Friday, August 1, 2008

Be My Inspiration

Prem didn't knew how to answer this question from his girlfriend Simran " If you have never fallen in love before, how do you know that whatever emotion or feeling you have towards me is Love Itself."

Prem thought about this all night and ruminated over his school days, college years and the office life he had so far , trying to remember any girl towards whom he had the same emotions.

He thought about the girl whom he liked very much during his school days. He enjoyed watching her face for hours like one enjoys watching the setting sun. She was a sport and he was always in the audience. Still, on persuasion of his friends, he had written a love letter. Thereafter the girl who used to give him an occasional smile. which thrilled him from head to toe, never turned back and looked at him.
Prem still has doubts of what went wrong. Was it his poor English or ineligible handwriting?.

In the college years, there was this girl who had shyness only in her name. She approached Prem for all her academic doubts and he cleared it in no time. Other classmates mistook this and sowed the seed of attraction in his mind. Prem fell for it not knowing that it was only an illusion of his mind. During the final days of his college, on a project basis, he went out of the city. When he came back, the girl was already betrothed.
He felt that destiny was not with him on that occasion and thats when he started reading the daily horoscopes and still does.

When Prem struggled to come up in his career ladder, a Girl who was an epitome of feminine perfection, helped him to complete his post graduation and get his Master's degree. He mistook this help for affection. But before it was late, she announced her choice of life partner- another colleague whom if u zoomed to 200 or 300 percent, would look very much like THE INCREDIBLE HULK.
It was then he realized the meaning of the phrases 'LOVE IS BLIND' and 'SIZE DOES MATTER'

Then he got the answer to Simran's question. He called her immediately "I have never before fallen in love. I was always attracted or pulled by a certain external force. Now I am completely lost and only you can show me the way. Only you can be my inspiration. Will you show me the way ? Will you be my inspiration?. Will you help me to be a better person?. And one more thing. My Love is here to stay"

He heard small sobs on the other end and no voice. He had got his reply.

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KV said...

well written - good choice of words
Kiran Vasant CA

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