Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The saree effect

To make its staff more creative and to reduce work stress, the management has organized some creative courses. And Prem got himself registered for the drawing class.
That day, he found himself sitting next to Sharanya. The drawing teacher was saying how a simple thing like 'Aakash' or Sky could be beautifully painted if seen from the inner eyes.

Sharanya slowly hissed into his ears, "I have news for you". This was her favourite line. If there were any special happenings in the office, she was the first to know it. Before a husband could know that his wife had delivered a baby boy, the entire office knew it and congratulated him, thanks to Sharanya. Before any gentleman in the office could give a love letter to his female colleague, he got a good slap. Such was her talent. Prem was worried as to what was waiting for him.

But Sharanya had something sweet for Prem, "Your Girlfriend Simran wore a saree to the office, yesterday" Prem's facial expression had changed and Sharanya had completely captured his attention and she continued "Green Color. And all the girls in her office were then taken over by the Green-Eyed monster as she had turned many a boy's head on that day"

Prem was now imagining Simran through his inner eyes, when the teacher interrupted and asked him, "How would you like to color the sky?" Prem without thinking twice "Green" Teacher was not the one to accept the answer easily, "And may i know the reason". Prem found himself searching for a answer, "Arr.... Ahhh..... Bhoomi (Earth) is fresh green. Seeing it, Aakash (Sky) fell in love with her. It forgot about itself and filled its mind and soul with Bhoomi and hence it is green". Teacher didn't buy the answer and continued with the universally-accepted blue color.

Prem was impatient and wanted to hear more. And Sharanya perfectly knew how to increase the madness. She was showing him a full fledged movie right out there. Like those commercial breaks which interrupt the flow of the movie on the small screen, so did the teacher, "The sky is described in various manner. Some say it is a board on which many secrets and fates are written. Some say it is a blanket covering the heavens above. And how does Prem explain it." Prem was now in a poetic mood and described "It is the pallu of her saree which is flying high and above and covering the shy face of Aakash." Teacher was enjoying this session, "If it is a saree, then it must be Draupadi's never ending one which Dushashan tried to pull that day and now the same is flying high in sky."

Prem now yearned to see her and he wanted to see her immediately. Sharanya was waiting for this moment as she had the photo captured in her mobile. But she was not willing to show it unless her senior Prem sanctioned her leave application. She strongly believed in the Jokers statement from the Dark Knight Movie, 'If you are good at something, don't do it for free'

Prem blindly did so and now the picture of Simran, in that designer saree was right there in front of his eyes on that small mobile screen. The teacher had also completed his scenetic picture of the sky and the sea shore and asked the class , "How is the picture?". Prem was unaware of what was going on but answered, "It's so beautiful that I would like to put on a slow romantic number and dance with her for the whole night on that seashore and under that blue sky of yours. Me and her alone"

The whole class turned towards him. Sharanya was giggling. Then the teacher looked at the organizer who was sitting in the last bench, "It seems that work stress has grown on some. Its better you also conduct some counseling sessions"


Keshi said...

Counseling I need some too!

**'If you are good at something, don't do it for free'

I think we r all good at Blogging so should we get paid for it thru each comment? If that happens no one will comment LOL!


Priya Joyce said...

hey counseling wow cool topic ...hmmm keshi has raised a cool point wat say?

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Keshi

Now why do you need counseling ?

Let's not be like Joker or Sharanya. We are not in Gotham City or the corporate jungle. We are in the beautiful blog world and lets speak our hearts out without expectations of monetary rewards.

CяŷştąŁ said...

. Before any gentleman in the office could give a love letter to his female colleague, he got a good slap.


NO NO counselling please..I completely agree with your reply to Kesh :P
And thanks fr being at my blog,and leaving comments on most of them.! :)

Keshi said...

**We are in the beautiful blog world and lets speak our hearts out without expectations of monetary rewards.

but ur the one who said 'If you are good at something, don't do it for free'...not me! :):)


Keshi said...

o btw I need counseling cos most of the ppl I meet in life r!


Keshi said...

Suresh d u speak Tamil? if so, check out my current music...I changed it to one of my fav tamil songs. :)


Komal said...

Nice and romantic reading. Its really Interesting. We can say its perfect saree effect.

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