on the paintings on the wall. Each of these pictures had a story to tell. One such lovely painting depicted Radha waiting for her lover Krishna, and Lord Krishna slowly sneaking on her from behind.

But a different moving picture was being played in front of lover boy Prem's eyes. He saw Simran in Radha's place and in her attire. And Guess who was sneaking on her from behind. Yes, it was Prem himself, looked to have picked up something from Krishna's wardrobe.

Simran, just like Radha, wouldn't allow her boyfriend Prem to touch her until he justifies his delay. Prem answered in a romantic tone " I could have. But the Makhan that my Mother had prepared for me stopped me on the way asking me to taste it." Simran moving a step away from him " So what was your answer, my Lord?" Prem with a radiant smile "O sweet Makhan, there is something more soft than you that is attracting me. That's my Simran's cheeks".

Simran was swept off her feet by that reply, but still had her doubts. Prem continued confidently "As I came out of the home, my dear flute told me it wanted to be close to my lips and enjoy at least one sigh of my breath." Simran "You must have agreed to its request.". Prem was ready with with his answer "No Way. I told I have to save my breath to say sweet nothings to my Simran"

Simran coyly moved further knowing that more was to come from Prem. "My friends tried to involve me in a game of dice.". Simran thought she had a chance to put Prem in a fix "Aha! So you gave more importance to your friends then your love". Prem was prepared for this question and reiterated what he told his friends ' I have to be with Simran and participate in this game of love, although I have already lost to her, even before the game has started '

Simran was blushing completely and was turning red. Thats when someone tapped Prem from behind. He ignored it the first time. The second time they tapped him really hard and he turned around and saw that it was his mother waking him up from his deep trance.

On the way home, mother asked her son as to what was he praying so intently. Prem's answer cautioned his mother about her son's state of mind "I prayed Lord Krishna to make me as romantic as he is"

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Miss You Dearly

It was a hot summer day of April. And Prem was missing his Simran very dearly. She had gone only for a week. But Prem felt that she had gone too long. He was just sitting in the varandah and simply looking at the blue horizon trying to draw her face on the clean sky. When suddenly, a cricket ball landed on his face, but his attention was not diverted. It came from the adjacent street which was used as a cricket ground by the local kids.

Akshay , who was around ten, came searching for the ball and found Prem lost in the thoughts of Simran. The kid let out a big hello and brought Prem back to the real world. The inquisitive kid asked Prem of the reasons for his current state of mind. Prem, who wanted some ears to let out his grief, and not being able to catch anyone else, told the boy of his heart's suffering and how he missed his girlfriend.

The Kid laughed out loud as if to give an impression that this was nothing compared to his own misery. "I am missing my friend Ashwitha and I will not be able to see her till the summer holidays are complete. That is two complete months. We sit on the same bench and exchange our lunch boxes. She helps me with my homework." Paused a bit and continued "Yours is only a week's matter."

Prem ignored it and smiled thinking what kind of comparison is this. But the kid was in no mood to stop "You can at least call her over mobile or chat her over the net and know how she is doing. If she is busy, you can leave a message. But me. I am not allowed to touch the land line and I don't have an e-mail account.". Again Pausing and with a worried look "She hates curd rice. And I don't know how she is coping with her mother's plans of making her adjust to the curd rice."

Prem began to respect the kid's feelings. The kid's feelings cannot be compared with his, he thought, but the kid did miss his friend dearly. Akshay continued his lecture in his own dignified manner " You have a bike and a car. Anytime you want to see her, you can just start the engine and drive towards the destination. And all I have got is a bicycle. Can I go 30 kilometers on that one to see my friend Ashwitha. Strength of bournvita is not sufficient for such a long drive."
Till that time, the cricket team had come searching for him and dragged him back into the game.

Prem realized the truth in the boy's words. He just spruces himself up and takes the car of the garage and stops it in front of Akshay and tells him "Jump In. We are going to see her."
The Kid was baffled and questioned"Your girlfriend ?."
Prem "Correction. We are going to see your friend... Ashwitha."
The kid was filled with joy and gave up his chance to take the bat and play. He ran into his home and came back with a small box. Prem with a quizzing look "What's in the box? "
"Chocolates and almonds. This is for Ashwitha"

Friday, August 1, 2008

Be My Inspiration

Prem didn't knew how to answer this question from his girlfriend Simran " If you have never fallen in love before, how do you know that whatever emotion or feeling you have towards me is Love Itself."

Prem thought about this all night and ruminated over his school days, college years and the office life he had so far , trying to remember any girl towards whom he had the same emotions.

He thought about the girl whom he liked very much during his school days. He enjoyed watching her face for hours like one enjoys watching the setting sun. She was a sport and he was always in the audience. Still, on persuasion of his friends, he had written a love letter. Thereafter the girl who used to give him an occasional smile. which thrilled him from head to toe, never turned back and looked at him.
Prem still has doubts of what went wrong. Was it his poor English or ineligible handwriting?.

In the college years, there was this girl who had shyness only in her name. She approached Prem for all her academic doubts and he cleared it in no time. Other classmates mistook this and sowed the seed of attraction in his mind. Prem fell for it not knowing that it was only an illusion of his mind. During the final days of his college, on a project basis, he went out of the city. When he came back, the girl was already betrothed.
He felt that destiny was not with him on that occasion and thats when he started reading the daily horoscopes and still does.

When Prem struggled to come up in his career ladder, a Girl who was an epitome of feminine perfection, helped him to complete his post graduation and get his Master's degree. He mistook this help for affection. But before it was late, she announced her choice of life partner- another colleague whom if u zoomed to 200 or 300 percent, would look very much like THE INCREDIBLE HULK.
It was then he realized the meaning of the phrases 'LOVE IS BLIND' and 'SIZE DOES MATTER'

Then he got the answer to Simran's question. He called her immediately "I have never before fallen in love. I was always attracted or pulled by a certain external force. Now I am completely lost and only you can show me the way. Only you can be my inspiration. Will you show me the way ? Will you be my inspiration?. Will you help me to be a better person?. And one more thing. My Love is here to stay"

He heard small sobs on the other end and no voice. He had got his reply.
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