Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali to All

On that deepavali night, Prem was sitting on the verendah with the two tiny tots explaining them the significance of the deepavali nights. One was a small sweet girl of eleven years old and another a mischievous boy of thirteen years old. Sitting on two small chairs, they were listening to their uncle Prem intently.

Prem began with Yama Deepam "The young bride knew that Yama would come to take her husband's life on that fateful night. So she lit the complete house with festoons of light and decorated the entire house with gold and silver. Even though it was night time, it seemed that sun had come to stay there. When Yama came there for his duty, he was blinded by the brightness. All night, the bride sang and danced so that her husband didn't go to sleep and thus she succeeded in saving her husband and confusing the death god"
The girl's eyes also lit up, "Hmm, if the same is captured in song and dance sequence like a bollywood movie number, it would have been extravagant like the number from Devdas or Mughal-E-Azam"
The boy was thinking of something else "Wrong comparison, girl. She was seducing her husband the whole night. The right song would be 'Raat Baki, Baat Baki... Hona Hain Jo Hone Do' from Don"
One tight Slap. The girl's bhakthi sentiment was hurt and she hit the boy very hard on his chubby cheek.

Prem felt sorry for that boy, but he continued with Naraka Chathurdasi, "Narakasura was a evil tyrant and had held captive around 16000 cute girls. He was invincible as he had a boon of being defeated by his mother, bhoomidevi. Bhoomidevi was reborn as Satyabhama, wife of Krishna. So Krishna with Satyabhama, came flying on Garuda and impregrneated the fortress of Narakasura and killed him. But killing him had brought him such fatigue that he returned to his former physique only when he had a good oil bath. So every year he wants his devotees to have a oil bath on his behalf so that his enery is rejuvenated"
The girl was a true krishna devotee "In Gita krishna says, 'Everything I do, I do it for You'. Now He is giving a chance for his devotees to do something for him"
The boy had to comment, "It is not in Gita, It is by Bryan Adams. And then... 16000 girls held captive by that demon. What a collection he must have had. Krishna spoiled all the fun"
Splash!!! The girl was very angry and a entire bucket of cold water was emptied on the boy.

Prem did'nt want to see any boy, even if he was a small boy, given such a treatment. But he continued "Bali Padya. The demon king Bali was a very generous one. But he was filled with utmost pride. To reduce his pride, Krishna came down as Vamana, young boy like you (pointing at the mischievous boy). The Demon king asked the Vamana to wish for anything. He didn't ask for a blank cheque or some bungalow. He asked for three pieces of land his foot could lay on with three steps. With the first two, he got the two worlds. And with the third step, he took bali's life and sent him to the nether world."
The girl with utter bhakthi, thought " Vamana showed the vishwa roopa and with his tiny steps captured the three worlds. Hmm, how Bali must have felt with the foot of the supreme on his head."
The boy couldn't resist his comments, "Vamana must have grown to the size of Godzilla. And when he laid his foot down on the earth, it must have made the sound like that T-Rex made in the movie Jurrasic Park"
The girl got very angry. But she couldn't slap. The boy had covered his chubby cheeks with his both hands. She couldn't splash water as the boy had now worn Raincoat. Like Vamana, she lifted her feet and pushed the small chair on which the boy sat, a little hard. Thud and down fell the boy.
Moral of the story. Dont hurt the sentiments of a girl, even if the girl is a eleven years old.

Happy deepavali to one and all.


Priya Joyce said...

hey hey tat was a good idea to put the plot of ur story and wish deepawali...

same to ya'

and the moral hehe gud

Keshi said...

Cute story :)

**"Vamana must have grown to the size of Godzilla. And when he laid his foot down on the earth, it must have made have sounded like that T-Rex made in the movie Jurrasic Park"


U always make me laugh with ur creative writing. ty for the smiles :)

And Happy Diwali to u too Suresh!


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