Friday, October 31, 2008

The Odd Couple

'Welcome to Campus Radio' went the sweet voice of Sanjana. This was the radio whose limits was restricted to the campus of the prestigious institute and run by the third year students. Every day her program interviewed some old student of the college. Today it was Prem. As per Sanjana, Being in the college for more than four years made the students expert in various fields like college life, love, etc etc.

Hmmm. A first year student Anil had this confusion in mind of his girlfriend's behavior which he expressed over the call to the expert of the day, Prem "She is a quarrelsome person. She is ready for a fight at the drop of the hat. She doesn't even spare the milkman. The milkman got delayed and my Ankita had this sarcastic remark, 'If I knew you would be so late, I would have asked to bring the Tea itself.' The milkman got irritated 'I am a milkman, not a supplier in any hotel' and then a scene erupted.'
Prem consoled, "Its not only her. Many people, if they don't have their morning cup of tea on time, they would get irritated in the same fashion."
Sanjana backed it up, "If I don't get my cup of tea on time, there are chances that I would set the canteen on fire. So Campus Canteen Caretakers, If you are listening, Have a Fire Exit done at the earliest."

Prem thought that Anil was simply seeing a problem. But Anil Continued, "No... No... It doesn't stop there. The last day, she fought with her classmate, who pointed out some errors in her paper and suggested changes. And my Ankita behaved very very rudely 'Did I ask you to review my paper and give your opinion. Tomorrow, after my marriage, you will peep into my bedroom and tell me where I went wrong.' That girl lost her control and the fight that ensued afterwards really deserves to be censored."
Sanjana interrupted "If you wish, You can continue. There are no kids here. And we are enjoying Aren't we Listeners?".

Anil didn't give any chance for Prem to speak, "She even doesn't spare her parents. Her parent's wish is that she comes to the home at least once a week. The home is just 80 Kilometers away. She rarely visits once a month and has this beautiful answer, 'I had asked Vijay Mallya to start a special Kingfisher service from my college town to my hometown. But because of cost cutting exercises, he has his hands tied up'. And then her mother starts the 'respecting elders' talk and she goes overboard."
Sanjana again with the RJ enthusiasm 'There are no kids here and we don't need elders to tell us what we are to do. That is Campus Life, Babu Mushayir"

Prem had only one question, "Did she ever act like that with you." Anil was quick to reply, "Not once in the last eight months."
Prem thought for a while and said, "Anil, You seemed to be seeing only the imperfections. Beyond those imperfections is a perfect girl. She is a disciplined girl who likes to have her tea on time. She likes none to poke their nose into her lives whether it be her paper or her bedroom. She wants to be independent and take her own decisions. You on the other hand, I believe, is the one, who would not raise a voice, even when your house is burnt down. Don't worry too much."

Sanjana signed off in her own fashion, "Mr Anil. Don't be a moral police. Be cool as Mr Gautham Buddha and take well care of your Phoolan Devi. "


preeti said...

nice post. but I feel Ankita is a bit arrogant and Anil is a bit twitchy..

CяŷştąŁ said...

***Sanjana signed off in her own fashion, "Mr Anil. Don't be a moral police. Be cool as Mr Gautham Buddha and take well care of your Phoolan Devi"

This was great!
Well done..

Keshi said...

who is phoolan devi? :)


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