Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anarkali is back

It was Prem's dad's favorite movie. Mughal-E-Azaam. And when they aired it on prime time, Prem and his mother had no choice but to view the same. And that was what they were doing on that fateful saturday evening. This was some 25th time that they were watching the movie.

Over the dinner, Prem began to croon "Pyar Kiya tho Darna Kya...." repeatedly as if he was trying to impress upon the fact.

Prem's father got irritated and blasted out "Only by singing and expressing through beautiful lines, Love is not proved. Its not a matter of two hearts. Its a matter of two families and their standing in the society. Akbar was right in his decision"

Prem was infuriated that his father had raised objection to the beautiful song. When he looked at his father, his eyes gave him an illusionary picture of his father in Akbar's custome and flourishng his sword. Something of the sort that happened to Vidya Bhalan in Bhool Bhoolaiya was happening to Prem. He was being 'possessed' by Anarkali "Only dignity and reputation is not important. In these matters, expression of self, whether right or wrong, is important. Hats off, Anarkali." And he patted himself

The senior was not allowing his son to be victorious "It was not that Akbar was against love. He was doing his duty and duty made him punish Anarkali. Hum apne bete ke dhadakte huey dil ke liye, hindustan ki taqdeer nahin badal sakte. Principles are more important than love which only blinds you. Akbar was truly great"

Prem now became more vigorous as he saw only Emperor Akbar speaking to him and not his father. Luckily Anarkali's character was poetic and peace loving compared to the dancer's violent character that had taken over Vidya Balan "Duty and your principles made him punish his Son and Anarkali. But love makes men forgive even the guilty. Shehenshah ke in behisaab bakhshison ke badale mein Yeh Kaneez Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Ko Apana Khoon Maaf Karati Hain. Now that's what I call character"

Now Prem's father was very infurious and smelled a rebellion from his son and a support from his son for love. Before the lid could blow off, the lady of the house interrupted with another of the movie's golden lines "Salim anarkali ko marne nahi dega aur Akbar use jeene nahi dega. And you two are not allowing me to have my food."

The keyword food drove away 'Anarkali' from Prem's body instantly. No Priests were required. No Psychiatrists were required. Only aroma of the delicious dishes made by mother was sufficient.

Prem couldn't hold back the spirit of Anarkali for a further time. If he had done, he would have been able to take on his father successfully.

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Meira said...

Trust moms to know their ways around thin waters :D
Interesting blog

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