Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sixty or Sixteen

Prem didn't had anything special to do on that Sunday. So he agreed to accompany his mother to see her old friend Leelavathi, who was in a old age home. On their way, Prem learnt that Leelavathi had been left in the old age home by her son. Leelavathi had sacrificed everything for her only child and given him the best education. But the son had told Leelavathi in bitter terms that 'old age home was good for her'.

When Prem saw her at the old age home, he didn't expect someone who has gone through such hardship to exhibit such enthusiasm. The lady in her sixties participated in the sports actively that reminded him of Martina Navartilova. She not only sang songs melodiously, but danced along like Asha Bhonsle. And she could speak on any subject under the sun and all the radio jockeys were nothing in front of her.

When Prem was introduced to her, he teasingly asked the lady "Will You be my girlfriend".
The lady was not the one to miss such a golden opportunity "Think. I am the most irritating and demanding person."
Prem continued the banter "Well, You can't be more irritating than my bosses who call me when I go to sleep and put me on the conference with four people eating my head together"

The lady decided to bring out her other weakness in front of her "If I come as your girlfriend, then you may find spending entire month's salary on me"
Prem was also being playful "That would be a good one. Because I have dried up all intersting avenues for wasting my salary. Let us explore this venue"

The best was yet to come as Lady announced "If I come as your girlfriend, I may ask you to shower more love on me than your mother. I am a jealous and selfish sort of person"
Did Prem had anything to say for this "In every relationship, there has to be some amount of selfishness and jealousness so that relationship could be sustained. But I have confidence in you that you will not over do it."

Lady was really amused by this answer "In spite of all my weaknesses, you want me as your girlfriend". Prem just shrugged his shoulders a bit "No doubt. You are the best. Anyone would like to have you"
But the Lady got very emotional "No. I am not the best. If I am best, then why did my Son left me. If I am the best, then why did God punish me at the hands of my own son" Tears started rolling down the cheeks.

Prem had nothing to say, except to offer his shoulders and to wipe out the tears with his bare hands "Treat me as your son."
Lady with a small smile "No, You are not my son...... You are my boyfriend" and started crooning playfully "Nanagu Obba Gelaya Beku" (I too need a boyfriend)

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