Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let's Search Her

Prem couldn't stop himself. After waiting for three months, he decided to speak to Simran. He went to the terrace and pressed the numbers with a speed succession. He started praying as soon as the numbers were pressed, "Pick Up.... Pick Up... Pick Up". And when she picked up, A Lightning strikes and in that split second, his Nokia became lifeless. Frustrated, Prem looked up at the sky and cursed the Lightning, "Were you waiting for this moment. You ruined everything,"
Then as if someone fell from the sky, there was this guy, standing in his terrace, with a cow-boy hat and suit, all in white. He seemed to have come directly out of a detergent commercial. He introduced himself as God of Lightning and showed him the visiting card which read "Lightning at your finger tips". Lightning God seemed to make an apology "I feel I have done wrong to you. If you wish, I can transport you directly to her place in a split second." But the problem was that Prem didn't exactly knew where she was. Lightning God or Minchu (kannada word for lightning), that's how the visiting card read, had the solution, "I can take you to three places in no time."

Minchu snapped his fingers and a white horse appeared out of the blue ( literally). Prem's first destination was the house where she was a paying guest. They landed directly into her room. She was not there. Minchu opened the wardrobe and saw the huge collection of her dresses and Sandals. Minchu was experimenting with the makeup sets. Minchu was delighted and exclaimed "What do I call this one? It's better than Anthapura of Apsaras." Prem just with a smile, "This is what they call a Girl's Room" Minchu returned it with a smile, "Heaven on Earth"

"Let's try the office. She may be working overtime..". Before Prem could complete his sentence, they were there in the office. But the office was completely deserted. Seeing all those Hi-Fi equipments and wires and switches and the freezing studio, Minchu got freightened as to whether they have landed directly to hell from heaven. Prem comforted him saying that it was only a recording studio. No one was there but a voice was a romantically crooning a kannada song, Minchagi Nee Baralu (If You come like a lightning, my girl). Minchu was a bit irritated, "Where can I get that person whose singing that song. I want to strike him and let him know that, there is nothing romantic about a lightning strike."

Only one other place she could be there at this time was her home place and with her family. In a second, they were there. But it was dead silence. Slowly he searched for her. He found her three brothers sleeping like rocks. And there there she was. The sweet sister of three big brothers, Simran, cuddled inside her blanket. He was rememberd how Simran always made fun of herself, saying that she was shoorpanaka (Shoorpanaka was the younger sister of three brothers, Ravan, Vibhishan and Kumbakarn). But seeing the sleeping beauty, he thought comparison to Goldilocks would suit better. Minchu, sneaked from behind, "Do you want me to wake her up ? After I strike hard in the skies above, thunder will make a loud ear-deafening noice immediately and she would be woken up and you can talk with her. " Prem couldn't believe that Gods didn't use their brains, "You Fool! You will wake up the entire house. Her Sight is enough for me"

After seeing her in that sleep state and filling his heart to the brim with that joy, he prepared to make the return trip home. Surprise was waiting for him as Minchu refused to make the return trip , "I said I will take you to three places. I didn't mention anything about return journey. Sorry. I need to hurry. I need to make some strikes, that too on mobile towers. I enjoy it." And with a devil's grin, the lightning God vanished.
Prem looked around. It was nearing midnight. He was some 70 kilometers away from home. He looked at the sky above, "Trust God. But carry your wallet."


Meira said...

Inside a girl's house...with three of her brothers...Prem needs more than a miracle now :D

Keshi said...

Prem's demise is very close lol!

U write well mate.


Priya Joyce said...

ha ha this was simply enjoyable..specially the lat part..
** trust God but keep ur lol on tat ha ha

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