Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Curse of the Sage

(If u could travel back in time to change the past in order to change the future u would have already done so and therefore the changes would have resulted in the present that u now occupy)

Prem was so deeply lost in the thoughts of Simran, he didn't realize the time ticking. Hours passed and suddenly days. Eons passed in the same thought and that too in the reverse direction, without Prem's knowledge.

He was not in the Kali Yug, he was in the Dwapar Yug. He was sitting in front of a hut when a sage came to his hut and begged for alms. Prem didn't budge from his place. He was transfixed on the image of his girl. The Sage got angered by his behavior and sprinkling the holy water on the boy, prepared to curse.

"You dare to insult me. Do you know what happened to Shakunthala? She also ignored the great sage Durvas and invited his wrath which led to her beau forgetting completely her even when she was pregnant with his child."
This was a breaking news for Prem, "Shakunthala, that sweet girl who lives at 12th Street is pregnant. She has just completed her intermediate and preparing for the entrance exams. Don't pull my legs. "
The Sage's eyes grew red with anger "Moorkh, I am talking of Dushyanth's shakunthala."
As there was lightning and thunder to give some extra effects to the sage's anger, Prem misheard some words. "Kroor... Dushashan.... you mean .... O there must have been some agression...Poor Girl..."

Sage was really in the mood to spank the spoiled brat, "Leaving all your work, which Kanya were you dreaming of ?"
Prem still unaware of the age continued answering innocently, " Kanya... OMG. How can you use such a simple word to describe her. She is an apsara by the name Simran."
That was not a good word to use in front of this sage, "Shit... Shit...Shit. Don't take the name of apsaras in front of us. We hate apsaras. Since time immemorial they have been hindrance to our tapas. Rakshahas are better than them, only thing is that they have horns. Vishu fell for the maneka's charms and his plans of a parallel universe fell flat...."
Prem continued in a jovial mood, "Speed breakers installed by Indra. You seemed to be running a hate campaign against the Apsaras. By the way, what are you doing at my door step. Did my mother invite you ?"

The Sage was now becoming a burning coal, "Ghor Apmaan....We don't need invitation....Haven't you heard of Athithi Devo Bhava..... What is your mind thinking of ?"
Prem again went to a trance, "Yeah...There are many who come without invitation... Like my girlfriend Simran... Without invitation she comes into my mind and without even saying a goodbye she moves out. My mind has become more like the local coffee shop for her, entering and exiting at her own will.... I am thinking of her and her alone...."

The Sage had too much. He just took some water or whatever it was from his kamandal and sprayed it on Prem cursing him, "Now... The girl you are thinking for ... you will only be able to think of... not able to do nothing more than that....."

As the water fell on his eyes, Prem got awakened and saw his mother with the water bottle.
He then questioned himself, "Was what he had seen real. Had he experienced some quantum leap. Had the curse taken effect. Had he gone to the distant past and changed his present which he now occupied"

(If the curse has come real, then he has to look for a cure. Any cure for the same. Shaap Vimochan, any one please)


Priya Joyce said...

man this was fun reely very funny...specially wen that shakunthala thing came up...
btw was it sarcasm or fun...
never mind I had fun..

CяŷştąŁ said...

I agree with Priya..
The Shakuntala thing cracked me up..big time! :D..

Keep writing.

Keshi said...

OMG Im laffing here like a maniac LOL! SOOOO FUNNY Suresh!!!! :):)

Shakunthala rocks lol!


Suresh Kumar said...

@ PJ
It was just for fun.

@ crystal

@ keshi
Thank u. That's a big compliment.

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