Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nothing Is Untrue

Prem always enjoyed to be on the railway platform. He loved the looks on the people waiting for the arriving train. A father's face said his thoughts , 'Son. I have sent you as a man to win a degree in engineers. Don't come back as a cartoon character and make me lose my reputation." A mother waiting impatiently for her married daughter who is coming alone for the first time, 'O God, If the train comes on time and in full shape, I promise you nuts... coconuts' , the taxi driver with a placard saying "Norman, Your Mother is waiting in the car"

But there was this young lady sitting alone. In a distance, her kid was playing train..train. Had it not been for that kid, Prem would have mistaken the married lady for a college going girl.
Prem was expecting his friend who was acting as a courier boy bringing some package and taking the responsibility of personally delivering the same. As there was still five to ten minutes, he decided to pass the time with this young boy.

Prem looked once at the lady who seemed to be lost in her thoughts and then at the kid, "Hi There. And this young boy is waiting for.... "
The boy with full zeal and still imitating the train, "My Dad.... You know, my dad is 6'3. But he can make himself small to the size of a grain."
Prem thought to himself, 'what a imagination', but encouraged the boy, "Really, your dad seems to be like Lord Krishna, who shows the Vishw Roop to Arjun and at the same time can reside in small stone like saaligram."

Still the lady was not interested. Prem ignored her and continued whiling away the time with the kid, "Where could be the train now ?"
The boy made all kinds of face and now the face enacted the expression of fear, "Now my dad's journey is through a dark tunnel that is too lengthy. Nearly a hour drive It is very dark inside the train."
Prem was surprised by the boy's talents, "Hmm. A hour in a tunnel. Make it another half an hour and you have got a full fledged horror movie. Now I am really scared. "

That made the boy continue his stories, "But my Dad will not be. He is very brave. No Knife can take blood out of him. He feels no pain...."
The lady just looked at her son once and then at the tracks for any signs of the train
Prem was really entertained by this kid, "Now. Let me guess what your father could be. A soldier guarding the borders.... "
The boy answered in a negative, "No he works on computers. You know it is not easy to deal with computers.... "
Prem agreed, "Yeah, you can ask a person to shut up. But a computer you can't. Even you cant shut it down properly when it behaves strangely and after some bagging of heads, you just go and switch off the mains.... Let me ask your dad for some tips."

The train made its entrance to the announcer's sweet voice and the boy started searching for his father. But his father was not to be found. But there was not a drop of anxiety on the lady's face. Prem's friend got down and before Prem could greet him, he saw the lady moving towards him. After greeting Prem's friend, she collected the package and then started departing from the platform with the kid. Prem wanted to know what was going on. The kid was crying out loud and the lady was dragging the boy forcefully. The kid was reluctant to leave the place and that too without his father. She didn't had any answers for the kid's questions of 'where is my dad?'

Prem was really confused. But after hearing his friend's explanation, he had tears in his eyes, " That woman's husband lost his life in a hit and run incident in US. Its only five years, that they have been married and most of the time he was away from home. That's his ashes in the package which I collected at the Bangalore airport."

Prem was silent for some time and remembered some of the boy's dialogues, ' dad is 6'3. But he can make himself small to the size of a grain.......Now my dad's journey is through a dark tunnel that is too lengthy.........No Knife can take blood out of him. He feels no pain...."
The boy was not at all lying about his father.


V. Archana said...

hmm...good imagination..but i've got fed up of seeing and reading about death every where :(

Priya Joyce said...

tats cool...loved the way u put the thots in the mind of ppl waiting at the station....bst part of the post


ANWESA said...

i'm choked by this post..poignant indeed..

abhishek said...

good post...really thoughtful

Femin Susan said...

This is amazing!! I am so glad I found your blog!
Welcome to my blog…….

CяŷştąŁ said...

Hmmm..good thinking of a plot up.
Btw..will you please tell me what your blog's title means>

Suresh Kumar said...

@ crystal
'edey thumbi haduvenu" (in kannada) means "singing with a content heart' literally. Better translation wud mean 'From the bottom of my heart'

Keshi said...

Hope all is well with ya Suresh. plz TC!


Lena said...

wow!! thats some really good writing .. and I truly enjoyed reading :) Quite unexpected end, loved that totally :)

Meira said...

This one is different from the others...changing your style?:P
Good narration though :)

Suresh Kumar said...

@ V Archana
Thx. I can understand that.

@ Priya
Thx for that. Into mind reading these days :)

@ Anwesa
welcome to my blog

@ Abhishek.
thx da. See I can write otherwise then on Prem and Simran

@ Femin Susan
Keep coming back for more.

@ Keshi
Everything is well, keshi except the fact, that the blogworld was missing you.

@ Lena
Thx a lot

@ Meera.
Not changing my style. Thought abt this when i remembered seeing a small kid perform his father's last rites.

moi said...

hey this one really touched the heart...very good writer and superb imagination

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