Friday, October 3, 2008

Whose fault is it anyway?

Shantanu, the young hulk was in his room, weeping out aloud. He had separated from his cute girlfriend Sarika, who always gave very little exercise to her brains.
Prem tried to console him and asked him as to the reason for their separation. Prem guessed "New man in her life? " Shantanu shook his head in disagreement and said with much grief "When we have relatives to do the harm, why do we need enemies. It's Arjun".
Prem found it hard to swallow as Arjun was Shantanu's sister's son and he was barely six years old. Shantanu took him through the flashback.

Shantanu usually spent his after dinner time chatting sweet nothings with his girlfriend from his room where no one dared to invade his privacy. But on that fateful night, Arjun, the naughty kid was giving him an uninvited company. The kid was enjoying himself jumping from the window onto the bed and repeating the exercise umpteen times irritating Shantanu. Like always, Sarika said those sacred three words very slowly. Shantanu heard it but was not able to enjoy the moment gracefully because of the leaping frog Arjun. With the receiver in hand, he shouted at Arjun "Stop Monkeying Around, You Silly Fool." Sarika completely misunderstood the same and slammed the receiver unhappy that her boyfriend responded in this fashion. She didn't even wait for an explanation.

Arjun was immediately shooed out of the room. After cursing her boyfriend for some minutes, Sarika decided to give a call and sort out any misunderstanding if any.
After Shantanu picked up the phone in his room, the mischievous Arjun also picked the phone in the hall. As Sarika was clearing her throat to express herself, Shantanu getting angry at Arjun who was eavesdropping, "You Brute... Will You Keep the Phone down." Now Sarika was deeply hurt and just blurted "Bastard" and slammed the receiver.

Shantanu had enough and had to set right the matter before It was too late. His mobile was lifeless on that day. So he decided to take a stroll and call through the coin phone. He slowly sneaked out of the house.

The phone was ringing and Sarika was in no mood to lift. When Shantanu turned with the receiver in his hand, he found Arjun there. At the right moment, Sarika lifted the phone. But Shantanu without knowing that, just shouted loudly at the little devil Arjun "Why can't you just leave me alone? Why do you give me torture ?" That was the icing on the cake.

There came to an end a good relationship.

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Priya Joyce said...

lolzzzzzzzzzz....poor shantanu..nd naughty arjun..this rocked happens :P:D

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