Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hanuman and Jambavantha

Jambavantha is a clever bear in the ministry of Sugreeva who helped Rama in the battle with Ravana. Jambavantha is more known for constantly reminding Hanuman of his immense capabilities and motivating the monkey-god in achieving great heights. It was he who inspired Hanuman to cross the seven seas and find Sita. It was he who inspired Hanuman to get the Sanjeevani Herb and cure Laxman.

Is this just a story or does it resemble more than that. I may sound philosophical but I feel I am not wrong.

Take for example of this young family man who whenever encountered with problems, just makes a visit to his uncle and has a sitting with him. The uncle just shows him the way and reminds the young man that the making or breaking of a family depends on the attitude of the young man.So his uncle is a jambavantha to him.

Or the officer from this MNC who in a young age holds a dignified managerial post. Whenever the stress become unbearable or whenever he feels that the tension is mounting upon him, he visits his dear lecturer from the business school who was always his guide. A few hours with him musters up courage and relieves the tension and gets him fully geared up. So the mentor seems to play the role of Jambavantha in his life.

Or take Me for that matter. Why did I start to write. Because I was motivated by a friend to do so. Sometimes I go blank as of now. So a few minutes of chit-chat with my good friend brings back the writer in me. So I think I should nickname my good friend as 'Jambavan' :)

But the question is How long will these Jambavantha's will be with you? The uncle or the mentor may not be there for the entire lifetime. The friend may be there for me only for some months.

The real Jambavantha is said to be eternal and so is Hanumantha. So where are they ?

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preetham said...

i think they are within yourself.........they can come and motivate u in different forms..passion,ego,jealousy ,selfishness,love..etc
just my i motivate myself

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