Thursday, August 21, 2008

What are the boys upto ?

The prime time news had a special feature on how youth were turning to crime to vent their frustrations and disappointments. A disturbed Prem decides to go for a small walk after watching this news piece.
On the way, he sees a group of teenagers gathered near the Old Bus Stand. Prem suspected that they are up to some foul play. So he decided to snoop on them.

Prem hid himself behind one of the trees and tried to eavesdrop on their conversation. Though not clearly, he was still able to pick up bits of the conversation.

He heard the big fat teen whose mustache was still in its infant stage say "The security changes at around 9 PM. It would be the right point to strike." Prem got butterflies in his stomach and feared whether the boys were planning a armed bank robbery.
At this juncture, the young handsome teen whose looks said that he may become a doctor and serve the society. But his words gave an impression of him becoming a smooth criminal and robbing the society. "Yeah. It is after this time, that no further visitors would be allowed. We should make our move when the clock strikes nine." Prem was trying to decipher the operation from their conversation and now came to the conlusion that they were planning to rob a museum.
Then the plan in its diagrammatic version was spread out. It seemed a three storied building and each member was assigned his task. The leader of this motley group spoke with some verve "We will go, We will see and We will conquer. This is our motto". At this moment, Prem feared the most and was remembered of the climax of Rang De Basanthi.

The idea of the bloodshed and rebellion made him come out of his hiding place and deal with the teens face to face. He gave them an exhilarating speech "This is not the way you teens should behave. The society need your services. Be a doctor, engineer or an accountant. But don't become an anti-social element. If you need more money, do some part time work. If you are unhappy with the social conditions, write about it or join some groups. If still some frustration is left, speak out openly with some seniors. You can speak to me. Stop planning some robberies or rebellion. "

A diplomatic teen came forward and said "Sir, You have got us completely wrong. We are not upto any such heinous crime...." But he didn't answer what they were upto. Rather with great reluctance, they handed over the plan of the building to Prem.

When Prem saw the plan, he got the real meaning behind the motto of the gang "We go, we see and we conquer". The boys were trying to get an entry into this very special place called girls hostel. The youngest of them described the Girls Hostel as 'Heaven on Earth', though he has neither seen Heaven nor has he seen a Girls Hostel before. Prem looked at each of them and what did he find?. Determination in their faces to succeed in the mission with a fool-proof plan. Prem just smiled at them as all of them requested him to keep the matter confidential. "Don't worry It would be more confidential than The X Files" came his assurance.

Prem thought as he made his way back home "What's in a Girls Hostel that pulls the boys towards it?" The answer is so obvious.

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