Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nadiya Kinare

One fine day, Prem sat all to himself on the banks of this river. He sat looking at the locket in his hand. The locket had the pretty face of Simran in it. He couldn't have her, no matter what he tried, he knew it. Both of them were incapable of fighting against the society. At least, her sweet memories are there with him. He was so lost in thought, that he failed to notice the locket slowly slipping from his hand. Before he could catch hold of it, it fell into the river and went down deep into the waters.

Prem couldn't lose the locket at any cost. As he was pondering his next move, there was a huge splash and a male figure with a golden axe appeared out of the waters.

"Wow" said Prem who was taken by surprise. The figure with a voice that had the dolby stereo effect, "Don't be afraid , I am the River God". Prem was laughing a bit, "With that axe in hand, You look more like a Serial Killer from a C-Grade Bollywood movie." The River God was a bit confused, "I thought these were your's". Prem didn't take that lightly and shouted, "What!! Do I look like a woodcutter to you. I am a Software Engineer"

The River God just disappeared and came back with a laptop. Prem thought that River God was trying to lure him , "Do you think I would come all the way from city to this river bank with a laptop. Gimme a break. Let me do my own search."

The River God with a disappointed face disappeared. Prem felt that River God will not show his face again and so he prepared to dive into the water. As he was about to get in the act, River God surfaced again. "Shit", cried Prem "What have you got for me now ? My brand new Mercedes...No No.... My latest mobile Nokia N96"
River God didn't make a mistake this time around. It was Prem's Locket.
Prem with a quizzing look, "Why do you always do the right thing only the third time around. Is it how you operate ?"
The River God cleared his doubts, "No.. Not that way... I test people... But his time around... I didn't want to return the locket. I found the face attractive"
Prem felt very bad and wanted to give one tight slap. But he stopped himself as he was dealing with a God and just took the locket and moved from the place without looking back.

River God had something more to say, "Prem, You get angry with me just because I wanted to steal the locket from you. But what have you done with the society which is keeping Simran away from you. Why can't you be mad at them?"
Prem didn't had any answers for the question. With a face that showed his plight, Prem started his bike and speeded away.

River God, "In this modern age, No one wants a moral story. Even children are giving little importance to my Story. Its high time, I hired a PR Guy to get a complete image makeover"


V. Archana said...

complete image makover??? hehehe!!

Meira said...

ha ha ha :D
But good thing God realized this...long time!Sheesh!

Keshi said...

LOL this was too funny! loved it.

I always wondered if God had an iPod and a PA.


Priya Joyce said...

this was too funny...
ha ha

cool post

Suresh Kumar said...

@ all

thnks :)

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