Saturday, August 30, 2008

What went wrong ?

DISCLAIMER : The following is a matter of pure fiction and if it bears resemblance to any real incidents, then it is highly coincidence.

Prem doesn't have an insightful knowledge of the married man's world. But he knew from the expressions of the newly wed Adarsh, that this guy was yet to enjoy the bliss of the married life.

Curiosity pushed Prem to question Adarsh and put forth his doubts. "What went wrong. Doesn't the frequencies match?" Adarsh replied in negative "No. We are of the same wavelengths. There is strong reception of signals on both sides."
He was acting like a counselor "Then is there any Tu Tu Mein Mein between your mother and her." Adarsh was quick to reply "As of present, both of them are the best of friends. The Tu Tu Mein Mein will feature when both party has collected all the required details of the other party. There is still time left for the same. Data Mining is on at present."
Adarsh seems to know the nitty-gritty s of married life. Then what could have possibly gone wrong. Prem got very bold and in a very low voice questioned Adarsh "Is there something wrong with yourself?" Adarsh decided to put a full stop "No more assumptions boy. I am a perfectly fit and there is no drawbacks in this creation of God"

Adarsh decides to explain the problem himself "She is behaving very crazily these days. She is afraid of the stuffed toys lying in the showcase, mannequins in the malls, Small statues in my offices. Whenever she sees a crow, she feels as if the crow is staring at her, but the truth is it is her who is staring at the crow and making the crow nervous. Lemons are strictly prohibited and no Lemonade juice at our home. Every night the dog barks and she just sits straight and starts praying to Lord Hanuman the entire night taking away all the fun. I don't know whats Lord Hanuman's photo doing in our bedroom "

Prem, unconvincingly and in a very funny tone "It seems someone has done a black magic on her. When did these things start to happen"
Adarsh in a very depressed tone "Everything was perfectly alright. Then someone told me that there is a new horror movie by a well known director. My friend challenged me to see the movie alone. I was a bit afraid and so took my wife along. The movie had no effects on me, but my wife is showing the side effects and it is having a profound impact on my life. Tell me what should I do to bring her out of this spell"

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