Monday, August 11, 2008

The Lady and the Grey Cells

After a long hiatus, Prem got a chance to drive his father's convertible thanks to his cousin Akshatha. His cousin Akshatha ( sweetly called as aks by Prem) had come from a distance place to his hometown to write this competitive exam and Prem's task was to accompany her. Aks's marriage has been fixed with a software engineer from a nearby town in a few days time.

Prem always thought of this girl in high esteem. Both of them did their schooling together. Aks stood first in the roll call as well as in the studies. Prem also equalled his roll call with his rank in the studies.
Exam hall was nearly another five kilometers drive and there doesn't seem to be sign of tension on the girls face. Prem believed that Aks must have the answers in all the corners of her mind and will come out of the exam with flying colors. Although usually Prem had the answers to any exams in all the pockets of his pants, he came out of the exam only with disappointments. He usually had the answers to the questions which never surfaced on the exam day.

As they were approaching the destination, Aks requested Prem to halt the car at a nearby junction. Prem was surprised, but thought that they she may had plans to see Lord Vinayaka who lived nearby and take his blessings. As they got down, Prem saw a handsome Guy in his late twenties (that was not Lord Vinayaka definitely), approaching them and to his surprise, just hugged his cousin Aks in his full presence. Aks introduced the Adonis as her would-be Srini-vaasan. Aks made Prem knew the real purpose of her visit "It is because of Sri, I had chosen this place as my exam center. It was closer to his place. We wanted to spend a day together and understand each other better before our marriage."

Prem couldn't believe his ears. She was not writing the exams!. She had not studied for the exams! She wanted to study her would-be! He thought for a second "Is this the same girl who cried for coming second in the elocution when she was in her primary school. Is this the same girl who burned candles on both ends to come as a topper in the university exams."
Past is History. He decides to leave the love birds alone "O K. Enjoy the day and give a ring when you want me to pick you." But Aks stopped him, " Prem Anna...." The sweetness in the voice alerted Prem some unusual request was on its way. Aks continued "As we are both new to this place, we would like someone to show us the city."

Prem thought that there could be nothing worse than being an chauffeur for a love couple and guide them through the city, the entire day. But he heard himself say "With Pleasure."
As he put on the chauffeur's caps, Prem wished that his Chemistry Teacher should have been there at that moment. He had an important question to ask him "What is the chemical reaction caused by Love, that kills the Grey Cells slowly but surely?"

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Cinderella said...


dude, no chemistry teacher can tell you about this reaction. You'll have to experience it on your own.

and yes.. no grey cells are killed.. its just that some other cells of your body, become a little more active and u wish to do some really crazy things. but then its okay, I am sure God wont give you any incentive, if you have done only logical things in life.

btw, you haven't said any thing about the grey cells of that 'would-be', who decided to be an accomplice in the crime. Why only ladies?

nice post :)

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