Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Eveteasers

Every gully is bound to have to some hooligans who are always tempted to pass some vulgar comments on girls and ladies frequenting the gully.

One such gully was a shortcut road which Simran has to take to reach her home. She has been avoiding the road for a long time because of these young hooligans. After some three months, she was fully prepared to take on them. No she didn't master Karate, that would help if there was only one. No she didn't need any more boyfriend to act as her bodyguard. No she didn't carry arms or sharp instruments. All she had done was some R and D work.

The three hooligans who were barely eighteen seemed to be waiting for any chick to show up. And there was Simran. She was dressed in a blue jean and a low top and had a simple vanity bag over her shoulders.
One of them started imitating Dharmendra " Tumhari Naam Kya Hain, Basanthi."
Second said crooning "Zara Zara Touch Me, Touch Me, Touch Me."
Third was not to be left behind. He didn't say anything. But he did antics with his bike. Simran thought that the circus has come to the town.

She went to straight towards them and looking at the one who called her Basanthi. "I am not Basanthi and U are not Veeru. I know that you are Harish, younger brother of Rashmi, who thinks you are sweet, adorable and innocent. I will let her know how innocent and sweet you are." Harish started addressing Simran as 'akka' and prostrated before her.

Now it was the next indian idol's turn. "Zara Zara touch me ! I know how painful it would be when your mother's wooden ruler rubs the palms of the students who don't complete their homework. Don't you want to enjoy that touch also." The boy suddenly behaved politely "That song was not meant for you. It was being played in the FM and I was just crooning along".

Now turning at the bike figure "And You!. Leader of this group......" Before she could complete, the Leader in a very dignified manner answered "Okay. We got the point. You have got references and recommendations. So tomorrow onwards, you can roam free. We say Okay to the deviation." Actually, Simran didn't had any thing on him. But her confidence gesture shook him.

Simran wanted the boys to be clear of the point as to who was calling the shots "That's not enough. All the three of you should salute me when I pass the route and address me as Miss Simran".

Saying thus, she crossed the street majestically.

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