Monday, October 6, 2008

The Might of the Man

Prem was already late for his office. Though he learned to drive recently, he still tried to speed up the vehicle to reach the office at the earliest. But he saw a policeman waving at his car. Prem started getting butterflies in his stomach. Prem had left his License and the registration papers at Home. How to escape ?
After Prem stopped, The policeman just jumped into the vehicle and asked Prem to follow the silver coloured Maruthi Alto which was moving at a high speed ahead of him. Wow! thought Prem. His dreams had come true. He was in a real chase. He decide to give his best and with full confidence kicked on the accelerator.

The chase happened through the busiest streets and Prem loved it. It reminded him of the computer game he had played with his sister's kid some days earlier.
Like it happens, as the hunted crossed the signal, the signal turned red. The policeman gave green signal to Prem to ignore the traffic signals and speed up. Prem had some story to tell his friends as he broke the traffic signal with some pride. Was it some terrorist or some dacoit or gangster who was being chased. The cop was not in a mood to answer.

Then Prem found himself behind this rascal of a truck driver who never left room for Prem to overtake. Prem found it difficult to get past the truck. Now, the cop got irritated and fired at the rear view mirror of the Lorry forcing him to make way for the prince Prem. Prem enjoyed it as he took his car in Top Gear. The cop had already given him permission for breaking the speed limits. Prem enjoyed breaking the traffic rules with the permission of the enforcement agencies.

Now the time has come to bring the hunted to a halt. Prem manouvered between the vehicles at break-neck speed and found himself in a mud road and like it happens in any action movie, the vehicle skidded with tires making a screeching sound before it came to a halt in front of the Alto forcing the hunted to stop, creating a small sand storm. Very Majestically and with his RayBan Glasses on , Prem got down from his cab. Prem was on cloud nine. He took his mobile and started recording the feat. Only thing missing was some background music.

Prem looked with excitement as the cop got down. Would there be a gunfight? Would there be a encounter? Would there be a fist fight ? Prem was seeing all kinds of dreams.
But as the hunted came out of the Alto, Prem couldn't believe his eyes. All the time, he was chasing a very gorgeous lady in her early thirties. She looked nothing less than a bollywood heroine. No fear seemed to have gripped her. She appeared to be very cool and looked quizzically at Prem and the cop looking for an answer.

Then an amazing thing happened. Instead of handcuffing her, the cop came down on his knees and folding his hands together , started asking for her forgiveness " Don't leave me alone. Just treat me like your another child and forgive my all mistakes. My dear wife....................."
Prem couldn't and didn't want to hear much further. All this chase and overtaking and breaking signals and rules for a woman's sake, thought Prem. No flashback was required for Prem to tell that the cop was just another husband trying desperately to stop his wife who has walked out after quarreling over the silliest of the issues.

No matter, how strong a man is, in front of his woman, he is as strong as a new born child is . :)

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