Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a dedication !

Prem was at Hardhik's place waiting for the latter to show up. Hardhik was of the same age as Prem and had the habit of constantly looking for action and always getting himself in awkward situations. This time was also not different.

Hardhik's mother showed up some time later saying that her son was glued to the radio for the past 10 minutes. Prem rushed to the young man's room to know first hand as to what was keeping Hardhik from coming out of his room. The room was filled with the sound of a Radio Jockey who seemed to be casting a spell on the young soul with her magic voice and sweet words.

With a one tight pat on his back, Prem brought Hardhik back from the world of angels. Prem questioned Hardhik "Is there something I need to know ?"
Hardhik in a very romantic mood started remembering the previous night he had with his girlfriend "Yesterday, I had a candlelight dinner with my RJ Girlfriend. She promised that today she will dedicate the first three songs exclusively for me. Its her voice that's in the air. I am waiting for the dedications." Like a snake charmer hypnotizes a snake by the melodious tune of his instrument, so has this radio jockey hypnotized and imprisoned the chocolate hero Hardhik.

Hardhik, continued in his soft voice "Last night was the most romantic night, I ever had. I still cant and never will forget yesterday night. "And at the time Hardhik was uttering these lines, the announcement came from the Radio "Three Back to Back Songs. Number One".
And guess what was the first song dedicated. "Bhool Ja... Jo Huva Use.... Bhool Ja" by Shaan.
Prem tried to control his laughter but was not successful. Hardhik, confused and at loss of words, came with a lame excuse "You Know... Sham is my favorite singer".

Prem tried to divert the matter "And what happened after the dinner ?". Hardhik went again to a dream-like state "We danced. Her hand in my hand. We danced till we got tired. Waltz, Salsa. I was good in all. She liked my dance very very much...". How much she liked the dance was proved by the second dedication that followed immediately after Hardhik's statement. "But Pappu Can't dance, Saala!"
Prem just let a small giggle, but he felt that a big laughter was what was called for.

Hardhik was now disgraced, but still continued finding some lame reasons. "She likes to joke... I like her sense of humour... She is a humorous person... In fact, she is multi-talented person. I am thankful to God that I have found such a cute character as my girlfriend." And what has she to say about finding Hardhik. The answer was in the next song, a golden oldie played as a bonus " Main Kya Karun Raam Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya"

This had Prem in splits and he didn't do anything to prevent the outbreak. Once it started, it didn't stop so easily. All Prem had to say to Hardhik was "What a dedication!"

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