Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Just Miss

There are situations in every day life where we just miss something. Sometimes we are unlucky when we just miss the only bus to the office. Sometimes we are very fortunate when we just miss something undesirable like an accident etc.

Some days back, when I was returning along with my colleague on our regular route, we were witness to this incident which made us go 'Oops... Just Miss". The route we frequented had big bungalows on both sides with huge coconut tress. The coconuts seemed to be saying to the regular users of this lane "Be careful, I may gonna practice Sky diving any time." And they did so on that particular day. A Maruthi Alto with a young lady in the drivers seat was passing through that route and we looked at the the car with intent. No we were not bothered about the car model or its color etc. Our focus was fixed on the driver when thud came the sound. Like a missile from the enemy base missing the tanker, the coconut came down with full force and missed the Alto by a margin and landed straight in front. The lady applied the brakes frantically and the frightened look on the face was worth of a snap. And all I said was "Oops... Just Miss".

If that was the miss where we can thank our stars, there are other 'just miss' situations where we curse our stars or if by chance we are married, the stars of our spouses. This couple wanted to reach the venue of marriage on time not to miss the knot-tying ritual. But in spite of all their efforts, they reached the venue a bit late to see that they had just missed the ritual (Really.. Getting ready for a special occasion is a tougher ritual). The husband was waiting for a chance to have a blast at his wife and here he had one and started cursing his wife for being late.

When we just miss something or don't, does the entire course of our life change?. The answer was affirmative in the movie Sliding Doors, where the protagonist of the movie after having a very bad day, misses her regular train back home. The whole movies shows two different viewpoints, thereafter.
Had she taken the train, how her life would have changed.
Had she missed the train, what she would have missed in her life.

Do we miss something in our life, when we encounter such a just miss situation. Hope, I knew the answer.

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