Sunday, September 14, 2008

Let's write on Love

Prem was sitting in the waiting lounge for his friend Dr Shashikiran. The doctor was busy advising a lady in her early forties who seemed to be quite disturbed. And waiting along with Prem for the counseling to be over was the lady's fourteen year old daughter Nisha. But unlike Prem, she was busy with her Pen and Paper. She was scribbling all along.

A curious Prem just couldn't resisit the question " What's that you are taking note of, little girl?"
The little girl turning her head and with a beautiful smile"I am going write a bestseller in a month's time. My book will be titled 'Love from a teen-angle'. And I am not a little girl. My name is Nisha."
Prem really liked the name "I am Prem. And do you think you know all that has to be known about Love ?"
Nisha confidently "You may have love only in your name. I have experienced Love. Love is not enjoyed best while watching a movie from the corner seat or having a ice cream in an AC Restaurant. Love is best felt while enjoying the simple pleasures of the life"
Prem thought that discussion was turning sweet "And where did you learn this, dear Nisha. From Romantic Novels ?"
Nisha swayed her head from left to right "From the local pani-puri stall. You will find more lovers there enjoying simple pleasures like Pani-Puri, Bhel-Puri etc"

Before Prem could ask more, the girl herself was advertising her book "Each chapter has a statement to make.... Like Love is not about giving precious gifts or dancing hand in hand. Its about expressing oneself"
Now where did she get this, thought Prem "Let me Guess.... Mobile Messages ?"
Nisha smiled hinting that again he was wrong "From the Graffiti and writings seen in my school benches and note books and toilet walls. ."

Time was running out as the lady in the doctor's room was preparing to leave. So Nisha had to tell how she planned to conclude "Love has got nothing to do with Age... A young guy can fall for a middle-aged divorcee or A happily married family man can fall for his teenage daughter's friend."
This time Prem's guess cant go wrong "These are from movies"
Nisha just shrugged her shoulder "May be. But I do have a personal experience. See that doctor over there ", Pointing to the doctor who was coming out of his chamber, "I am in deep love with him, though he is around 30 and I am just fourteen"

Prem asked her a final question before she made her exit along with her mother, who had come out of the doctor's cabin, "Why don't you wait till your teenage is complete? why are you in a hurry ?"
Without a change of expression, the girl commented "Because I don't have that much time. Because that doctor, my new boyfriend, has given me only a month's time on this Earth. I want to give him my lovely heart and he says I have a problem with my heart which can't be resolved"

Prem was speechless and couldn't continue the conversation as Nisha had already made her exit.
Later the doctor explained in his own lingo of the heart condition with which she was born and how no treatment can help her out. He was thinking of the smiling face and the pain it was carrying at such a young age. Prem could only pray for the poor soul "I hope all her dreams come true"
Doctor replied positively "At least, one of her wishes has come true. I have fallen in love with this little girl."
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