Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forget Me..... Forget Me Not

Prem didn't knew what made Simran say like that. He still remembered the words. "This emotion you call love is stupidity. Forget Me and stop thinking about me and start a new life".

Prem didn't knew what made her say like that and what made her call their love 'a stupid emotion'. Is it a stupid emotion?.

He was sitting alone in the temple grounds thinking about this and saw a crowd gathered down below near the temple hall. A man showing off his bare chests and with a big sword in his hand, was behaving rather crazily, with his eyes seeming to pop out of his head and his big mouth making all kinds of strange sounds. When he went near, he realized what was going on. It was a friday evening and on this evening, people would put forth their questions to this strange man who acts as a go-between the devotees and Durga Maa (Prem thought he looked more like one of the characters from X-MEN). The go-between had answers for all their questions.

If someone's kid had a high fever, they were told to offer their kid's hairs to the God. (Prem thought why at all God wanted this girl child's beautiful hairs)
If someone's marriage didn't work, they were told to go to Tirupathi (Prem thought Ooty would have been better. Weather does play tricks on people.)
If someone had a business problem, he was told to offer free lunches to brahmins (Prem thought hiring a consultant would have been better, even if there is no results, you can still claim it as a business expense)

Prem also had a question to ask " What should I do to get my love back in my life ? ". The go-between was not without a answer. He told prem to recite some stotras of Krishna on a daily basis and then offer some swamavayar pooja after the completion of 48 days. The pandit who was assisting the go-between told that the book was available at the counter and it costs only Rs 50. Did Prem buy that one. Yes! This stupid emotion within him called 'Love' convinced his silly brain to try this solution.

When he came to the counter which was near the entrance, did he realize that all the solutions given by the go-between was offered by the temple itself.

He realized then that, in this modern world, God cannot help him to come out of this. If anyone can help him, its only him.. or else it should be Simran. Where should be look for the solution?

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