Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thinking About You

Simran was requested by a close relative to babysit her boy until she returns from a late night function. Though not experienced in this arena, Simran agreed in the hope that this knowledge would definitely come handy at some stage of her life.

The face of the boy was filled with innocence and so was his thoughts and questions. It took some time for Simran to get this young shy boy Mithun out of his shell and make him talk. Once he started, she didn't wanted anyone to intervene. If anyone gave a ring, she cut the call short by saying she was having a dinner with her boyfriend.

But something in the young boy triggered old emotions and she was remembered of Prem. She tried to block the thoughts of Prem. Unfortunately she was not that successful.

Mithun told Simran of how he was bullied by this big hulk at his school. Simran tried to fill the young boy with confidence "If you remain silent, the bullying would become more and more. When everyone grows up, you would be still be a young boy of eight. Be a man, Mithun". But at this moment, Prem came running back to her mind and she thought of how her Prem was afraid of the society bullying them if they ever did elope. Has she done anything to boost his confidence including showing faith or supporting him.

Mithun said his best friend in the school was Prajna. But he was confused as to why Prajna always liked to play with dolls and stuffed animals rather than cars and bikes and toy guns. Simran tried to explain the nature of girls to this small child "By birth, Girls tend to be more loving, caring and affectionate. " She thought how true it was. Did she really care about Prem when she had asked him to forget about her. Was she being affectionate.

Finally she managed to put the young boy to sleep and handed him over to his mother when she returned from the late night function. The next day would be a whole new day for the boy when he sees his mother next to him.

But can Simran put permanent sleep to the thoughts of her in Prem's mind.


Dhandal said...

there is a missing link i m unable to find....prem n simran broke off?

Suresh Kumar said...

Yeah... Prem and Simran have broken off... But there has been no big fights.... but somewhat of a mutual consent...
This blog post... the breakup was short...

But after this http://srisureshca.blogspot.com/2009/03/small-fight.html, they never reunited...

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