Sunday, November 2, 2008

Driving Miss Simran

Simran was having her driving classes. It seems that the dark brown color of the car regularly used by the driving school didn't fancy her. So for that day and for a change, she had got the Golden colored Alto from her colleague Vishaka. Her mentor Manohar was of the type who believed that ladies fingers were better suited for the kitchen accessories rather than the steering wheels. He didn't like switching of the car strategy. 'Ambassador Ghoomne keliye, Maruthi Marne keliye' was his standard dialog.

Thus started the driving class. Simran was very unpredictable. For the driving class, she had worn a saree ("Today is Friday. I expect him to take me to the temple"). Seated in the backseat was a old lady of sixty years who wanted to learn driving because her NRI son had promised to take her abroad (The mentor tried to discourage her, "You would be going in a plane, not in car"). Seeing this saree clad lady, the old lady looked it as a good alliance for her son.

A question popped out of the old mind, "Don't you wear modern dresses?". Simran with a smile, "Occasionally...". The lady got a smile on her face. But that was short lived, when Simran completed the sentence, " Occasionally do i wear traditional dresses. I always wear modern dresses." The mentor suddenly warned, "Watch for that Pothole over there" But before Simran could react, she had put the car into the pothole. The mentor with a stern face, "Please watch the road above. Its not like cooking where you can do the talking and cooking at the same time." Simran wanted to smash the mentor's face with left-over tomatoes and potatos.

But the old lady couldn't stop "What Kind of a boy are you looking for ?" Simran thought for some time, keeping her eyes on the road, and said "Six feet tall and should take me to picnic once a month". She was kicking on the accelerator and the car was speeding down the road. The old lady, "My Boy is too six feet and goes on a business trip once in a month. Suits You Well." The mentor had to break the conversation, "Would you mind showing mercy on the accelerator. Stop pressing it hard. When walking down the road, you keep your blessed feet down on the planet earth so gently and lightly. Can't you follow the same when stepping on the accelerator. And why is the hurry, anyway. Drive as slowly, as you get ready for any important function." Simran felt like kicking the mentor rather than the accelerator.

The old lady needed to close the marriage deal then and there itself. She took the photograph of her son and placed it on the lap of Simran. At the same time, her mentor gave instructions to overtake a lorry. The boy was charming enough to turn Simran's head and so the steering wheel turned in the wrong direction, as she momentarily lost her attention. The mentor shrieked out loudly, "I said to overtake from the other side, not from the wrong side. You young girls always go the wrong way irrespective of what the elders say" Now the vehicle was not on the main road and there was a river on one side. Simran had lost control and found the car striding down into the river.

The fun of the entire incident was that Simran jumped out of the vehicle and was safe on the banks. Where was the mentor? The mentor was in the waters fully drenched and was cursing Simran and the entire womanhood. Simran thought that the scum was getting a well-deserved bath. Where is the old lady ? They looked at the car and in the river. She was not there and it made them anxious. Suddenly the old lady sneaked from behind and asked Simran, "Do you like my boy ?"

Before Simran could answer, Vishaka was on the mobile inquiring of her golden chariot. And Simran in a very soothing tone, "Its in a good shape. I have just brought it for a free car wash."


Keshi said...

too funny! :):)

**Suddenly the old lady sneaked from behind and asked Simran, "Do you like my boy ?"

hahaha wut a woman!


Priya Joyce said...

I feltaww poor old lady..she rejoiced before hearing complete

funny piece.

Anonymous said...
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Dhandal said...

oh my god! i m laughing like hell....
awesome post!!!!

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