Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Prem Leela

Prem was forced to accompany his mother to Krishna Temple. His mother would not listen to any reasons.

The queue to see Lord Krishna was much longer than the queue to see the latest Hindi Blockbuster. After waiting for thirty minutes, they were inside the temple.

Once inside, the roaming eyes of Prem fell on the paintings on the wall. Each of these pictures had a story to tell. One such lovely painting depicted Radha waiting for her lover Krishna, and Lord Krishna slowly sneaking on her from behind.

But a different moving picture was being played in front of lover boy Prem's eyes. He saw Simran in Radha's place and in her attire. And Guess who was sneaking on her from behind. Yes, it was Prem himself, looked to have picked up something from Krishna's wardrobe.

Simran, just like Radha, wouldn't allow her boyfriend Prem to touch her until he justifies his delay. Prem answered in a romantic tone " I could have. But the Makhan that my Mother had prepared for me stopped me on the way asking me to taste it." Simran moving a step away from him " So what was your answer, my Lord?" Prem with a radiant smile "O sweet Makhan, there is something more soft than you that is attracting me. That's my Simran's cheeks".

Simran was swept off her feet by that reply, but still had her doubts. Prem continued confidently "As I came out of the home, my dear flute told me it wanted to be close to my lips and enjoy at least one sigh of my breath." Simran "You must have agreed to its request.". Prem was ready with with his answer "No Way. I told I have to save my breath to say sweet nothings to my Simran"

Simran coyly moved further knowing that more was to come from Prem. "My friends tried to involve me in a game of dice.". Simran thought she had a chance to put Prem in a fix "Aha! So you gave more importance to your friends then your love". Prem was prepared for this question and reiterated what he told his friends ' I have to be with Simran and participate in this game of love, although I have already lost to her, even before the game has started '

Simran was blushing completely and was turning red. Thats when someone tapped Prem from behind. He ignored it the first time. The second time they tapped him really hard and he turned around and saw that it was his mother waking him up from his deep trance.

On the way home, mother asked her son as to what was he praying so intently. Prem's answer cautioned his mother about her son's state of mind "I prayed Lord Krishna to make me as romantic as he is"

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