Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finding Excuses.

It was 9.30 PM. Sudarshan was still sitting in the bus stand pondering of how to face his mother. Prem knew this college student and was seeing a love story between Sudharshan and his girl friend Shwetha developing in front of his eyes. Prem needed to reach home early and so resisted asking the question of what was troubling Sudarshan.
But Sudarshan was the first to react "Prem Bhai. You need to help me ?" Prem had enough of his own problems. He didn't want to encourage someone else to take a deep plunge into this ocean from where there is no return. But he obliged to hear Sudarshan.

"My mother saw me and Swetha together today ? What should I say if she pops up the question of what I was doing ?"
Prem didn't want to get serious in this respect "Tell her that you were working on a semester project and she was your partner." Prem laughed inside for thinking that the project was a product development and the product would be out sometime soon.

Sudarshan "Project work, my hell!. I was in the Park with my arms over her shoulder!" As Prem had thought, Mother had caught the son in the act.

But Prem still had a beautiful answer "Tell mother that you had twisted your arm and was resting it on her shoulder. Doctor had advised for the same. And it was on doctor's advise to have some fresh air, that you had come to the park." Prem thought to himself as to how creative he was.

But Sudarshan had more "But Mother overheard me proposing to her. She was there on the D-Day"
Prem prayed that this kind of situation should not even come to his worst enemy "Tell your mother that there is some audition the next day or some play to be enacted and you were rehearsing for the same. You were Romeo and she was Juliet."

Nothing seemed to cool Sudarshan and he requested, rather pleaded Prem to accompany him "Will you join me and vouch for me in front of my mother ?"

Prem had enough of this nonsense "No way. I cant support someone trying to fool his mother. If you do that, you are not a good son. Even if you do so, she will not believe you and she will be very deeply hurt. The best thing to do would be to let her know the complete truth and leave it to her of how she takes it. But don't ever try to fool your mother. You will never succeed"

Saying thus, Prem climbed the last bus and escaped from the scene.

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