Friday, October 17, 2008

The Real Picture

After going through more than 3 dozen horoscopes and waiting for 2 full years, some how Sudesh's horoscope matched bringing his bride search to an end. A no objection certificate was also received from the girl's family. Even the bride seeing formality was completed. Everyone were waiting for the boy to say OK. Someone said to Sudesh to make some inquiry before giving his consent. In this age, when banks take market feedback before giving the loans, where companies check credentials before employing someone, Sudesh thought it was a right move. So he decided to make a personal visit to Mr Prem, who was the next door neighbor of the girl Veena and college buddy of Sudesh.

After all the host formalities, Sudesh showed the photo which showed the girl draped in a well-dressed saree, "Doesn't she look so traditional in those dresses ?" Prem couldn't believe this. He had seen the girl all the time in modern dresses like jeans and tops. In fact, this was the first time he saw her in a saree. He knew that Sudesh was averse to modern fashion. But he felt, a little white lie wouldn't do a big damage, "Yeah, most of the time she wears traditional dresses. She always maintains distance from the modern fashion." Prem comforted himself telling that this wasn't lie. It was just some words traditional dresses and modern fashion misplaced.

Sudesh continued in a dreamy tone, "She cooks nice. She had made jelabis and doodh pedas for us." Prem was about to burst into laughter. The girl had long back forgotten the route to the kitchen. Leave Jelabis and doodh pedas, with great difficulty would she make a cup of coffee. But girls learn fast. So another lie wouldn't matter, thought Prem, "Yeah, If I don't like my mother's dishes, I just go into their house and satisfy my taste buds. She will keep you satisfied."

Sudesh had more, "Her mother says that she is simple and doesn't involve in too much chatting or roaming." Prem thought of how these mothers can tell so many lies. The girl had two mobiles. After the nightfall, the mobile rings continuously and it goes to rest only at midnight Roaming! even the girl's parents wouldn't know until she returns, where she had been. Trekking was her favorite hobby. Here goes one more lie, "Rightly Said. I have hardly seen her speaking on the mobile. And most of the time she ventures out, its with her father."

Sudesh was too happy with the answers and went to get a wash before taking the leave. At this moment, the girl Veena came running into Prem's house. She didn't knew that Sudesh was watching her from a distance. She was in the very traditional dress of Jeans and tops. She was asking Prem to test the dishes she had made for the first time in her life. No, it's not some chinese items. It was Upma and Idli. And then her mobile ring and discussions was about the group's latest trekking plans. Talking over the mobile, the girl left ignorant of Sudesh's presence.

Prem didn't wait for Sudesh to ask for anything. He could read from his eyes. "Ok I lied a little.... Ok Ok a lot. But remember one thing. She is a good girl. Its not the dressing that is important, its the personality and she is a sport. Its not the cooking that's important, its the care and affection and she is an angel. Its not the conversation that is important, its how she makes you feel and with her , you will never know how the time flies. Believe me. You should be lucky enough to have her. And this is the real picture"

Sudesh seemed to agree with Prem and left with a positive feedback.
Prem's mother teased her son "Last lines were true and inspiring. But still, for all that you said, before that, you need to make a visit to Tirupathi to get yourself cleansed"


V. Archana said...

ahhaa...happy ending :)
nice write :)blog rolling you.


Priya Joyce said...

tat was something cool

luved it

I am brolling u

Meira said...

haa! Sudesh would have done better had he chosen a girl on his own...instead of going for an arranged marriage :P

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