Monday, November 17, 2008

A piece of advice

When someone falls ill in a village, all the people in the village becomes doctors - Some Proverb.

Prem found it true when he found himself having to make a choice between his family and Simran. It's not a easy matter. He didn't ask anyone for solutions, but solutions were coming from all sides.

The person who called himself a expert on such matters was giving his views over the radio at a very odd hour quoting from different sources, "Your parents and siblings will not be there for you till your final breath. Its your companion who will be there till the end. So choose carefully." Then he went on to give the ring finger and the chinese theory. Just then Prem's father entered the room and shouted , "Shut off that crap. Its nearly midnight. Otherwise I will have your ring finger chopped off"

Then there are some senior citizens who put their opinions on the newspaper. And when reading the morning newspaper, Prem's mother found these golden words and wanted Prem to imbibe the same. It went like this in Kannada, 'Muthu Kotavalu bandaga, Tutu Kotavala marayabeda' (Meaning, Dont forget the person who has feed your stomach and brain, when some person enters your life who will feed you with lots of love and kisses.). Prem's father who was reading the editorial session, "Trash. All you get to read in the newspaper is trash. These girls irrespective of their age feed you trash, my son"

Then there are friends who feel they have mastered this subject and so they go ahead with their priceless suggestions. Such one suggestion was given to Prem by his friend Sandeep, "They say, Don't put all the eggs in one basket. That applies to girlfriends also. Don't put all your affection in just one girlfriend. Diversification is definitely required. Go Ahead, my Boy. Make some more girlfriends ..." Prem didn't need his father to guide him on this occasion, "I am not looking for a profitable portfolio. I am looking for a merger which leads to some synergy."

As icing on the cake, there was a call, which said that each person was gifted with three beautiful things which helped them to make the choice. Prem was confused and with a quizzing look, "Roti, Kappad aur makaan?" The voice got irritated, "No, buddy. It's Heart, Head and the conscience. Listen to your conscience and make the correct decision." Now Prem wanted to know the source of the great voice which was advising him. The voice said, "OMG. Didn't you recognize me. This is a call from your conscience. I am the Voice of Your Conscience. Are you listening to me.... Hello........Hello...... Anybody Home."

Prem was still not able to listen to his conscience clearly. He definitely needed some help.


Meira said...

Does Simran love him equally... to make it worth the price he might have to pay?

Cinderella. said...

Where did you get the inspiration for this piece ?!

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Meira
Prem has no doubts of the same. But then again the price seems to be too much....

@ Cindrella
I presume this dilemma would be faced by many pairs who belong to different castes presumably one from a upper caste and the other a lower caste. And one such pair is Prem and Simran.

Priya Joyce said...

hmmm...this is getting complicated ..kindaa..

uff doubts and questions, in ma mind...

Suresh Kumar said...

@ Priya

whats the question ? or the doubt..

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