Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time to declare..

On Saturdays,Prem and his friends come together and discuss everything under the sun. On that day, before they could begin their chit chat, Santosh's mobile rang. It was his girlfriend Deepika and she seemed to be in a very depressed mood. Instead of speaking like a friend, Santosh started giving advices. Everyone were full ears, though the conversation was carried out in a low voice. Santosh was not that good in communicating or understanding things.
The conversation went like this

Santosh, like a travel advisor: "Take a break and go on a holiday"
Deepika, with a bit of anger : "Hrrr. I will go to the himalayas and become an ascetic and never return"
Santosh, with a mischievous laughter : "That will never happen. I will come over there and disturb your penance like Vishwamitra did to Menaka"
Deepika, didn't find the joke laughable, "You fool, its the reverse that happened. You don't even know what to compare. Do you know how King Vikrama begged the apsara Urvashi to stay back?"
Santosh hardly knew the story except that Kalidas had written something on them.
Deepika disappointed, " Who am I asking."

Santosh, tried something else to console her, "Ok. If You cant go that far. Go to the local Kids park and sit in the mini train with those kids. It really works"
Deepika, wanted to strangle santosh on the spot,"Grrr. I will not sit in the train... I will sleep on the tracks in front of the approaching train... that too on the konkan track"
Santosh, again tried to bring some laugher into the conversation, "I will not let that happen. I will get a crane from the mangalore dockyard and get you lifted away from the tracks"
Deepika was looking forward for something else from him, "You Stupid. Why cant you come and lift me and carry me in your arms. I am hardly fifty kilos. Can't you lift even that much weight. Cartoon character Poppeye is better than you"

Santosh, tried to be a bit serious, "OK. I think you have been stuck with boredom and deja vu . So go out and see new faces and make new friends"
Deepika wanted to smash his face, "Yeah. You are right. I should meet new people and make a new boyfriend"
Santosh, still tried to crack a joke, "Oh... So you are bored with me.... Its hardly six months.... Even in a job people stay for a year to get a experience certificate"
Deepika got mad and shouted loudly over the phone, "I am not looking for a experience certificate daa.... I am not in a job here. I am in .............. I am in............." she stopped and slammed the receiver.

Prem understood the matter, "It's serious. She doesn't want your advices or silly jokes. She is looking something more from you. Stop Playing around with emotions. Either you say that you are just a friend or you have more in your heart. You cant drag further like this. " And Prem and his friends decided to leave Santosh alone for some time.


Meira said...

hmm...and maybe arrange a crash course on 'empathy' for Santosh:P

Keshi said...

ty for dropping by my blog :)

I hate guys like Santosh...everything is a joke to them! And I know some guys like that in real life too.


Priya Joyce said...

hey santosh is li'l too light hearted..don't u thnk so..

niways good write up..

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