Sunday, September 28, 2008

Small Acts of Goodness

Every day, we are provided with opportunities to display small acts of goodness. Do we make the optimum utilization of the same ?

It may be distributing alms to the needy, vacating a seat for a lady or a senior citizen in the public transport system ,giving directions to the stranger for his destination, keeping the public properties clean.

Some go ahead a step or two in this regard and make such acts their routine.

A retired government employee in our colony takes the responsibility of paying his neighbors electricity bills along with his (Of course the amount of the bill would be collected). This has become such a routine for him that the neighbors now just hand him the bill and the amount even before the senior citizen can ask for the same.

The young bank employee who drops some of the young kids of his apartment to their school everyday in his Maruthi Alto. The kids are happy. Any person on the street would definitely mistake this bank employee for a driver. But he cares two hoots about this as half of his journey to the bank would be fun-filled.

The middle-aged housewife who gives tuition to the needy kids of the locality. She feels it is the best way to kill the boredom rather than watching mindless serials or movies.

If every person thought in the similar fashion, this world would have been a heaven itself na.

Hmm..... Thinking of Utopia......

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