Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Night's Sleep

The atmosphere in the home was not as usual. Prem could feel it. It was definitely very silent. The pin drop silence that a school teacher would enjoy. But not Prem. His Mom and Dad were sitting together on the sofa hardly doing anything and each looking the other way.
What was the cause for this dead silence. The inquisitive mind of Prem had to find an answer.

Was Mother disallowed to see her favorite serial as his father had to get the regular olympics update?. Couldn't be, he thought. Dad wouldn't come between Mom and her remote. His dad knew the repercussions would be much serious than that which would happen if a favorite toy was snatched from a young child.

Was Father not served his regular tea when he returned from office. Couldn't be, he thought. If tea was not served, by this time, his father would have been shouting from the top of his lung. And mother would rather prefer to hear the neighbor's dog bark than her husband yell at super decibel level.

Then Prem saw the bone of contention lying on the table. It was the photo of this young beautiful girl nicely wrapped up in a designer saree and smiling as if saying Prem that is was her who made his parents quarrel. Prem looked at his mother disbelievingly as if he was asking 'Is that true'. His mother jumped on the occasion "Isn't she beautiful ?" as if expecting Prem to say yes to the proposal immediately.

Prem's father said "Say No to this proposal, boy. She is only graduated and she is not up to your mark." Then his parents started involving in oneupmanship, ignoring his presence.

Prem just let out a loud NO to capture his parents attention. Once their attention was captured, he continued "Both of you are absolutely right. She is truly really beautiful and so I say No to the proposal." His parents were now really confused and was waiting for an explanation.

Like it's done in the old serials, Prem announced "To know why Prem said like that, wait until dinner is over." So the dinner was hurriedly served and there was still silence over the dining table but, this time with lots of anxiety in his parent's minds.
After having his dinner, Prem went ahead and prepared his bed and was about to switch off the light, when his parents demanded an answer.

Tat came the witty reply "I want to sleep normally without disturbing thoughts.... today, tomorrow and every night of my life. If I marry such a beautiful girl, I will never be able to get a good night's sleep. "

His parents were left speechless. So Prem just went to sleep, saying "Have a good night's sleep".

1 comment:

Cinderella said...

Prem is cool, indeed :P

btw, I have seen several similar scenes in my house also. A few things are universal..and you enjoy them, till they don't happen with you.

keep blogging!

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